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"I would rather be a good man than a great king."

Thor Odinson is the prince of Asgard and a former member of the Avengers. When all of his irresponsible behavior threatened his homeland, he was stripped of his power and banished by his father Odin to Earth. While exiled on Earth, Thor learned humility, found love in Jane Foster, and helped to save his new friends from a destructive threat sent by his jealous adoptive brother Loki. In the process, Thor redeemed himself in the eyes of his father and was granted access to his power once more.

After being welcomed back to Asgard as a hero, Thor visited Earth to retrieve Loki after Loki began his attempt to take over the world. He joined the Avengers and fought with them against the Chitauri during the Battle of New York. After he returned to Asgard he helped the Asgardian armies restore peace to the Nine Realms. He fought against the Dark Elves during the Second Dark Elf Conflict, killing their leader, Malekith, and ending the threat. During these events, he was reunited with Jane Foster after she became host to the Aether and became a target of the Dark Elves. Eventually, the Aether was removed from her body and the Dark Elves were defeated. Thor renounced his claim to the throne and left Asgard for Earth so he could stay with Foster.

During his stay, Thor helped the Avengers once again, this time fighting against HYDRA. Following HYDRA's defeat, the team had to stop Ultron, a rogue invention created by Tony Stark. Once Ultron was defeated, Thor went back to Asgard to investigate the visions he saw when being manipulated by Scarlet Witch, which showed him the Infinity Stones. In his investigations, Thor realized that Loki still lived and had usurped Odin's throne. To aid in both pursuing his brother and finding his father, Thor sought help from Doctor Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts.


Early Life

Youth with Loki

"We were raised together. We played together, we fought together. Do you remember none of that?"
"I remember a shadow, living in the shade of your greatness."
―Thor and Loki[src]

Thor had an idyllic childhood, brought up in Asgard as the most treasured son of King Odin and his wife Frigga. His best friend and playmate was his adopted brother Loki, and though the brothers were both rivals for their father's throne, they still remained close companions.[1] Loki was taught magic by their mother, while Thor was taught how to be a warrior by their father.[2]

Raised to be King

"When I'm king, I'll hunt the monsters down and slay them all, just as you did father."
"A wise king never seeks out war, but he must always be ready for it."
―Thor and Odin[src]
Young Thor

Thor is given a lesson by his father Odin

Brought up in the warrior culture of the Asgardians, Thor valued strength, courage, and loyalty above all else. He desired to be exactly like his father, the war hero who had defeated Laufey during the Asgard-Jotunheim War. To help him become a warrior, Thor received the powerful hammer, Mjølnir to be his companion when he became King. Thor often remarked on the monsters, such as the Frost Giants, he would slay and the wars he would win once he was king, although Odin attempted to teach him to vaule peace above war while dealing with all of their enemies.[1]


"Have you forgotten all that we have done together? Fandral, Hogun, who led you into the most glorious battles?"
"You did."
―Thor and Hogun[src]
08054 thorcelebutopia 122 846lo

Thor becomes a great Asgardian warrior

Thor proved himself a great warrior, often leading his own band of warriors, which included Lady Sif, Loki, and the Warriors Three on adventures. However, he was also known to be reckless when Loki jokingly reminded him that he would be dead had he not used a smoke veil to allow them to escape during one battle.[1] Thor also defeated Imir, a rogue Asgardian who threatened to take control of Asgard and kidnapped several Dwarves. While Imir managed to get the upper hand on Thor, he was eventually defeated when Thor electrocuted him with Mjølnir.[3]

Loki's Schemes

Delayed Coronation


Thor speaks to Loki before the ceremony

"Do you swear to cast aside your selfish ambition and to pledge yourself only to the good of the realms?"
"I swear!"
"And on this day, I Odin, All-Father, will proclaim you..."
Odin and Thor[src]

Thor was eventually announced to be the next ruler of Asgard by the current King Odin, as he was about to finally enter the Odinsleep after putting it off for so long. While preparing for the ceremony, Thor spoke with Loki as they joked about if Thor was nervous or not, which he insisted he was not before Loki mocked his helmet. Loki however assured Thor that he was still proud of his brother.[4]

Thor's Helmet (Thor - 2011)

Thor enjoys the cheers at his coronation

Thor reveled in the ceremony, walking throughout the crowds of cheering Asgardians and enjoying every moment of the event. Upon arriving before the thrown, Thor removed his helmet and nodded to his friends, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three while winking towards his mother Frigga and Loki. Odin then stood up and ordered silence in the great hall by hitting Gungnir on the ground as Thor underwent the passage of finally becoming King of Asgard from Odin.

Thor 8

Thor prepares to become King of Asgard

Odin gave a speech in which he acknowledged Thor to be his first born, noting how he was entrusted with the mighty Mjølnir which would be his companion as King. Odin then had Thor swear to set aside all selfish ambition to protect all the Nine Realms as well as Asgard, which Thor swore to. As Odin was about to name Thor King, he sensed that the Frost Giants had sneaked into Asgard and into his vault to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters from them.


Thor argues with Odin over going to war

Odin, Thor, and Loki went to the vault to find the Frost Giants had already been slain by The Destroyer. Seeing how close they had come to stealing the artefacts, the enraged Thor declared that they must go to Jotunheim and show their strength, but Odin refused to go to war with Laufey again. Thor insisted that as King of Asgard he would lead their army as Odin had done before him. Odin reminded him that he was not King yet and ordered him not to attack.[1]

Attack on Jotunheim


Thor vows to attack Jotunheim's entire army

"Thor, it's madness!"
"Madness? What sort of madness?"
"We're going to Jotunheim."
Loki, Volstagg, and Thor[src]

In their dinning, the now enraged Thor began throwing tables around in anger. Loki joined him and comforted him over not becoming the King of Asgard as he had hoped before convincing him then that he was right and they must go to Jotunheim to confront King Laufey, despite denying it was his plan, noting it would require defying Odin's direct commands.

As they were talking Lady Sif and the Warriors Three arrived, with Volstagg being horrified at finding the now overturned dinner table. Thor announced they were going to Jotunheim and that he would lead them to victory. The group was fearful of the idea, noting that the Frost Giants were not easy foes to overcome. Although they were initially skeptical over the risks, Thor reminded them of their past victories and soon changed their minds.

The group traveled to the Bifrost Bridge and sought Heimdall's permission for passage to Jotunheim. Ignoring Loki's attempts to talk his way past, Heimdall granted Thor's request, noting that throughout all his years as guardian this was the first time an enemy had gotten past his watch. Heimdall then sent them to Jotunheim, but warned that if they got into trouble they would not be granted entrance back and would all be left to die there.


Thor and Loki negotiate with King Laufey.

Once they arrived within Jotunheim, Thor led the warriors through the destroyed realm towards King Laufey's own chamber where the giant warned them to leave while he still allowed them to, although Thor continued to demand to know how his people had gotten into Odin's Vault to try and steal the Casket of Ancient Winters, which Laufey did not answer. One of the Frost Giants approached Thor before Loki led him away, noting that they were all clearly outnumbered by their new enemies and it would be unwise to begin a conflict against them, much to Thor's great annoyance. Thor remained silent as he walked away from Laufey, until a Frost Giant called Thor a princess.


Thor battles Frost Giants in Jotunheim

Thor unleashed his anger and the mighty power of Mjølnir and hit the Frost Giant who insulted him so hard he flew across the wasteland. Having began a skirmish, the warriors bravely joined Thor and battled the Frost Giants. Thor took great pleasure in fighting his enemies, throwing Mjølnir at Hailstrum and others while demanding more of a challenge. While Thor was enjoying himself, Fandral was struck by a Frost Giant and warned Thor to pull back while they could.

Thor told them to leave while he battled the Frost Giants alone. As his friends left and reached the Bifrost Bridge, Thor unleashed the full power of Mjølnir and erupted the ground around him killing hundreds of the Frost Giants, before flying at full speed to kill the Jotunheim Beast that was chasing the Asgardians. Laufey and his whole army then surrounded Thor and his friends, who were driven back to the edge of a cliff, seemingly defenceless.

Before they attacked, Odin arrived while riding Sleipnir. Thor attempted to convince his father to join him in the battle only to be told to remain silent by his father. Odin then warned Laufey by telling him to preserve the peace and not respond to the actions of a boy. Laufey said that war had now already begun between them, and Odin transported himself and the other Asgardians back to home, furious at Thor's actions and the consequences.[1]

Banished to Earth

Odin and Thor

Thor furiously arguing with King Odin.

"That’s pride and vanity talking, not leadership. You’ve forgotten everything I taught you! About a warriors patience."
"While you wait and be patient, the nine realms laugh at us! The old ways are done! You’d stand giving speeches while Asgard falls!"
"You are a vain, greedy, cruel boy!"
"And you are an old man and a fool!"
Odin and Thor[src]

Back in the Bifrost Bridge, King Odin ordered the Warriors Three to take the seriously wounded Fandral to the Healing Room. Odin then chastised Thor for his reckless actions saying that he would sacrifice the lives of innocent people to go to war against the Frost Giants and that they were not the actions of a King, but a warrior. Thor told Odin he was an old man and a fool. Acknowledging that Thor had proven himself to be unworthy to be Kind, Odin then took Mjølnir from Thor and removed his powers before using the Bifrost to banish Thor to Earth without his strength.

2011 thor 020

Thor becomes trapped with Midgard

Thor was then sent through the Bifrost Bridge arriving onto Earth in a wormhole, which was being studied by Doctor Jane Foster as well as Doctor Erik Selvig and their understudy Darcy Lewis. Thor stood only to be knocked over by the truck they were driving, much to the horror of the scientists. Thor quickly awoke, eventually realizing he was on Earth, and began shouting to Heimdall to open the Bifrost and return him and then demanded to know which of the Nine Realms he was currently in. The humans believed Thor to be crazy and when Lewis threatened Thor with a Taser, he was disgusted at her actions before she then tasered him and knocked him unconcious.


Thor reacts to doctors taking away his blood

Thor awoke in a hospital with a man over him saying he that was about to take some blood. Unaware of his surroundings and having seemingly forgotten that he no longer had his Asgardian strength, Thor attacked the hospital staff and security guards, furious that they had dared to attack him by attempting to take his blood. Taking on dozens of the staff members, Thor yelled that they were no match for the son of Odin before being sedated by the hospital staff.

Eventually Thor awoke yet again to find himself strapped down to a bed. He attempted to rip the restrains off, but to his horror he found that he was unable to remove the tied that had been made by meer Humans. Now determined to get away, Thor eventually managed to squeeze his own hands out of their restraints and headed towards the nearest exit, avoiding the hospital staff members who were still recovering from his earlier outburst.

