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The subject of this article has been deemed non-canon because it contradicts the established movie continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and thus should not be taken as a part of the "real" MCU world.

The Incredible Hulk is a video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hulk and the 2008 film. The console versions were released on June 5, 2008 and the PC version was released on June 10, 2008. Edge of Reality developed the console versions while Amaze Entertainment developed the handheld version of the game.

The main enemies in the game include Abomination, U-Foes, Bi-Beast, the Enclave, and the United States Army led by General Thaddeus Ross and Major Glenn Talbot.

A significant feature has Edward Norton, Tim Roth, Liv Tyler, William Hurt and Tim Blake Nelson reprising their roles from the movie.


  1. He Must Not Escape
  2. The Enclave and Rick Jones (Parts 1 - 5)
  3. A Friend Who Can Help (Parts 1-4)
  4. Just Take Him Down (Parts 1-2)
  5. Enclave Is On The Move (Parts 1-5)
  6. A Mass Mind Control Device (Parts 1-5)
  7. This Guy's Bad News (Parts 1-3)
  8. We're Not Giving Up (Parts 1-2)
  9. The Problem is the Hulk (Parts 1-3)
  10. Our Old Research Data
  11. The Lesser of Two Evils (Parts 1-3)
  12. It's Time To End This (Parts 1-3)
  13. We Can Use Their Technology (Parts 1-2)
  14. We've Got the Antidote Now
  15. Jupiter Phase (Phase 1-2)
  16. Ceres Base (Phase 1-2)
  17. Vulcan Base (Phase 1-2)
  18. Minerva Base (Phase 1-2)
  19. Jupiter Headquarters
  20. Vulcan Headquarters
  21. Ceres Headquarters
  22. Minerva Headquarters


Bruce Banner was a scientist turned fugitive when he was affected by doses of gamma radiation and a suicide attempt fails as he transforms into the beast within him - the Incredible Hulk.

Somewhere in a town in South America, Bruce is chased by soldiers led by Emil Blonsky who were sent by General Thaddeus Ross. As the chase ends when Banner heads inside a factory building, the soldiers fire missiles into the building which causes tons of debris to fall on Banner but his life is saved when he transforms into Hulk instantly. He escapes the factory after fighting Blonsky and his troops. Hulk then makes a quick getaway to New York City.

After arriving in the city, Hulk confronts and saves the life of Rick Jones, a teenager held captive by soldiers working for an organization called Enclave. Soon after, Hulk goes on some missions while protecting Jones from the forces of Enclave's Ceres section. After they start a few missions, Hulk manages help disarm Earthquake Bombs, trash an Enclave lab, and save Jones from a gigantic cyborg called the Kyklops.

Soon after, Banner begins to work with Samuel Sterns who was, in truth, his friend "Mr. Blue". In one mission, Hulk manages to destroy a satellite as well as Utrecht Laboratories with it, only to be confronted by the U-Foes, a superhuman group consisting of a metallic being called Ironclad, a telekinetic being named Vector, a humanoid cloud by the name of Vapor and an inside-out, radioactive being called X-Ray. Hulk manages to beat them, though the U-Foes survive and soon vow to destroy Hulk once he interferes with them once more. Hulk is then sent to retrieve Nanites stolen by Enclave which are hidden in garbage trucks that are also targeted by the army.

Major Glenn Talbot then dispatches the army to take down Hulk. Hulk then dodges missiles to get to the source of the broadcasting. Hulk manages to destroy the source and defeat Blonsky.

Enclave has created robots to steal the energy from the city. Jones tells Banner this and Hulk goes to destroy them at their key locations. After the robots are destroyed, Hulk eliminates the chemical bombs by throwing them into the saltwater. Hulk does this, but must kill some of the contaminated Enclave soldiers when the smaller bombs go off. After defeating some contaminated Enclave soldiers, Hulk heads back to those areas to get rid of the Energy Siphoning Machines. Hulk then heads to Empire State University to obtain a machine that could clear up the contamination. This is a success.

Hulk then takes the fight to Talbot by attracting press helicopters. After an attack on a military base, during which Talbot's forces fire on the press as well as Hulk, Talbot goes into hiding as Jones tracks his helicopter. Hulk gives pursuit to Talbot's helicopter. After attacking another base, Hulk learns that Talbot has captured Jones and is using him for bait. Hulk rescues Jones and goes on the run.

After escaping Talbot's soldiers, Jones tells Banner that Enclave is creating a mass Mind Control Device and that he needs the data to create a countermeasure. Hulk fights Enclave soldiers shielded from the device to obtain the data and attract Enclave soldier reinforcements so that the shield around the building can be dropped and Jones can sneak in. By attacking nearby Enclave property, reinforcements are sent upon the shield dropping. As Hulk battles the Enclave soldiers, Jones successfully infiltrates the building and sets off something upon his departure. Hulk then destroys the building to prevent it from exploding. Enclave then goes after them and Hulk fights the Enclave robots to buy Jones some time to get away. When Enclave tracks the device to the building that Jones has the data in, Hulk defends the building to buy Jones some time to get it out. When Jones does escape, Hulk makes his way to Empire State University to see Sterns. With the help of a countermeasure, Hulk heads toward one of their buildings containing an energy siphoning system. When the shield surrounding the antennae is dropped, Hulk heads up to the roof. After Hulk destroys the antennae, the leaders of Enclave plan to use Bi-Beast to battle Hulk. Upon receiving the news that Enclave placing another control antennae in Times Square, Hulk heads there and fights the Enclave soldiers under Bi-Beast's control. After the antennae is destroyed, Hulk engages Bi-Beast in battle and destroys it, before ripping off its head and revealing its mechanical insides. This causes Jupiter Leader to rise to victory after Ceres Leader and Minerva Leader's failure.

