The Incredible Hulk

Reviews of The Incredible Hulk.

  • A very standard summer actioner that delivers reasonably well, if straight down the middle, on audience expectations.
    - Brent Simon
  • Who cares what kind of gamma rays turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk? We just want to see stuff blow up and crash!
    - Nell Minow
  • Ed Norton is incredible as the Hulk.
    - Kam Williams
  • Leterrier has achieved some of the best action sequences ever, but not at a human cost, which is really remarkable in a summer comic book blockbuster like this.
    - Pete Hammond
  • Yes, this Incredible Hulk gets very angry, and fortunately for comic fans, you'll like him when he's angry.
    - Vince Horiuchi
  • The film does stand on it's own two feet, thanks mainly to Norton who should have demanded having Banner run a little more, and Hulk smash a little less.
    - Jeff Bayer
  • The Incredible Hulk is a more-than-serviceable fantasy film ... But on the sliding scale of recent superhero flicks, it falls a bit short.
    - Matt Brunson
  • Edward Norton is a Bill Bixby-kind of guy and this is more faithful to the TV show than the last film, but its still hard to root for a CGI character.
    - Eric Melin
  • Leterrier gets his hand on this Marvel marvel at exactly the right time. Special effects have finally caught up with the imagination.
    - Larry Ratliff
  • Technology has done double-edged duty to the legendary Hulk character. The CGI-created ripped body of nothing remotely reminiscent of Edward Norton blows away Lou Ferrigno's 1978 character -- as long as you don't look him in the face.
    - Adam Fendelman