Having gotten out of the hospital, Thor began to make his way outside to begin searching for Mjølnir and a way home to Asgard before being hit again by a car, again driven by Foster, who deeply apologised for running him over for a second time and promised that it was not something she was doing on purpose. To try and make it up to Thor, the scientists then took him back to their Wormhole Research Center to discuss all their research.[1]



Thor is given new clothes from Jane Foster

"I need a horse!"
"We don't have horses, just dogs, cats, birds."
"Then give me one of those large enough to ride."
―Thor and Kyle[src]

Thor was taken back to Jane Foster's science base where he was given the clothes from her ex-boyfriend, Donald Blake, noticing the name tag that still remained on the shirt. Still remaining remarkably arrogant in his new surroundings upon Midgard, Thor then announced to the bemused group of scientists that he was now hungry and they all then took him to Isabel's Diner to get him some pancakes and coffee.


Thor drinks some coffee for the first time

To the amusement of Darcy Lewis, Thor ate enormous amounts of food astonishing the three before smashing his own cup on the floor demanding another drink. Foster told him that if he wanted another he should ask nicely rather than breaking things while Lewis had him pose for a picture for Facebook. Thor then overheard Pete and Jake talking about a "satellite" that had just crashed to Earth. Thor soon realized it was Mjølnir and requested directions from the pair.

Thor Jane walk

Thor goes a mission to reclaim Mjølnir

Thor then departed the Diner with all the scientists closely behind him, questioning where he was going, with Thor telling them that he would reclaim Mjølnir from S.H.I.E.L.D. and give them the answers that they sought about the Bifrost Bridge. Although Foster was eager to learn more, Erik Selvig convinced her not to follow as he feared for Thor's mental state. Thor then said goodbye to Foster, Lewis, and Selvig and began to walk towards Mjølnir's location.


Thor demands a horse inside a pet store

Realizing as a mortal the walk was too far, Thor went to the local pet store and demanded a horse. The owner said that they did not have horses only cats, dogs and other house animals to which Thor asked for one large enough to ride; instead all he received was a very confused look from the shop worker. He left unsatisfied only to see Jane Foster again who offered him a ride to the crash site in her car, to which Thor happily accepted without any hesitation.[1]



Thor breaks into the S.H.I.E.L.D. compound

"Once I retrieve Mjølnir, I will return to you the items they stole from you. Deal?"
"No. You think you're gonna just walk in and walk out?"
"No. I'm gonna fly out."
―Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Thor was told by Jane Foster that S.H.I.E.L.D. had stolen all of her research on the Bifrost Bridge. Thor promised to tell her everything she wanted to know about the wormholes when he reclaimed what was his, although Foster only commented that she still thought Thor was a strange character and noted that she really hoped he was not crazy, which greatly amused Thor as they drove.

They soon arrived at the crash site to find it covered by a makeshift research facility. As they looked over the facility, Thor gave Foster his jacket as he correctly predicted it would begin to rain momentarily while telling her to remain hidden while he collected what was theirs. When Foster questioned how he planned to walk out with their equipment, Thor informed her that he intended to fly out, which did not help Foster's confidence at all.

Thor entered and took down Agents Jackson and Delancey before being noticed and began making his way towards Mjølnir which was being studied in the middle of the base by S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists. However Jasper Sitwell eventually raised the alarm when the agents failed to call in. Thor began taking down guard after guard, even without his Asgardian Strength his fighting skills still outmatched many of the Agents who challenged him.

As Thor approached Mjølnir having defeated almost every agents, he was confronted by a particularly big guard whom Thor noted was big but he had fought bigger, thinking of his fights against the Frost Giants. Thor battled the agent who was ultimately defeated outside as Thor knocked him out as they fought in the mud. Thor was unaware that the entire time Clint Barton was taking aim and preparing to shoot him with an arrow if ordered.


Thor tries and fails to finally reclaim Mjølnir

Finally at Mjølnir, Thor rejoiced before gripping his mighty hammer but could not lift it; using all of his mortal strength, he still could not lift it. Knowing his father Odin had taken his powers away from him as a result of the Attack on Jotunheim, Thor screamed out at the heavens and fell to his knees. Defeated, Thor offered no resistance while Phil Coulson sent his men to apprehend him, telling Barton to also stand down. As the guards arrested him, Thor noticed a small Asgardian symbol appear on Mjølnir, and became heartbroken that he may never see his home or family again while he was then taken away for questioning under the orders of Agent Coulson.[1]

Learning Humility

Captured by S.H.I.E.L.D.

2011 thor 013

Thor is questioned by Agent Phil Coulson

"Can I come home?"
"The truce with Jotunheim is conditional upon your exile."
"Yes but couldn't we find a way?"
"Mother has forbidden your return, this is goodbye brother. I'm so sorry."
"No, I am sorry. Thank you for coming here."
―Thor and Loki[src]

Thor was taken for questioning by Phil Coulson but did not respond to any questions, Coulson was convinced he must be special forces due to his remarkable fighting skills which had allowed him to defeat all of Coulson's men, questioning if he was trained for the United States Armed Forces while in Afghanistan or Chechnya. Thor remained silent throughout the interrogation and refused to answer Coulson's questions; however the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent informed him that sooner or later they would find out what they wanted to know, noting their organisation was good at that.


Thor is informed by Loki that Odin is dead

When Coulson left for a moment, Loki then arrived in front of him. Thor asked about Jotunheim and demanded to speak to their father; however, Loki informed him that Odin was dead due to the strain of everything that had happened and that in Thor's absence, Loki had been made King of Asgard. When Thor asked if he could go home Loki explained that Thor must remain on Earth to maintain peace with King Laufey and the Frost Giants who wanted war.

Although Thor tried to argue that perhaps they could find a way, Loki told him that their mother Frigga had forbidden his return. Although he was utterly heartbroken, Thor agreed to the arrangement and said goodbye to his brother, thanking him for coming to him and informing him of their father's death. Coulson then returned into the room to find Thor saying goodbye to thin air. Thor then remained sat and considered his future on Earth.

Bonding with Jane Foster


Thor has a drink with Erik Selvig

"Your ancestors called it magic... and you call it science. Well I come from a place where they're one and the same thing."
―Thor to Jane Foster[src]

While Thor was being interrogated, Jasper Sitwell arrived and then informed Phil Coulson that Thor had a visitor. Thor then learned the visitor was Erik Selvig, who had arrived and told the S.H.I.E.L.D. that Thor was Doctor Donald Blake, their colleague who was drunk and very upset about the loss of their equipment. Coulson allowed Thor to leave so he could follow them, with Thor stealing a notebook on his way out.

Despite being ordered not to, Thor and Selvig went for a drink together where Thor noted that for the first time in his life he had no idea what his future held, telling Selvig that he wished he had listened to his father's lessons. Selvig told Thor that all he wanted to ensure that always Jane Foster remained safe, to which Thor insisted he wished her no harm, so Selvig bought him another drink and asked him to leave New Mexico in the morning.

He agreed and they share another drink. After a few more drinks, Selvig smashed his glass on the ground and demanded another, as Thor had done with his coffee the day before. Thor's drinking prowess led to them getting into a bar brawl while walking through the streets singing merry songs[4] until Thor decided Selvig had enjoyed himself enough and took the now heavily drunk Selvig back to Foster's camper to sleep all of the alcohol off.


Thor spends time with Jane Foster

Thor and Foster went to the roof of the Research Center and gazed at the stars. She told Thor about herself, noting how she would often sit on the roof to think or get away from Darcy Lewis while returned her notebook which he had retaken from S.H.I.E.L.D. for her, much to Foster's delight as she no longer had to restart all of her work from nothing. To reassure Foster about continuing her work, Thor began to tell her all about the Nine Realms and Yggdrasil, the World Tree; he explained that her theories were correct and then tried to help her understand them better. When she fell asleep Thor ensured that she was warm before watching over her as she slept.[1]

Battle of Puente Antiguo


Thor learns of Loki's betrayal and many lies

"Brother, whatever I have done to wrong you, whatever I have done to lead you to do this... I am truly sorry, but these people are innocent. Taking their lives will gain you nothing, so take mine and end this."
―Thor to Loki[src]

The next day Thor's attitude had taken a change for the better and he made breakfast for his new friends with Jane Foster. Thor listened as Erik Selvig and Foster discussed how they planned on presenting their theories to higher ups without any hard evidence, when they were interrupted by the Warriors Three and Sif who had arrived on Earth and were all delighted to see their friend again.

Thor rejoiced to see them all but told them that they should not have come to collect him, noting that Odin was dead because of him and he must remain of Earth to ensure the peace with Jotunheim. However they all then informed him that Odin was alive and that Loki was King and had showed the Frost Giants the way into Asgard. As they were talking, they saw another Wormhole in the distance and realized Loki had sent forces after them.

Looking out into the distance, the group saw that the Destroyer had arrived in New Mexico having been sent by Loki to kill them. Although Fandral was excited by the idea of Thor joining them in the battle, Thor made it clear that he was now only human, promising to get all the innocent people to safety. Thor, Foster, Selvig and Darcy Lewis began to evacuate the town as the Warriors Three and Lady Sif formulated a plan to stop the Destroyer.

The Destroyer began attacking the town, destroying everything in its path and knocked back the Warriors Three before being seemingly stopped by Sif's Sword. The Destroyer simply rearranged its body to face Sif and nearly killed her. With this the Destroyer seemed unstoppable as he continued it's firing beams of energy and massive explosions, almost killing Volstagg. Thor went to Sif's aid and convinced her to escape and live another day.

Destroyer vs Thor

Thor bravely faces off against the Destroyer.

With the Warriors Three all exhausted and nearly defeated from the battle, Thor told them to fall back and reassured them all that he had a plan. While Hogun carried Volstagg to safety, Thor approached the Destroyer and spoke to Loki through it, telling him that he was sorry for whatever he had done to wrong him. Thor pleaded to Loki that he could not allow him to kill all of the innocent people of the town and instead to take his life to protect them all from harm.


Thor sacrifices himself to save innocent lives

Loki seemingly relented as the Destroyer turned and headed back to where it came from, however just as Thor let out a sigh of relief, Loki used the Destroyer to strike Thor across the face and sent him flying backwards. With his bones shattered by the force of the blow, Thor lay on his back dying whiled Jane Foster came to his aid and sat with him. While she tried to help him, Thor expressed his joy that he had saved her before closing his eyes and dying from his wounds.