Hulk then goes to destroy the Earthquake Generators on the buildings to cease the earthquakes. Enclave then targets Hulk with an orbital laser that's synchronized over Manhattan. With help from Jones, Hulk scales the building that has the control satellite dish which Hulk destroys and follows its crash toward Central Park. Banner is then contacted that the test results show that there is no cure for his condition, but he is told that they can try if Hulk can obtain parts of the Gamma Charger from three locations: an Enclave warehouse, a building owned by Enclave and an army transport.

Sterns plans to use the Gamma Charger to elevate Hulk's Gamma Levels. Hulk does that and prevents Enclave soldiers from taking them back. Jones then locates the stolen equipment and sends Hulk to that location. Enclave plots to use the equipment to boost their mutant troops. As Jones disables them from his helicopter, Hulk clears the area for Jones to land. Banner then heads to the university where his old research data is only for Betty Ross to get the data before all of it is deleted by her father. Banner sights Blonsky stating that General Ross' army is here. When Ross' soldiers grab Betty, Banner turns into Hulk and attacks the army's deployment points. Hulk then ends up in another fight with Blonsky who has received treatment that gives him enhanced abilities. Hulk manages to defeat him and escape with Betty. With Blonsky surprisingly still alive, General Ross gives orders to give him some medical attention.

Betty then tells Banner that her father is going to attack an Enclave base and that he underestimates their power. Hulk then heads out to protect General Ross and eventually takes down Enclave's forces and one of their bases. When a soldier reports that Banner beat them to it, General Ross remarks that they did not need his help. Hulk then fights the Enclave soldiers to prevent them from getting to the Hulkbuster technology built by Stark Industries. Hulk manages to repel them. Hulk then helps the Hulkbusters fight Enclave soldiers and an Enclave F-POD. After Vulcan Leader's failure, the Enclave leaders conclude that the Army can do the job of eliminating Hulk for them. Blonsky recovers and General Ross arranges a special treatment for him.

Sterns then tells Hulk that they can test their device if Hulk can obtain a genetic simulator from Enclave. Sterns then informs Hulk that Enclave has used a bio-weapon on a building and Hulk takes the device to it in hopes that Sterns can use it to cure the place. Hulk then prevents the building's destruction while Sterns works on the cure. When it is a success on the building, Sterns concludes that the cure works.

Hulk then has to guard a truck containing an experimental weapon that General Ross is having transported since General Ross does not trust Talbot for the job as Talbot has shown that he would rather simply kill Hulk. When Talbot steals the weapon, Hulk goes after him. Hulk retrieves it and gives it to Jones so he can destroy it. When Betty has been kidnapped under Talbot's orders, Hulk fights a Hulkbuster to destroy the generators trapping Betty in an electrified box. After Hulk beats the Hulkbuster, Betty tells the pilot in the Hulkbuster that she is General Ross's daughter. This causes the Hulkbuster and the troops with it to fall back as Betty is free. When General Ross is told what happened, his army attacks Talbot who is now wearing a Hulkbuster armor (which is powered by a mini nuclear reactor that will blow up the city if it explodes). Hulk joins the fight and defeats Talbot. When the Hulkbuster armor is about to blow, Hulk throws it into the air where it explodes.

Sterns has completed the device that will cure Banner of Hulk with a chance that it could kill him. Even though it suppresses Hulk's genes, General Ross and his army arrive tranquilizing Banner and taking him and Betty away as General Ross drafts a reluctant Sterns to his cause. After General Ross leaves, Blonsky arrives to get more of the treatment from Sterns. This causes Blonsky to become the Abomination who then attacks the city. Seeing as he's the only one who can stop him, Banner jumps from the helicopter and transforms into Hulk to fight Abomination. When Abomination attacks the helicopter that General Ross and Betty are in, Hulk destroys it and continues his fight with Abomination. Hulk defeats Abomination and leaves the area. Betty tells her father that she hopes it was worth it.

Hulk later attacks the remaining Enclave bases and defeats the leaders, ending the threat of Enclave once and for all.











The game features various real-life New York City monuments:


Song title Artist Location(s)
Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner
  • Rick Jones hums this during "The Enclave and Rick Jones - Part 3"

Canon Status

This game contains several plot points that contradict the established continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is thus considered non-canon.

