"Whitney Frost, star of
The 'F' Stands for Freedom."
"She doesn't look familiar."
Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis[src]

The "F" Stands for Freedom is an 1946 American movie, starring Whitney Frost.


"Doesn't sound like my kind of picture."
Dottie Underwood[src]

The "F" Stands for Freedom was a movie which played on May 8, 1946 in New York City[1] starring Whitney Frost; though her name was not among the headliners, Frost made a memorable impression for her performance.[2]

In one of the New York City cinemas, while patrons were watching this movie, Dottie Underwood and Johann Fennhoff caused the Massacre at the Cinema Theater to test the virility of Midnight Oil.[1]

Edwin Jarvis saw the movie and was impressed by Frost's performance, citing the movie to Peggy Carter when he encountered the actress.[2]


  • The title of the movie is a reference to a famous line uttered by the Ultimate Marvel version of Captain America: "Do you think this letter on my head stands for France?"