Thor finally regains his Asgardian powers

While all his friends mourned the death of the God of Thunder, the Destroyer turned around and made its leave. However before it could get far, Mjølnir sensed Thor's act of self sacrifice and flew all the way from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Crater Investigation Site and straight into Thor's hand, resurrecting him and returning his own powers with a burst of lightning, having deemed him worthy due to his self-sacrifice. Thor then stood with mighty hammer in his full armour again.

Thor then threw Mjølnir at the Destroyer, knocking it off its feet before he created a tornado around the Destroyer and engaged it, forcibly lifting it high in the air while using Mjølnir to block its deadly beams of energy. Once the Destroyer was at a safe height, Thor flew towards its energy beam, deflecting its power back into its own head causing it to implode and thus disabling it, causing the Destroyer to crash land as Thor walked away victoriously.

2011 thor 041

Thor speaks with Agent Phil Coulson

While Foster and Selvig marvelled at Thor's new look, he was then approached by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, with Agent Phil Coulson noting that Thor clearly had not been totally honest with him as he reminded him that during their last encounter he had claimed to be a Doctor named Donald Blake. Thor then told Agent Coulson that he must return Foster's research if he wanted his help in the future as they both fought on the same side and for the same goal. Although Coulson and Foster debated if S.H.I.E.L.D. had stolen or borrowed her research, Coulson agreed and told Foster they would allow her to continue her work in Wormhole study and understanding.

Thor looks at Jane

Thor says his goodbyes to Jane Foster

Thor then promised to show Foster the Bifrost Bridge and flew her to the Bifrost site. When Thor asked Heimdall for the Bifrost to open so that he could return to Asgard, Heimdall did not respond, due to him having been betrayed by Loki and frozen with the Casket of Ancient Winters. Eventually Heimdall opened the Bridge and Thor then said goodbye to Foster with a kiss, vowing to return for her. The Warriors Three and Lady Sif arrived and they all returned to Asgard.[1]

Fighting Loki


Thor finally returns home to Asgard

"You can't kill an entire race!"
"Why not? And what is this new found love for the Frost Giants? You, who could have killed them all with your bare hands."
―Thor and Loki[src]

Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three arrived in Asgard and found Heimdall mortally wounded from an attack by Loki. Thor ordered his friends to get Heimdall to the healing room before searching for his brother. He soon arrived in Odin's Chamber to see his mother Frigga with Loki, who had just saved their father from King Laufey, whom he had then killed. Loki was shocked to see his brother as Thor then revealed Loki's true deception and crimes to the horrified Frigga.


Thor attempts to convince Loki to stop

Knowing that his time was limited, Loki sent Thor flying through a wall of the chamber with a shot from Gungnir and headed towards Heimdall's Observatory where he began the process of destroying Jotunheim. Once Thor arrived, he tried to stop Loki's schemes but failed, Loki said he did it all to be Thor's equal and he vowed to now destroy Jotunheim using the Bifrost Bridge. Thor refused to fight his brother only to be told they were not true brothers.


Thor battles against his own brother, Loki

Thor tried to convince Loki that his actions were madness, but Loki questioned if that was true and called Thor soft, noting he could have destroyed all the Frost Giants with his bare hands. When Loki went on to threaten to kill Jane Foster, the now enraged Thor flew forward and attacked Loki, as the pair exchanged blows with their weapons. Although Thor was clearly the stronger of the two, Loki resorted to his tricks to gain the upper hand during their battle.

Duel at the Bifrost Bridge

Loki is surrounded by Loki's many illusions

Eventually Thor launched forward at his brother, knocking both of them out of the Observatory where Loki seemingly nearly fell off the Rainbow Bridge. However when Thor attempted to save him, Loki revealed it to be another trick and surrounded Thor his illusions of himself, laughing manically. After a gruesome fight Thor managed to tie Loki down by placing Mjølnir on top of him and went to stop the Bifrost but saw that it was too far gone to be stopped now.


Thor prepares to destroy the Bifrost Bridge

Despite having no other choices, Thor did not want to destroy the Bifrost because then he could not return to Earth to see Jane Foster ever again, but for the sake of the Nine Realms, Thor called Mjølnir to him and began destroying the Rainbow Bridge. Loki screamed at him to make him stop, attempting to stab him in the back, but soon Thor destroyed the bridge and the Bifrost then fell away from Asgard in an almighty explosion and into the great vast of space.

Destroyed Bifrost 4

Thor watches Loki fall through a black hole

The massive blast from the Bifrost's destruction launched the fighting brothers into the air where they almost fell into the abyss themselves. However both Thor and Loki were then caught by Odin who had awakened from the Odinsleep. Desperate to prove himself worthy in his father's eyes, Loki revealed he did it all for him, however Odin still rejected him. Thor watched on helplessly as Loki let go and allowed himself to fall into the abyss, seemingly disappearing forever.[1]

Reflecting on the Future


Thor and Odin think of the future of Asgard

"There will never be a wiser king than you, or a better father. I have much to learn, I know that now. Someday perhaps, I shall make you proud."
"You've already made me proud."
―Thor and Odin[src]

As the Asgardians celebrated the defeat of the Frost Giants and the return of their prince, Thor went to see King Odin, telling him that he was wrong for his prior actions and that he had a lot to learn from him, hoping to make him proud someday. Odin in return told Thor that he would be a wise king and that he had already made him proud by proving himself worthy of wielding Mjølnir once again.


Thor considers how to see Jane Foster again

Thor then went to see Heimdall, who was stood where Heimdall's Observatory's had once been, with Thor asking if there was now any hope of repairing the Bifrost Bridge so that he could some day return back to Earth. Heimdall told him there was always hope. Thor asked what Jane Foster was doing and Heimdall replied that with the help of their friends, Erik Selvig and Darcy Lewis, she was looking for her own way to be reunited once again with Thor.[1]

Protector of The Nine Realms

"With the death of Laufey and Loki's attack on their world, the Frost Giants are a broken people... and yet they sense something has happened. The Troll Lords know it as well. For many millennia, they have coveted the Dwarven forges. Once they realize that Asgard cannot come to king Eitri's defense, they will strike. Despite their primitive nature, the Badoon feel our absence. Several of their clans have fallen into civil war. Their savagery and bloodlust will eventually spread from planet to planet unchallenged. And the Marauders amass near Vanaheim. Thor's destruction of the Bifrost continues to shift the balance of power across the Nine Realms... and into the worlds beyond Yggdrasil."

A few days after Thor defeated Loki, Heimdall had discovered that destroying the Bifrost Bridge had put all of the Nine Realms in danger. He informed Odin and Thor of this. Thor feared for his friend Hogun's people in Vanaheim and warned him.[5] A year later, Frigga successfully managed to contact Loki in the Sanctuary. She informed Thor, Odin, and the Warriors Three of Loki's miraculous survival and that he was planning an attack on Earth involving the Tesseract and an army of Chitauri. Odin called upon the power of dark energy - the very fabric of the universe itself - to send Thor to Earth to stop him, at the cost of his own and Thor's health. An unconscious Thor landed on a mountain, not far from Loki's location, and began searching for his brother as soon as he regained consciousness.[5]

Chitauri Invasion

Return to Earth


Thor finally locates his brother's whereabouts

"You have no idea what you are dealing with."
"Uh, Shakespeare in The Park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?"
"This is beyond you, metal man. Loki will face Asgardian justice."
―Thor and Iron Man[src]

Having discovered Loki's location, Thor caused a lightning storm as he landed onto the Quinjet in which Loki was being escorted back to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Thor boarded the jet and easily knocked down Iron Man, causing him to crash into Captain America before ripping Loki out of his restraints and freeing him from their custody and flying off into the distance with his brother to then question Loki personally.


Thor attempts to convince Loki to surrender

Once they crash landed onto a mountain, Thor tried to convince Loki to give up his plans and return to Asgard with the Tesseract, though Loki still resented Thor. Thor attempted to reason with his brother by expressing his relief to learn he had survived and informing him that both he and Odin had mourned his death, although the mention of Odin only angered Loki further. It was during their conversation that Thor learned Loki was working for another party, although he never learned who it was. When Loki continued to mock him and refused to answer him, Thor picked up Mjølnir and threatened him.


Thor is violently confronted by Iron Man

Before Thor could make another threat however, Iron Man suddenly attacked him and threw him off the cliff. Having recovered from the sudden surprise attack, Thor told him never to touch him again while Iron Man told him not to take his stuff, although Thor argued that Iron Man clearly had no clue what he was getting involved with, promising that Loki would face Asgardian justice at Odin's hand upon returning home. Iron Man remained unmovable in his view, rudely calling Thor Shakespeare in the Park and claiming he was wearing his mother's clothes before he told Thor to stay out of their way, even calling him a tourist, pushing Thor's temper to it's breaking point.

Thor Mjollnir

Thor summons his lightning into Mjølnir

Seeing that Iron Man would not listen, Thor attacked by launching Mjølnir at him and preparing to return to Loki who was watching the skirmish with great amusement. However, rather than being defeated by the blow, Iron Man responded by shooting Thor with his repulser beam and kicking him through a tree. Wishing to end the fight, Thor fired a blast of lightning at the Avenger thinking it would damage it beyond repair, however J.A.R.V.I.S. informed Iron Man that the blast only served to power his suit to incredible levels, allowing him shoot back at Thor once again, knocking him back with more force.


Thor attempts to crush Iron Man's armour

Iron Man fought back and the two traded blows, flying across the mountain ranges and destroying much of the forest in a desperate attempt to stop the other. Upon crash landing, they punched at each other and managed to catch each other's fists, resulting in a standoff as Thor began crushing Iron Man's armour. Iron Man responded by shooting Thor in the face and head-butting him, which Thor then responded to with a head butt of his own while trying to strike his foe with Mjølnir while Iron Man used speed to his advantage, flying all across the battle field and hitting Thor before he could react.


Thor meets Iron Man and Captain America

When Captain America intervened and broke up the fight, he pointed out that they should not be fighting with each other. When he asked Thor to put Mjølnir down, Thor erupted into a rage and in response, Thor knocked Iron Man back and brought Mjølnir down on Captain America, who blocked it with his shield which absorbed the impact, sending Thor flying backwards. As the warriors recovered from the shockwave, Thor realized, upon seeing all the destruction he had helped to cause, that they had the same goal to stop Loki's plan and protect Earth, so stopped fighting and formed an alliance.[6]

Working with S.H.I.E.L.D.


