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Full Credits for The Defenders.


Starring Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Stars

Other Cast


Executive Producers



Director of Photography

Production Designer





David Armstrong
Chris Brewster
Guy Fernandez
Lauren Mary Kim
Roberto Lopez
John McEnerney
Matt Mullins
Dejay Roestenberg
Alicia Vela-Bailey
Tim Buchanan
James Hutchison III
Anthony Mecca
Jeremy Sample
Alyma Dorsey
Alex Huynh
Cheryl Lewis
John Nania
Jason Ng
Natasha Paul
Corey Pierno
Victor Plajas
Sam Slater
Frank Alfano
Stella Angelova
Seth Austin
Manny Ayala
Seth Andrew Bridges
Timothy Thomas Brown
Jared Burke
Dan Dargan Carter
Jeremy Dunn
Justin Eaton
Stefanie Flores
Akihiro Haga
Charles S. Haskins
Jenna Hellmuth
Haaron Hines
Ross Kohnstam
Grant Koo
Mariusz Kubicki
Nito Larioza
Nick LaRocca
David Lavallee Jr.
Jean Claude Leuyer
Corey Michael Lincoln
Suo Liu
Ari Loeb
Curtis Lyons
Mitchell L. Mack
Dave Macomber
Alexa Marcigliano
Brandon McClary
Donald Mills
Malcolm C. Murray
Tim Neff
Jim Ng
Christopher Parker
Mounir Quazzani
Roxanne Roca
Samantha Smith
Robert Daniel Souris
Natalie Strasser
Christopher Troy
Marissa Vela-Bailey
Stephanie Vovou
PaiSen Wang
Kyro Wavebourne
Tyler Dash White
Michael Yahn
Kyli Zion

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