Theo Broussard was a psychiatrist hired by the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre to interrogate Bucky Barnes.


Death and Replacement

Prior to the interrogation, Broussard was murdered by Helmut Zemo, the true perpetrator of the attack Barnes was accused of. Zemo impersonated him and used trigger words to send Barnes on a murderous rampage throughout the facility in which he was being held. This incident eventually led to the Clash of the Avengers. Only after Barnes and Captain America were declared fugitives was Broussard's body discovered; Zemo had directed room service to the hotel room he had been staying in with the intention of causing the discovery.[2]




Behind the Scenes


  1. As Rogers watches TV, the Attack on the IFID Headquarters is stated to be "last month". The Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude also states that the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre is "one month later", after Lagos. WHiH gave the timeline date for the Lagos incident as May 3, 2016, putting the rest of the events of Captain America: Civil War in June. However, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it jumps forward to "two months later," to the firm date of September 8, 2016. Assuming the 2 is rounded, this still works with June so long as it is very late June. It has to be as late as possible in June, but before schools broke up in New York on June 28th (1, 2), as Parker gets home from school and still has homework to do. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Stark says that he took Parker for the "weekend," therefore making the date he picks up Parker Friday 24th June, and when he returns him the very early hours of Monday 27th June. These are the only dates which fit ras being a weekend, before schools break up, a rounded 2 months before September 8th, and still the month following the May 3, 2016 Lagos incident, as well as a loose (May to June) "one month" after the incident, thus placing Captain America: Civil War firmly around these dates. Broussard is murdered the same day Parker meets Stark, the 24th.
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