Thor onboard the Helicarrier

"Loki's gonna drag this out. So, Thor, what's his play?"
"He has an army called the Chitauri, that none of Asgard nor any world know. He means to lead them against your people. They will win him the Earth. In return, I suspect, for the Tesseract."
Captain America and Thor[src]

They returned to the Helicarrier, where Loki was put inside a cell designed to hold and dispose of Hulk if necessary. Thor joined the rest of the team as they watched while Nick Fury questioned Loki, with Thor's brother refusing to give up the location of the Tesseract and mocking their efforts to stop him. With the interrogation over, Thor revealed to the team that Loki had now gathered an entire army of the Chitauri who were not from Asgard or any other realm known to him.


Thor explains Loki's plan and motivations

To his shock, Thor learned that Loki had kidnaped Hawkeye as well as Erik Selvig for his schemes, telling them that Selvig was a friend of his. When Bruce Banner insulted Loki, calling him crazy, Thor was quick to point out that while Loki was unstable, he was his brother, though Black Widow brought up that Loki had killed several people, so Thor quickly reasserted that Loki was adopted. The group was joined by Tony Stark who explained what Loki needed Selvig for while teasing Thor for their earlier fight, calling him Point Break while they all began searching for Loki across the entire globe.

Phil Thor

Thor and Phil Coulson on board the Helicarrier

Later he asked Agent Phil Coulson about Jane Foster and was told that she was moved to a secure location when Loki returned and Selvig was put under his control. Thor personally thanked Coulson for this action to protect the woman he loved and expressed his displeasure at the way the Asgardian Wars of often were fought on Earth, leaving the humans to pay the price, comparing their wars to the fights of the Bilgesnipe, but he did have to explain to Coulson what the Bilgesnipe were and how they trample everything in their path. Thor noted how Loki's rage had followed him to New Mexico where he had fought Destroyer to protect innocent lives.


Thor speaks with Director Nick Fury

Their conversation was interrupted when Nick Fury then approached and asked Thor if he believed he could make him confess where the Tesseract was, but Thor insisted that all Loki really desired was his revenge against his family for Odin's lies about his true heritage. Fury then asked what Thor was prepared to do in order to keep all Loki's plans from reaching fruition, though Thor told him that he was still unsure. When Thor noted that Loki was still their prisoner, Fury noted that Loki clearly had a plan, as he appeared to be the only person onboard the Helicarrier who actually wanted to be there.

Thor rejoined the Avengers in the laboratory just as an argument was breaking out between them, as Stark had learned that S.H.I.E.L.D. was using the power of the Tesseract to recreate HYDRA weapons, while Stark and Rogers were standing up to each other, something Thor found amusing as he called Humans both petty and tiny. Fury noted that they were building the weapons because of the threat of Asgardians, pointing to Thor who insisted his people wanted peace with Midgard. The argument ended as Banner inadvertently picked up the Scepter, proving Loki was manipulating his mind.[6]

Attack on the Helicarrier


Thor fights Hulk

"We are not your enemies Banner, try to think!"
―Thor to Hulk[src]

As Thor and the others argued, Hawkeye, under Loki's mind control, blew up one of the Helicarrier's engines and helped free Loki, also triggering Bruce Banner to transform into the Hulk. Thor found the Hulk moments before he would have killed Black Widow; Thor fought the Hulk, being the only one who could match him for strength. Hulk started to gain the upper hand against Thor, and threw him around like a ragdoll, until a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet shot at Hulk and caused him to leap from the Helicarrier.


Thor is trapped in a cell

Thor went to make sure that Loki was still contained. When he arrived the cell door was open and Loki was leaving, Thor tried to stop Loki from leaving but it turned out to be an illusion and Thor became trapped in the cell. Thor tried to break the glass but this caused the cell to almost fall from the sky. Loki threatened to drop the cage when Phil Coulson confronted him with a gun made from the Destroyer. Loki used another illusion to get behind Coulson stabbed him through the heart. Thor looked on helplessly as Loki dropped him out of the Helicarrier.


Thor regaining his strength after falling thousands of feet out of the Helicarrier

As he plummeted towards Earth, Thor was thrown from side to side and was unable to hit the glass, but he managed to smash free from the cell just in time to avoid the impact. He landed heavily in an empty field, dropping Mjølnir on his landing. Afterwards when he tried to pick his hammer up again he learned his connection to Mjølnir had temporarily been severed due to his rage after witnessing Loki murder his friend. He calmed himself down and then picked up the hammer and regained his power, new battle armor then fell from the heavens and wrapped itself around Thor.[6]

Confronting Loki


Thor attempts to stop Loki's schemes

"Loki, turn off the Tesseract or I'll destroy it!"
"You can't. There is no stopping it. There is only the war!"
"So be it."
―Thor and Loki[src]

Having recovered, Thor used Mjølnir's powers to replenish his own strength before he went to New York City to confront Loki. Upon arriving at Stark Tower once Loki had used the Tesseract to open a portal allowing the Chitauri and Leviathan to invade Earth, Thor confronted his brother while Iron Man clashed with the invading Thor. Giving Loki a final warning, Thor ordered him to turn off the Tesseract or he would destroy it, only for Loki to tell him it could not be destroyed.

Loki vs thor

Thor fights Loki on top of Stark Tower

Seeing that Loki could not be stopped, Thor prepared himself as Loki leapt off Stark Tower and attacked him with the Scepter, with Thor using Mjølnir to defend himself as all of their blows caused massive damage to the Tower while Loki destroyed the Avengers' Quinjet and causing it to crash. While locked in their battle, Thor again tried to convince him to stop, since the Chitauri were destroying the world he wanted to rule, telling him the madness of the battle would not end with his rule. Loki told Thor it was too late to stop the carnage but Thor told him they could find a way to do it together.


Thor soon overpowers and defeats Loki

Although Loki appeared to relent, smiling with tears in his eyes at Thor's promise, he instead revealed a hidden blade and stabbed his brother in the side, mocking him for all his sentiment. Furious, Thor attacked Loki and beat him into submission, lifting him high in the air before slamming his body painfully onto the ground. Thor prepared to capture Loki and end the Chitauri Invasion, only to witness Loki escape as he fled on a Chitauri Chariot. With his brother now flying across the battlefield, Thor removed the blade from in his side and prepared to join his new allies in defeating the Chitauri.[6]

Battle of New York


Thor using his lightning to block the portal

"I have unfinished business with Loki."
"Yeah? Well get in line."
―Thor and Hawkeye[src]

Thor joined Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye on the battlefield, and started helping to fight the Chitauri, before Iron Man and Hulk joined them. Captain America took command of the Avengers and gave them each their mission plans for the battle, ordering Thor to use his power of lightning to stem the flow of enemies coming through the portal. Thor flew to the top of the Chrysler Building where he used the building to charge his lightning bolts before unleashing them onto the portal, destroying much of the oncoming army, causing massive explosions that killed many of the incoming Leviathan creatures. However this incredible use of power took its toll on Thor and he was forced to stop and continue the battle on the ground alongside his fellow Avengers.


Thor and Hulk after killing a Leviathan

While flying around in New York City, Iron Man asked Thor if he had ever seen Game of Thrones, saying he reminded him of it. Thor then asked Iron Man how he could make jokes in the middle of a war. He was then eaten by a Leviathan. In a blind rage, Thor used Mjølnir to get out of the Leviathan.[5] He later helped Hulk bring down a Leviathan; they fought the Chitauri army on top of the beast until together they ripped out a section of it's armour and rammed it into its skull, killing the beast and causing it to crash into Grand Central Station. Though when they were done and were taking a moment to catch their breath and overlook the destruction, Hulk punched Thor across the room in revenge for their earlier fight, chuckling to himself.


Thor fights alongside Captain America

Thor then joined forces with Captain America during a skirmish with a unit of Chitauri soldiers. During the fight Rogers received a shot to his side which knocked him down, Thor defended his fellow Avenger by using Mjølnir to throw a car at the incoming soldiers before throwing it in the opposite direction to knock out other soldiers. He then offered his hand and helped Rogers to his feet, once he was standing Thor asked Rogers if he was ready to continue fighting, to which Rogers jokingly asked him if he was sleepy. Seeing that Rogers was indeed prepared to fight until the end, Thor reclaimed Mjølnir and prepared to continue fighting.


Thor speaks to Iron Man after the battle

Soon the World Security Council made the decision to send a nuclear missile into the heart of the city, intending to destroy the portal at the sacrifice of everyone in the city. Iron Man sent the missile intended for the city through the portal, which destroyed the Chitauri Command Center, cutting off the forces from their power source and killing them, while Black Widow closed the portal. Thor and Captain America watched as Iron Man fell from the sky, before Thor could fly through the air and catch him, Hulk launched through the air and caught Stark before dropping him off at the Avengers feet. Thor ripped off Stark's mask and for a moment it appeared he had been killed; however, a roar from the Hulk soon awoke him. Thor deemed them not to be finished until Loki was captured, although Stark requested that they go eat Shawarma as soon as possible.

Once the crisis was over, Thor joined the other Avengers in confronting Loki, who had already been heavily wounded and battered by the Hulk, and took him into custody.[6]

Returning to Asgard


Thor returns to Asgard with the captured Loki

"The Tesseract is where it belongs: out of our reach. "
"That's not your call."
"I didn't make it. I just didn't argue with the god that did."
Nick Fury and Gideon Malick[src]

Then, Thor and the other Avengers went into the Shawarma Palace and ate silently.[7] They were soon interrupted by War Machine, who arrived just too late to help fight in their battle.[8] After being allowed to reclaim the Tesseract, by Nick Fury, despite the many objections of Gideon Malick, Thor said goodbye to the Avengers and Erik Selvig before taking Loki with him back to Asgard to await his trail by opening a portal with the Tesseract and leaving all the other Avengers in Central Park.[6]

Marauders' War

Joining the Battle


Thor and his army, about to save the Nine Realms

"To fight, to bleed, to die for those we love and cherish. To wage war on those who would kill any who cannot defend themselves. To hold back the ever-growing tide of Ragnarök that comes to calm us all. This is not our duty. It is the reason for our very existence. Since the days of Bor and Buri before him, we have protected the Nine Realms. But for too long, Asgard has been cut off from those who depend on our blood and courage for their survival. Without our light, darkness spreads. But the time of darkness is at an end. Asgard returns. And there will be Hel to pay!"

