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"I killed the monster plant, then I made a fire, cooked him, and ate him. And then I burped really loud."
Jemma Simmons[src]

A carnivorous Tentacled Creature was one of the indigenous life forms of the barren planet on which Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels were stranded.


"It's been three weeks, Fitz. If I don't find something, if I don't eat, I won't make it. Unfortunately, the only source of food also thinks I'm food."
Jemma Simmons[src]

This organism was a native plant life-form of the deserted world that was accessible through the Monolith. It lived inside of a small pool of water, preying upon anything that ventured too close.

When Jemma Simmons was transported to the planet, she was attacked by the plant while bathing in its pool. The struggle ended with Simmons severing one of its tentacles. After finding it to be a sufficient food source, Simmons ventured into the pool again and slew the plant, later feasting upon it.[1]


Behind the Scenes


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