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The Incredible Hulk is a soundtrack made by Craig Armstrong for the film of the same name. It had its own Double Disc Edition.

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. The Arctic
  2. Main Title
  3. Rocinha Favela
  4. A Drop of Blood
  5. The Flower
  6. Ross' Team
  7. Mr. Blue
  8. Favela Escape
  9. It Was Banner
  10. That Is the Target
  11. Bruce Goes Home
  12. Ross and Blonsky
  13. Return to Culver University
  14. The Lab
  15. Reunion
  16. The Data/The Vial
  17. They're Here
  18. Give Him Everything You've Got
  19. Bruce Can't Stay
  20. First Injection
  21. Is It Safe
  22. Hulk Theme

Disc Two

  1. Saved from the Flames
  2. Grotto
  3. Arrival at the Motel
  4. I Can't
  5. Abomination Alley
  6. They Found Bruce
  7. Bruce Looks for the Data
  8. Cab Ride in NYC
  9. The Mirror
  10. Stern's Lab
  11. Bruce Darted
  12. I Want It, I Need It
  13. Blonsky Transforms
  14. Bruce Must Do It
  15. Harlem Brawl
  16. Are They Dead?
  17. Hulk Smash
  18. Hulk and Betty
  19. A Tear
  20. Who's We
  21. The Necklace
  22. Bruce and Betty
  23. Hulk Theme (End Credits)

Songs in the film but not the soundtrack

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