After bringing Loki back to Asgard, Thor discovered that Vanaheim was getting slowly taken over by Marauders. Thor gave Heimdall the Tesseract so he that could remake the Bifrost Bridge and the Asgardians could help protect the Nine Realms again. He then, with an army of Asgardians, went to end the threats controlling the Nine Realms.[5]

Battle of Vanaheim


Thor battling the invading Marauders

"I've got this completely under control."
"Is that why everything is on fire?"
Sif and Thor[src]

In 2011 a group of ragtag invaders known as the Marauders started a war across all the Nine Realms. Thor, now a full-time general of the Asgardian army, bravely led his forces in a fight against the attackers. With Sif, Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun, they teamed up to and fought the invading army. When Thor arrived in the battlefield in Vanaheim, Hogan's home world,, the battle was already underway and Thor used his lightning to create a shockwave that knocked down a small band of the Marauders. Lady Sif insisted that she had the situation completely under control, but Thor teased her by noting that the entire battlefield was on fire.


Thor fights Korg

As the battle continued, Thor and Sif fought side by side and saved each others lives on several occasions. Eventually the battle paused when a giant rock monster called Korg appeared and challenged Thor to single combat. The Marauders celebrated as they believed Thor would be unable to defeat the monster. Sif allowed Thor to fight it alone and Thor calmly joked that he accepted it's surrender. When the monster appeared to still want to fight Thor killed it with a single powerful blow from his hammer, which caused all the other invaders to surrender.[2]

AlYHFM9 - Imgur

Thor and Hogun after a battle

With this final victory, the two-year war with the Marauders was over and the Asgardians were able to claim victory and restore peace to the Nine Realms. After the battle was won the surviving invanders were captured and taken to a Asgardian prison. As the people of Vanaheim recovered and returned to their homes, Thor spoke to Hogun, telling him to stay there with his people, as the rest of them went back to Asgard, for which Hogun was very grateful. The pair shook hands before Thor then left Vanaheim via the Bifrost Bridge, which was repaired with the power of the Tesseract.[2]



Thor seeks some council from King Odin

"It has not gone unnoticed that you disappear each night. There are Nine Realms. Future king of Asgard must focus on more than one."
"I thank you for your sword and for your counsel, good Lady Sif."
Sif and Thor[src]

With Vanaheim now safe, along with Nornheim and Ria, and all the remaining Marauders having been rounded up and all then sent into the Asgardian Dungeons for the foreseeable future, Thor and all his allies then returned to Asgard to update his father, King Odin on their success. Thor noted that they would have had their victory much earlier if Odin had joined them on the battlefield, only for Odin to question why Thor was still harbouring his own feelings for Jane Foster, noting that it was foolish for an Asgardian to love a mortal human woman.

Thor-dark-world-movie-screencaps com-1202

Thor considers his own future as King

Thor returned to his own room within the Asgardian Palace where he bathed to prepare for the upcoming celebrations for the Asgardian's recent victory in the Marauders' War. However, instead of being joyful, Thor remained melancholy as he stepped to his window and looked out over Asgard, considering if his future remained there as King of Asgard, or if he should return to Earth to reunite with his new allies, the Avengers and pursue a future with Foster.

A party was held for Thor for restoring the peace in the Nine Realms, with soon moved into one of the caverns within Asgard. While Volstagg and Fandral both remained in high spirits, drinking and telling war stories about the many adventures and battles involving the Warriors Three with beautiful women, Thor remained somewhat silent throughout the celebration and soon left the party, allowing his friends to continue enjoying themselves.

GzMVPp5 - Imgur

Thor speaks with Lady Sif after their battle

Before he could leave, Thor was stopped by Lady Sif who reminded him of how they used to celebrate their victories for weeks at a time, as they reminisced about a pervious battle in Haragon which Sif had almost restarted during the celebration of their victory. Sif then asked him if he would have a drink with her, noting that Odin could not have another task for him at this time; he kindly refused and thanked her for her company, telling her that this was a task he had given onto himself, not from the Allfather. Sif however noted that the future King of Asgard should focus on all the Realms, not just Midgard which she knew was his reason for leaving the celebrations early.

He walked to the end of the Bifrost Bridge and arrived at Heimdall's Observatory where he was greeted by the Guardian of Asgard as they discussed the Nine Realms and his ability to see all the souls throughout it. Once again, Thor asked Heimdall to see how Jane Foster was doing back on Earth. Heimdall told Thor that Foster was indeed smart and was studying the Convergence, however to his surprise, he found himself unable to see her.[2]

Second Dark Elf Conflict

Protecting Jane Foster

Thor earth

Thor returns to Earth to find Jane Foster

"The Bifrost was destroyed. The Nine Realms erupted into chaos, wars were raging, marauding hordes were pillaging. I had to put an end to the slaughter."
"As excuses go, that’s not terrible."
―Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Fearing for her safety, Thor returned to Earth and then went to finally reunite with Jane Foster to ensure that she was okay. Using the information gathered, Thor knew that Foster was in London and soon found her, at which point Foster noticed a circle of rain around her; then Thor appeared.


Thor is finally reunited with Jane Foster

Foster slapped him in the face to check if he was real, and then one more time for taking two years to visit her even though he was on Earth during the Battle of New York. Thor noted that he had spent the time battling against the Marauders who had threatened the Nine Realms while keeping the peace throughout Asgard, an excuse that Foster soon accepted as Thor noted that he had done everything within his power to protect her from dangers of the universe.

Thor up

Thor takes Jane Foster back towards Asgard

While Darcy Lewis also caught up with Thor and asked how space was doing, one of the police officers at the scene attempted to arrest Foster, Lewis and Ian Boothby for trespassing, he was blown back by the Aether which had bonded with Foster's body and was giving her seemingly uncontrollable power. Seeking to get her some aid, Thor grabbed Foster to returned to Asgard with her, calling on Heimdall to bring the Bifrost Bridge to them and return him home.

Wishing to get her medical aid, Thor had Eir take Foster and use the Soul Forge to analyse Foster's condition, with Thor being amused by Foster constant questions of how Asgardian technology worked. They were then interrupted when Odin arrived to tell him to take Foster back to Earth despite Thor's protests. However, when the guards attempted to remove her, they were once again blown backwards by the Aether's incredible power.

Seeing the potential danger, Odin took Thor and Foster away and showed them the Book of Yggdrasil which explained to them that the Aether was created by the Dark Elves whose greatest leader, Malekith, had attempted to use it's power to destroy the universe before being defeated by Bor who wiped out the Dark Elves. When Foster asked how to be freed of the Aether before it killed her, Odin confessed to not knowing how to do that.


Thor walks Jane Foster through Asgard

Seeking to understand more of the Aether's power and hoping to save her, Odin allowed Foster to stay in Asgard until the Aether could be safely removed from her. Thor and Foster spent time together in Asgard, exploring their culture, and Thor explained to her the story behind the Convergence which had caused her to come in contact with the Aether through the Nine Realms, vowing to use his great power to protect her from harm despite his own father's wishes. They shared a kiss and were interrupted by Thor's mother Frigga, who teased them both while Thor introduced her to Foster, much to Foster's great awkward amazement which Thor enjoyed.

Thor made the introductions but while they were talking, Algrim had used the power of a Kursed Stone to give himself knew power and break himself and many others free of the Asgardian Dungeons. Thor soon became distracted by an alarm at the dungeons, and knowing that Loki was also there and fearing for his escape. Frigga promised to look after Foster while Thor summoned Mjølnir and flew to the Dungeons to investigate the chaos.[2]

Sacking of Asgard


Thor battles all of the escaped prisoners

"Return to your cells, and no harm will come to you! You have my word... Very well you do not have my word."
―Thor to the Marauders[src]

When the Dark Elves invaded Asgard, Thor then flew into battle and, using his reputation as a greatly feared Asgardian warrior, ordered the prisoners to stop their current riot and then return to their cells within the Asgardian Dungeons. However when they refused and continued to fight, Thor battled them alongside Volstagg, Fandral and the remaining prison guards, noting that the prisoners no longer had their word that they would not harm them during the battle. Throughout the ensuing skirmish, Loki remained in his cell, reading a book, and did not get involved in the conflict, much to Thor's own great personal relief.

Having helped to quell the riot, Thor was unable to stop the Dark Elf Harrows from flying past Heimdall's war ships, as Kurse destroyed Asgard's defenses and allowed their ships to attack. Thor felt the entire palace shake as Malekith's ship crash landed into the Great Hall. Thor continued assisting the Warriors Three in securing the remaining prisoners as the Einherjar battled the Dark Elves who used their men to charge through the palace.

Thor ran to the aid of his people and arrived just in time to witness his own mother, Frigga, fall down bleeding on the ground from being stabbed in the heart by Kurse. In anger, Thor burned half of Malekith's face off with a lightning bolt and threw his hammer, Mjølnir, into Kurse and Malekith, sending them back to their Ark ship and repelling the invasion, although Thor was unable to kill either of them or destroy their ship before it vanished.

Now too late to do anything more, Thor summoned Mjølnir back to his hand just as Odin arrived in the room armed with Gungnir only to find his beloved wife dead. Jane Foster also appeared from her hiding place, as Frigga had used her Magic to hide her and sacrificed her own life to protect hers. Thor then just watched as his father fell to his knees and cradled Frigga's lifeless body in his arms, mourning the loss of his dearest wife.[2]

Escape from Asgard


Thor and Jane Foster attend Frigga's funeral

"When we fought each other in the past, I did so with a glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there, somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me, and I will kill you."
"When do we start?"
―Thor and Loki[src]

A funeral was later held for the dead Asgardians and Frigga. Thor attended and with Jane Foster by his side, he watched his mother transform into stars in the universe as the Asgardians showed their respects to their late Queen.


Thor argues with Odin

Thor knew that Malekith would return for Jane Foster, and he learned that Odin had locked Jane away in Asgard. Thor desperately tried to convince Odin that Malekith would return and destroy Asgard, he explained his plan to trick Malekith and destroy the Aether, but, blinded by hate and grief, Odin would not let Thor move her. Odin told Thor that he planned to fight a new war with the Dark Elves until they were wiped from existence. However during their argument it became clear that Odin was becoming weaker and uneasy on his feet. Thor knew that they would not win a war with the Dark Elves.


Thor speaks to Loki in prison

Thor then devised a plan to move her even if he would then commit treason and in the worst case get them killed. He asked Heimdall if he could keep quiet. Since Loki managed to get three Frost Giants into Asgard,[1] Thor hoped that he could take them to Svartalfheim. Thor traveled to the dungeons and spoke to Loki. He knew that Loki was maintaining an illusion and forced him to reveal the truth, that Loki had trashed his cell in grief when he learnt of Frigga's death. Thor promised Loki that he he agreed to help then he would free him from his prison cell and grant him revenge for their mother's death. Loki agreed.