RickJones Rick Jones appears in this game where he meets Bruce Banner for the first time and they become allies. In The Incredible Hulk, Rick Jones is mentioned on the United States Armed Forces' file on Banner, where it states that he met Banner at Culver University before he became Hulk.[1]
Shadow3 Glenn Talbot appears in this game and plays an active role in the hunt for Hulk, and is killed when his Hulkbuster armor detonates. He has appeared in several episodes of the first, second and third seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and is alive and well.[2]
Hulk vs Abomination Banner arrives in New York City very early in this game and most of the action takes place there. In the film the game is based on, Banner only reaches New York towards the end, having spent most of the film on the run.[1]
Stark Tower Sighboard Stark Tower appears in this game. In The Avengers, the tower has only just completed construction.[3] The MetLife Building also appears in the game, despite being the basis for Stark Tower.
Daredevil150 The Nelson and Murdock Law Office appears in the game. In Daredevil, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson have only just set up their law firm and bought the office at the beginning of the series.[4]


Achievement Trophy Requirements
Surprise! Surprise Encounter General Ross's Spec Ops team for the first time
Where Is My KA-BOOM? Where Is My KA-BOOM Save New York from the Enclave Chemical Bomb
A Leader In His Field A Leader In His Field Enlist Samuel Sterns in the search for a cure to Banner’s condition
Two Heads Aren’t Better Than One Two Heads Aren't Better Than One Defeat the Bi-Beast
The Eyes Have It The Eyes Have It Destroy an Enclave Kyklops for the first time
Love Hurts Love Hurts Ignite an old flame...
Stay Classy... Stay Classy Expose Major Talbot on television
...And Thanks For Stopping By And Thanks For Stopping By Dishonorably discharge Major Talbot
Pure As New York Snow Pure As New York Snow Clean up the contamination from the streets of New York
What Goes Up... What Goes Up Crash and destroy the Enclave’s Lightning Satellite
The Enemy Of My Enemy The Enemy Of My Enemy Defeat Enclave’s F-POD...with a little help
Alia Iacta Est Alia Iacta Est Protect General Ross's team while they attack the Enclave base
Better, Stronger, Faster! Better Stronger Faster Get a power boost from Samuel Sterns
Eww...Gross! Eww Gross Test the cure developed by Samuel Sterns
Abominable! Abominable Defeat the Abomination
Don't Make Me Angry Don't Make Me Angry Defeat 50 enemies using Rage powers
World War Hulk World War Hulk Survive for longer than 60 seconds at Threat Level 9
Over The Edge Over The Edge Defeat 5 enemies by knocking them off a high building
Home Run Home Run Knock an enemy a distance of at least 436 feet
Enemy Of The Empire State Enemy of the Empire State Find every landmark souvenir in New York City
Terrifying Tourist Terrifying Tourist Find every Subway Station in New York
Sightseeing Sightseeing Climb to the top of the five tallest buildings in New York City
Around The World In 80 Steps Around the World In 80 Steps Cross the tops of the flagpoles outside the U.N. Building
Fear Of Falling Fear of Falling Complete "We’re Not Giving Up – Part 2" without touching the ground
Hulk Is Strongest One There Is! Hulk Is Strongest One There Is Gain access to all the upgrades
Para-Gone! Para-Gone Wipe out the Enclave's four sectors
All That Glitters... All That Glitters Win a gold medal in every mini-game
There Is No U In Team! There Is No U in Team Trick a U-Foe into taking down one of his or her teammates
Apprentice Of Disaster Apprentice of Disaster Destroy a building in each New York City neighborhood
Now Playing Now Playing Score 6,132,008 points
Master Of Disaster Master of Disaster Destroy every building in a New York City neighborhood
Veni, Vidi, Vici Veni Vidi Vici Defeat every type of enemy at least once
Mad Dash Mad Dash Sprint a total distance of at least 26.2 miles (138,435ft)
Hulk SMASH!!! Hulk SMASH Defeat at least 1 enemy with each class of attack
Pickin' Up The Pieces Pickin' Up The Pieces Smash 10,000 things
Let's Do Lunch! Let's Do Lunch Crush 10 enemies by throwing either a taco, an ice cream cone or a doughnut
Smash-ifist Smash-ifist Win a story mission without defeating any enemies
Struck Out Struck Out Complete "The Problem is the Hulk - Part 3" without being hit by a lightning blast
Ceres Finale Ceres Finale Shut down the Enclave's biotech group
Fairweather Friends Fairweather Friends Shut down the Enclave's weather manipulation division
Brawn Beats Brains Brawn Beats Brains Shut down the Enclave's psych-ops branch
Most Illogical Most Illogical Shut down the Enclave's mechanical design corps
PPO'd PPOd Find all the Gamma Canisters hidden in New York City
Anger Management Anger Management Hulk Find all the Fury Canisters hidden in New York City
Unleash the Fury! Unleash the Fury Get the Enclave off your back
That'll Leave A Mark That'll Leave A MArk Stick 25 auto-wrecks to buildings
You Break It, You Buy It You Break It You Buy It Smash as much as possible in one trip to Brazil
Patron Of The Arts Patron of the Arts Shut down the Enclave's biotech group
Thrill-ionaire Thrillionaire View every piece of concept art at least once
Shell-Head Shell-Head With a friend like this...


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