Thor breaking Loki out of the dungeons

Thor and Loki made their escape through the halls of Asgard, to remain unnoticed Loki disguised himself as a guard. However, when it became clear he was annoying Thor with his constant talking, Loki decided to have more fun and changed Thor's appearance into Lady Sif and his own into Captain America, mocking Thor as he went. Thor pinned Loki against a wall when he spotted some guards, Loki requested his dagger but Thor instead gave him a new pair of handcuffs. Foster and Loki then boarded the Dark Elf Harrow.

Loki and Thor in a Dark Elf Ship 2

Thor and Loki on the Dark Elf Harrow

While Sif and Volstagg delayed the guards, Thor flew out beside the Bifrost Bridge, pushed out Loki and jumped out himself with a sick Foster in his arms. They all landed on a smaller Asgardian Skiff that Fandral had been driving. They were hunted by an Asgardian patrol but Fandral went over to their ship and knocked out the soldiers. Loki then drove through the secret passageway that took them to Svartalfheim.[2]

Fighting Malekith


Thor fights with Loki

"What good were you in your cell?"
"Who put me there? WHO PUT ME THERE?!"
―Thor and Loki[src]

The trio successfully landed in the wastelands of Svartalfheim and Jane Foster regained her strength. Loki began to mock Thor about his love for a mortal woman; this lead to an intense argument between the two leading to Thor nearly punching his brother. He stepped back when he thought how Frigga would not want them to fight. Loki however said she would not be surprised. They shared a laugh and started to talk about wanting to trust Loki; Loki told him to trust his rage.


Loki cuts off Thor's hand

They made their way through Svartalfheim and saw Malekith leaving his ship. Loki once again asked Thor if he trusted him, when Thor asked if he would trust himself, Loki said he could not and used his dagger to stab Thor in the side and throw him off a cliff. He kicked and beat Thor before cutting his hand off. Malekith had been there waiting for them; Loki told him that all he wanted in return for Foster was a good spot where he could see Asgard burn. Kurse remembered seeing Loki in a prison cell, so he told Malekith that Loki was an enemy of Asgard.


Thor using his lightning to fight the Dark Elves

Malekith then began to draw the Aether from Foster but while he was still absorbing it, Thor shouted Loki's name. Loki had only created an illusion of cutting off Thor's arm and Thor called for Mjølnir. He then shot a lightning bolt on the Aether, causing it to explode. Loki jumped on top of Foster to prevent the Aether explosion from hitting her. Malekith had already absorbed enough power and he left, telling Kurse to take care of the rest.


Thor holds Loki as he "dies"

Kurse threw a Black Hole Grenade in the air; Loki almost got sucked in but Thor managed to save him. Kurse started to beat up Thor but Loki then stabbed him in the back with a sword. Kurse, being "the last of the Kursed", was not injured and he grabbed Loki and pushed him towards his chest. The blade sticking out of Kurse's chest then pierces Loki's solar plexus. Loki managed to press one of Kurse's implosion bombs and Kurse was killed in the ensuing explosion. Loki then seemingly died in Thor's arms.[2]

Return to Earth


Thor and his friends work out a plan to defeat Malekith

Thor and Jane Foster then entered a cave that seemed to have all the objects that did not come back when Ian Boothby, Darcy Lewis, and the kids played at the storage house. Foster grabbed Boothby's car keys and, as she and Thor continued into the cave, they were transported back to the storage house in London. Later, an Einherjar Guard arose from the same place where Loki had died with a green light around him, hinting that Loki might still be alive. The guard returned to Asgard to tell Odin that Loki's body had been found.[2]

Battle of Greenwich


Thor arriving in Greenwich

"You think you can stop this? The Aether cannot be destroyed."
"But you can."
Malekith and Thor[src]

When they got to Earth the worlds were almost in line and Malekith had landed. Thor and Malekith met each other on the battleground and exchanged threats before Malekith attempted to kill Thor with the Aether's power. Thor was able to use Mjølnir to deflect the attacks and mocked Malekith's lack of strength and knocking him back with a hit from Mjølnir.

Thor fighting Malekith 2

Thor battles Malekith

The Asgardian and the Dark Elf began to fight and the Battle took them through many different worlds, although their equally matched strength meant neither could kill the other. The Dark Elves began to invade Greenwich but Erik Selvig's devices teleported some of them away. Thor and Malekith crash landed in Svartalfheim where Thor lost Mjølnir through a portal, leaving him near defenceless from Malekith's attacks. When they landed on Jotunheim they were nearly killed by a Jotunheim Beast before they were teleported to separate parts of London, with Thor being forced to use the subway to make his way back to Greenwich.


Thor prepares to kill Malekith

Malekith, now back on Earth and next to his ship, started to release the Aether. Thor found Foster and Selvig. They told him that neither of them could get close to Malekith, but Thor could. Thor took Selvig's devices and threw them onto Malekith's arms, teleporting them to Svartalfheim. Then he threw the last one in Malekith's chest, teleporting him to Svartalfheim. But now Malekith's ship had started to fall down on to their heads. Luckily, Selvig's devices teleported the ship away and it crashed down on Malekith, killing him.[2]

Rejecting the Throne


Thor leaves Asgard to return to earth

"I would rather be a good man than a great king."
―Thor to Odin[src]

With Malekith and the Dark Elves now finally defeated, Thor returned to Asgard and talked with his father. He spoke about Loki's sacrifice and how he now believed his brother had died a hero by sacrificing himself to kill Kurse. He then explained his desire to return to Earth and be with Jane Foster, and renounced his claim to the throne. He offered Odin Mjølnir which he refused before wishing Thor good luck in his search for love.[2] He then returned back to Earth and reunited with Foster.[9]


Thor and Foster together again

Soon after the battles, when S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson and his team were investigating the discovery of a lost Asgardian artifact known as the Berserker Staff, he sought to consult with Thor, but was informed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury that Thor had taken himself "off the grid".[10] Coulson told Sif, when she came to Earth chasing Lorelei, that it would be better if he told Thor himself that he was alive, as Thor still believed he had been killed by Loki.[11]

Avengers Reassembled

Hunting down HYDRA Bases

With the rising threat of HYDRA, the Avengers were officially reassembled, using the Avengers Tower as their headquarters to embark on several missions to ruin HYDRA's plans for world domination.[12]

Battle of Sudan

Thor was with Jane Foster at the University of London, as he was informed by J.A.R.V.I.S. that the Avengers were reunited to assist Black Widow in a situation in Sudan. Thor and his teammates fought against HYDRA and Doctor Jensen and defeated the HYDRA soldiers.[13]

Attack on the HYDRA Research Base


Thor battles Wolfgang von Strucker's soldiers

"Thor, report on the Hulk."
"The gates of Hel are filled with the screams of his victims! But not the screams of the dead, of course. No, no... wounded screams... mainly whimpering, a great deal of complaining and tales of sprained deltoids and... gout."
Natasha Romanoff and Thor[src]

With the assistance of Phil Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor and the Avengers located Loki's Scepter at a secret HYDRA base in Sokovia. While searching for the Scepter, Thor and the Avengers battled countless HYDRA operatives with highly advanced weapons and armor designed from Chitauri technology. Thor noted that HYDRA would not have built such powerful technology without the use of the Scepter.


Thor agrees to leave and rescue Hawkeye

During the battle the group was attacked by Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, twin siblings that had volunteered for HYDRA's experiments and gained incredible powers as a result. Clint Barton was injured during this attack and so Thor offered to get him back to the relative safety of the Quinjet. Thor and Steve Rogers used their combined strength to destroy the HYDRA Tanks before Thor went to collect Barton. Eventually Tony Stark located the Scepter, Rogers captured Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and HYDRA was finally defeated, although the Maximoff twins escaped.


Thor tells Bruce Banner of the Hulk's violence

On the Quinjet, Natasha Romanoff asked Thor for an assessment of Bruce Banner's skills on the battlefield; Thor commented on the Hulk's violence having resulted in the deaths of dozens of HYDRA soldiers. Seeing that this upset Banner, Thor told him that many of the injuries he inflicted on the soldiers were nonfatal. Stark asked Thor to allow him to analyze the Scepter before Thor took it back to Asgard; he agreed. Stark then suggested that the Avengers hold a party to celebrate their victory to which both Thor and Steve Rogers agreed.[12]

Avengers Celebration


Thor drinks with Steve Rogers during a party

""Whosoever, be he worthy, shall have the power", whatever man! It's a trick!"
"It is more than that, my friend!"
Clint Barton and Thor[src]

Thor attended a party at Avengers Tower to celebrate their victory over HYDRA and the capture of the Scepter. Thor listened to James Rhodes' unimpressive war stories about lifting a tank and joked with Tony Stark about whether Jane Foster was a more impressive girlfriend than Pepper Potts, comparing their careers much to Maria Hill's amusement.

Later, Thor and Steve Rogers drank an Asgardian drink; when an old man asked to drink it, Thor warned it would be too powerful, with Rogers being allowed to share it with him due to the Super Soldier Serum within his veins. Despite Thor's warnings, the man insisted that he was strong enough due to his time in World War II, and was later escorted home, barely able to stand. Thor then remained at the party while many of the other guests left.

Thor's reaction

Thor witnesses Rogers almost lift Mjølnir

As the party came to an end and most of the guests returned home, Thor challenged the other Avengers, including Hill and Helen Cho to test their strength by trying to lift up Mjølnir, as many claimed it was merely a trick and lifting it would not be difficult. Clint Barton was the first to try and fail; Tony Stark then attempted with the help of James Rhodes and their Iron Man Armors but also soon both had to admit defeat, much to Thor's own great amusement.

Only Steve Rogers was able to move the hammer ever so slightly, which made Thor nervous for a moment until he admitted defeated the same as the others. Stark claimed that the hammer was actually imprinted and it was not Asgardian magic that held the key. When all the Avengers who had attempted had failed, Thor implied that it was simply because they were actually unworthy, much to everyone's disgust as they all laughed together.[12]

Ultron Offensive

Attack on Avengers Tower


Thor sees Ultron's damaged body

"Down in the real world we’re faced with ugly choices."
"Who sent you?"
"I see a suit of armour around the world."
Ultron and Thor[src]

Suddenly a loud noise rang in the teams' ear as they were greeted by heavily damaged Iron Legion drone that accused them all of being killers. The robot claimed that while awakening from a sleep, it had killed somebody, but when Captain America questioned who, the robot did not answer. When Thor asked the drone who sent him, the robot only replied by replaying an audio tape of something Tony Stark had said revealing himself as Ultron a new Artificial Intelligence made by Stark with Bruce Banner's help, designed to safeguard all of humanity.


Thor battles the Ultron Sentries

Ultron told the Avengers that he was on a mission to bring peace and then attacked the entire group using the Iron Legion which he had reprogrammed to be his own army of Ultron Sentries. The Avengers battled against the army, with Thor using his strength to rip apart the robots with his bare hands. In the ensuing conflict one of the drones stole the Scepter and flew away from Avengers Tower before any of the team could stop it from getting away from them.

Eventually the drones were all destroyed by the combined efforts of the Avengers, with Ultron commenting that it had been a dramatic few moments. When Ultron told them that the only way to ensure peace was to destroy the Avengers, Thor then responded by furiously throwing Mjølnir at the robot, destroying his body only for Ultron to download his body to another area while singing a song from Pinocchio as his current body then shut down.[12]



Thor furiously confronts Tony Stark

"This could’ve been avoided if you hadn’t played with something you don’t understand."
"No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It is funny. It’s a hoot!"
―Thor and Tony Stark[src]

While the Avengers regrouped and tried to figure out their next move, Thor was sent after the Iron Legion robot who had escaped with the Scepter, although Thor was unable to follow it too far and had only learned it was going north. Having returned back to Avengers Tower, the now infuriated Thor grabbed Tony Stark by the throat blaming him for the mess, before being calmed down by Steve Rogers who then demanded an update on what Thor had learned.

Thor noted that now he could no longer return the Scepter back to Asgard as was planned, blaming Stark for creating Ultron, noting that the entire situation could have been avoided if he had not toyed with the power of the Scepter, an object unknown to him, Stark defended his decision claiming that while they could deal with forces such as HYDRA and arms dealers with ease, beings like the Chitauri were beyond all their own powers.

Seeking to work out where Ultron would have gone, the Avengers soon learned that Wolfgang von Strucker had been killed by the robot and so they began researching what Strucker may have told him. Eventually they came to the conclusion that Ultron would be seeking out Ulysses Klaue, who could sell him Vibranium. Looking at his picture, Thor noted that Klaue had a brand on his neck written in Wakandan which showed him to be a thief.[12]

Battle at the Salvage Yard


Thor assists Captain America in battle

"If you believe in peace, then let us keep it."
"I think you’re confusing peace with quiet."
―Thor and Ultron[src]

The Avengers eventually managed to locate Ultron purchasing a new supply of Vibranium from arms-dealer Ulysses Klaue while within the city of Johannesburg. The Avengers arrived just as Ultron attacked Klaue after being insulted. Thor and the other Avengers confronted Ultron and his companions, Wanda and her brother Pietro Maximoff. Thor spoke with Ultron, trying to convince him to be peaceful but was ignored.

Despite all their attempts to resolve the conflict, it soon became clear that Ultron had no intention of keeping the peace, the teams began fighting, with Hawkeye and Black Widow fighting all Klaue's soldiers while the others battled the Ultron Sentries. While Ultron fought against Iron Man, Thor assisted Captain America in the battle against the robots and Maximoffs, using teamwork to gain the upper hand and soon destroyed the robotic army.

Avengers Age of Ultron 147

Thor sees visions of Asgard's destruction

As their battle neared its end and the Avengers seemed victorious, Wanda Maximoff snuck up behind Thor and used her own abilities to warp his mind before attacking all the other Avengers. Although he intially believed he was too mighty to be affected and warned his other team mates, Thor soon seemingly found himself in Asgard, at which point he realised Maximoff's power was stronger than he had anticipated as it had managed to affect his own mind.

Thor continued to suffer from visions of the citizens of Asgard dying in some kind of a war which seemed to involve the Infinity Stones. He was confronted by the ghostly figure of Heimdall who blamed him for killing them all while a mysterious hooded figure watched while Thor fired bolts of destructive lightning from his body, getting flashes of the creation of Vision and the Infinity Gauntlet which would one day house all of the Infinity Stones.

Still suffering from the effects along with the rest of the team, Thor was forced to make a quick escape to the Quinjet to recover his mind while Iron Man was forced to stop the Hulk's current destructive rampage through Johannesburg, as Bruce Banner was also affected by Wanda Maximoff's powers. While onboard the Quinjet, the unaffected Barton updated Maria Hill and explained he would take the team somewhere safe to now recover.[12]

Clint Barton's Home

Cap and Thor AOU textless

Thor and Steve Rogers at Clint Barton's home

"I saw something in that dream. I need answers, I won’t find them here."
―Thor to Captain America[src]

Clint Barton piloted the Quinjet and took the Avengers out of harm's way. With Thor, Captain America and Black Widow suffering from visions and Tony Stark and Bruce Banner recovering from a massive fight they had had in the centre of Johannesburg, Barton flew the Quinjet to the only place he knew they would be safe, his home. Barton introduced the Avengers to his family, including his pregnant wife Laura Barton and his two children; while talking, Thor accidentally stepped on one of the Cooper Barton's toys and awkwardly hid it under the table. Thor chose not to stay at the house and informed Rogers and Stark that he would go to learn more about the Infinity Stones he had seen in his vision.[12]

Water of Sights


Thor asks for Erik Selvig's help

"This may be dangerous..."
"I would be disappointed if it wasn't."
―Thor and Erik Selvig[src]

Wanting not to draw attention to himself, Thor put on a hooded jacket and found Doctor Erik Selvig outside his university where he was teaching. Thor asked for his assistance for finding the "Water of Sights". Selvig happily agreed despite Thor's warnings that it could prove to be dangerous.


Thor in the Water of Sights

Upon finding the pool with Selvig's help, Thor undressed and entered the pool and the water spirits allowed him to revisit his nightmare. Thor became engulfed with lightning and saw nightmarish visions of the destruction of Asgard and the deaths of all of his friends including Heimdall. He also saw strange visions of the Infinity Stones and the birth of a new being which could help them destroy Ultron. With this information, Thor flew back to the Avengers Tower to inform the team of what he had learned.[12]

Birth of Vision

Avengers Age of Ultron 150

Thor uses lightning to resurrect the Vision

"It’s the Mind Stone. It’s one of the six Infinity Stones, the greatest power in the universe, unparalleled in its destructive capabilities."

As Thor was on his way back from London, the other Avengers all argued over the uploading of J.A.R.V.I.S. into an android body made by Ultron using the Mind Stone. This led to a fight between the team. As this was happening, Thor arrived and cast a bolt of lightning at the machine that contained the android. The android, now sentient, released himself from the container, knocking Thor back with incredible force.

Confused about his surroundings in Avengers Tower as he glanced all around, the being's gaze immediately focused on Thor. He leaped towards him, planning to attack. Thor was able to counter by tossing him out a glass window, but the being was able to stop himself in mid-air as he looked out at New York City. The being then took the time to examine himself on the reflection of the glass window while also gazing out into the city.


Thor explains why he helped make Vision

While Thor stopped all of the Avengers from attacking it, the being apologized for its own actions and then offered his gratitude to Thor before taking a similar appearance to the God of Thunder's outfit, mainly the cape and gauntlets. Thor explained that he witnessed a vision where the Earth will be destroyed, given to him by the Scarlet Witch, and at the center of it is the Infinity Stones, including the Mind Stone, which is implanted on the android's forehead.

Despite what Thor said, Captain America, confused as to why the android sounded like J.A.R.V.I.S., allowed Tony Stark to explain that he reconfigured his matrix to create "something new". The android, eventually going by the name of Vision, stated that he was not a child of Ultron, Ultron himself, or J.A.R.V.I.S.; he was his own entity entirely who was there to assist them in stopping Ultron's plans to soon destroy the entire human race.

Thor Confused

Thor is casually handed back Mjølnir by Vision

The Avengers, along with the Maximoff twins, remained skeptical as to which side the Vision was on; the android explained that he was on the side of life while Ultron was not, and then went on to say that Ultron would be currently waiting for all of the Avengers, especially his own creator Tony Stark, in Sokovia. He stated that Ultron would spread his rage across the globe before handing Mjølnir back to Thor, much to the bewilderment of everyone in the room.

As they all prepared for the incoming Battle of Sokovia, Thor took some time to speak with the Vision while the other Avengers collected their gear and regrouped onboard the Quinjet to fly to Ultron's location at Novi Grad. During the flight, Captain America gave a speech in which he told his fellow Avengers that their priority would be get the people of Sokovia to safety before battling all the Ultron Sentries that would be standing in their way.[12]

Battle of Sokovia

Battling the Ultron Sentries


Thor witnesses Ultron attacking Sokovia

"I turn that key and drop this rock a little early and it’s still billions dead. Even you can’t stop that."
"I am Thor, son of Odin, and as long as there is life in my breast!"
Ultron and Thor[src]

Thor joined the rest of the Avengers going to Sokovia, while Captain America organised the evacuation of all of the civilians, Thor assisted Bruce Banner in the rescue of Natasha Romanoff, as she had been captured by Ultron. Once Romanoff had been found and rescued, she forced Banner to turn into the Hulk before they rejoined the rest of the team in the battle against the Ultron Sentries, who had been alerted to the team's presence.


Thor and Captain America fight in Sokovia

Ultron then unveiled his master plan, using a device to lift the city of Novi Grad high into the sky, planning to drop it onto the earth and cause a massive explosion which would destroy much of the world and kill everyone on it, leaving only Ultron and his army. Thor assisted Captain America when he attempted to save a woman in a car from falling to her death, as she became trapped on the edge of the city when it into the sky. Due to Rogers being unable to reach her in time, Thor flew down after her and managed to throw her to Rogers, who lifted her to safety. At the same time Thor managed to grab another falling car and drop it back onto the city, saving the life of the man inside; however, the man could not stop himself from throwing up due to the experience.


Thor is beaten and strangled by Ultron

As the battle against the Ultron Sentries became more intense, Thor was attacked by Ultron himself, who now with his new Vibranium body, the metal war-monger proceeded to beat the God of Thunder into submission, causing him to drop Mjølnir. However, noticing that Vision had arrived, Thor distracted Ultron with an overdrawn speech before Vision used Mjølnir to hit Ultron out of the church. Vision then handed the hammer back to Thor and they briefly discussed its great balance, with Thor noting that this helped him get a better swing.[12]

Protecting the Key

Avengers Age of Ultron 94

Thor furiously shouts toward Ultron

"You had to ask..."
"THIS is the best I can do. This is what I've been waiting for. All of you against all of me!"
―Thor, Steve Rogers and Ultron[src]

Having found the Key which Ultron would use to drop the city onto the Earth, Thor gathered with the rest of the Avengers to protect the key and ensure Ultron was unable to get close to it. As Ultron hovered above them, Thor roared at him, asking if this was the best he could do.


Thor battles against Ultron's entire army

Ultron responded by unleashing his entire army of Ultron Sentries to attack the Avengers. Captain America slowly turned to Thor and commented that Thor had to provoke the war mongering A.I. before they prepared for their last stand. Ultron sent in his army and the Avengers put all their might into keeping him away from the key, ripping apart hundreds of his clones in the ensuing battle, with Thor summoning lightning from Mjølnir to blast the robots apart.


Thor almost destroys Ultron's armoured body

As the Avengers gained the upper hand in the battle against the seemingly never ending army of Ultron Sentries, Ultron himself was knocked outside and Thor joined Vision and Iron Man in using lightning and energy blasts to damage and melt Ultron's Vibranium armor. With Ultron now too weak to stand, he attempted to reason with the Avengers, but before he could Hulk appeared and punched him so hard he flew far across the city.[12]

Destroying the City


Thor agrees to stay behind to destroy the key

"You know, if this works, we maybe don’t walk away."
"Maybe not."
Iron Man and Thor[src]

With most of the Ultron Sentries destroyed, Thor returned to Captain America and observed as the final citizens of Novi Grad were loaded onto the Transporter ships to be taken to safety on the Helicarrier. As they watched, Iron Man worked out a plan to destroy the city at the risk of his and Thor's deaths, but neither showed any hesitation if it meant stopping Ultron's plans to kill all life on Earth. Without warning, Ultron fired a barrage of bullets at the pair from the Quinjet he had stolen; before they could stop him, Ultron killed Quicksilver by shooting him multiple times.


Thor destroys the Key

In a final desperate attempt to destroy all human life, Ultron finally managed to activate the key and began the process of dropping Novi Grad onto Earth. With seemingly no other alternative, Thor and Iron Man flew into the machine itself and in an attempt to destroy it, Iron Man capped the internal engine to double back the energy wave going to be unleashed, as Thor held Mjølnir over the key and waited until Iron Man gave him the order. Thor then smashed his hammer onto the key, channeling massive amounts of lightning into the vibranium causing a massive smite that vaporized the entire city before it could hit the ground, saving billions of lives in the process.[12]

Search for the Stones

Farewell to the Avengers

Avengers Age of Ultron Big Three

Thor speaks to Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

"I have no choice. The mind stone is the fourth of the Infinity Stones to show up in the last few years. It's not a coincidence. Someone has been playing an intricate game and has made pawns of us."

With Ultron finally defeated, and the world once again saved from its total annihilation, Thor regrouped with all of his fellow Avengers at the New Avengers Facility where the newest generation of heroes were being trained to protect the planet. While having a friendly debate with Steve Rogers and Tony Stark over how Vision was worthy enough to pick up Mjølnir, Thor decided to leave Earth.


Thor says his own goodbyes to the Avengers

Still haunted by the visions Scarlet Witch had shown him, Thor felt it was his duty as a hero between the Nine Realms to better research and understand all the Infinity Stones, realizing that someone was behind the scenes, manipulating events, since four of the six Infinity Stones have been recently involved in major events, recalling how he had witnessed Malekith using the Aether's power recently. Telling Stark and Rogers that he will eventually return, Thor called Heimdall to open a portal from the Bifrost and returned to Asgard to begin his mission, leaving before Stark complained about how these gateways he created ruined their facility's lawn by burning a lot of it.[12]

Meeting Doctor Strange

DS Post-credits Scene 3

Thor at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

"So Earth has wizards now, eh?"
―Thor to Doctor Strange[src]

During his investigation, Thor discovered that Loki was alive. Around that time, Loki, who had impersonated Odin since the defeat of the Dark Elves, had revealed his deception. Realizing Odin was missing, Thor returned to Earth with Loki so they could find their own missing father. Loki's return onto Earth was soon brought to the attention of Doctor Strange, the Master of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum. Thor and Strange discussed the situation as Strange used his magic to change Thor's tea to beer and continuously refill it. After a while, Strange agreed to help Thor in the search for Loki and Odin.[14]

The Return of Hela

Thor's search for his father was interrupted by the arrival of the ancient Asgardian sorceress, Hela. Having been released from thousands of years of imprisonment, Hela struck at Thor, depriving him of Mjolnir and transporting him to the home planet of the Sakaarans. Stranded, Thor was forced into gladatorial warfare with the most unexpected opponent: the Hulk. Somehow, after the battle against Ultron, Bruce Banner had found his way to Sakaar, where he built up a reputation amongst its natives as a successful gladiator.[15]


"You think me strange?"
"Good strange or bad strange?"
"I'm not sure yet..."
―Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Before his banishment to Midgard, Thor was initially conceited, arrogant, immature and stubborn. He had proven to be bloodthirsty and enjoyed the challenge of battle and combat, Laufey even states on Johutenheim that he craved war, with the Frost Giants in particular due to being raised by Odin that they were vicious monsters. This bloodlust began as early as his childhood, with Thor then jesting that he'll hunt down the Frost Giants and slay them all if he becomes king. His adoptive brother Loki even comments that Thor would have killed the entire race of Frost Giants with his bare hands as an adult. However, it should be noted that Thor still had some honorable traits, as he notably supported his friend Sif in her goals to become a great warrior, while most others would not take her seriously. In his heart, he only wishes to live up to the expectations of his father to become a great king but, in truth he did have difficulty coercing the difference between a ruler and a warrior and what makes each a good man.

Thor was quick to anger and could act rashly to a situation such as when Asgard was broken into his first instinct was to attack the Johtuns to dissuade them to ever do a similar stunt again. Later on he, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three launched an all-out attack on Jotunheim, ignoring the fact that they'd be sorely outnumbered which seems to stem from arrogance, although at the time he only went to achieve answers on how they infiltrated Asgard. When the Frost Giants had ruined his coronation, he reacted by angrily flipping over a table and finally when he was later insulted by a Frost Giant on Jotunheim, Thor reacts by promptly decapitating the former with Mjølnir.

Due to coming from royalty and spending all of his life in Asgard, Thor was out of place in Midgard as his boisterous personality was often part of his charm in Asgard and he was unaware of the customs and norms on Earth. For instance, when he had smashed a cup of a drink that he liked while bellowing "another" (thinking it appropriate in Midgard), demanded a horse at a pet store and walked in the middle of a street. His vocabulary and terms of endearment were also antiquated and out of place in the modern times he was trapped within, baffling everyone around him and leading them to believe he was delusional even though it was simply how people spoke upon Asgard. After returning to arrest Loki, Thor had seemed to gain tact but still thought that Bilgesnipe were existent on Earth. In addition, Thor was shown to initially be quite vain and egotistical. For example, while being restrained by doctors and guards at a hospital, he describes himself as "mighty." He was also left dumbfounded when he found himself restrained only claiming in disbelief that "it's not possible" due to never have losing a battle beforehand with his godlike powers.

When his irresponsibility and arrogance placed his home Asgard and the Nine Realms in danger, his father, Odin, banished Thor to Midgard and stripped him of all his powers. That, in addition to him discovering that he was no longer worthy of Mjølnir's power put Thor into a state of depression. This, along with Loki lying that Odin died, humbles him greatly and during his time on Midgard, fell in love with the human Jane Foster which finally taught him the humility and wisdom he was lacking. Hence, after his adoptive brother Loki sent the Destroyer to kill him, Thor defended the Warriors Three and the townspeople of New Mexico and selflessly gave up his own life for the town, thereby finally became worthy of Mjølnir again. After regaining his power, Thor would take to often holding back his great powers, unless battling an opponent of equivalent strength and durability, which Thor notably holding back in all of his duels with Loki, believing that "[his] brother was still in there somewhere."

Thor, however, did still appear to be somewhat hot-tempered, as when he met with Iron Man for the first time, the two battled in the woods, with Thor then proceeding to charge at Captain America, when the latter intervened. However, he quickly came to see that he and the other Avengers were fighting for the same cause, and befriended them, notably saving Black Widow from an enraged Hulk.

At this time, Thor would become far more responsible than before, since as soon as the Bifrost was regenerated by energy from the Tesseract, Thor took it upon himself to safeguard the worlds of the Nine Realms that had fallen into chaos and conflict in the Asgardians' absence. Following losing Foster after the Bifrosts destruction, Thor also became somewhat somber and Sif herself noticed this personality shift from how he used to celebrate all night long to simply staring idly at the ongoing feast of his friends. Thor has learnt from his mistakes and has grown to such lengths that he surpasses Loki and even Odin. He was willing to commit treason and spare his enemies if it was honourable as he destroys the Bifrost to spare Jotunheim and free Loki, going against the Allfather by taking the Aether to Svartelheim to destroy Malekith as Odin's way would result in countless of Asgardians' death.

While Thor was destined to become the King of Asgard he eventually realized, however, that he couldn't actively protect the Nine Realms from the throne, and selflessly denied his birthright, even offering Mjølnir to (who he thought was) Odin. After helping the Avengers defeat Ultron, Thor temporarily left his friends, taking it upon himself to find the rest of the Infinity Stones and learn the identity of the ultimate enemy.

Powers and Abilities


Thor - Fight Moves Compilation(AoU Included) HD09:19

Thor - Fight Moves Compilation(AoU Included) HD

Thor's might and ability in the MCU.

As the first born son of Odin, Thor possesses a number of superhuman attributes common among the Asgardians. However, some of his attributes are considerably more developed than those of the vast majority of his race. Thor is the second most powerful Asgardian in the Nine Realms, second only to his father, Odin the All-Father. Thor is a Norse warrior god, trained and skilled in the arts of battle, which he has practiced for thousands of years. He is recognized to relying solely on his superior fighting ability, strength, and nigh invulnerability. Following his banishment to Earth, Thor greatly withholds his power unless fighting someone with similar strength and durability. Due to his immense power and disciplined perspective, Thor often has to hold back during a fight due to the destruction his strength may cause to his surroundings, such as his fight on the Helicarrier with Hulk. When he does let loose with his powers, Thor is capable of decimating much of his surroundings, such as when he shattered an entire ice shelf during a battle on Jotunheim.

  • Asgardian Physiology: As an Asgardian, Thor has many superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: As an Asgardian, specifically the son of Odin, Thor is the strongest Asgardian alive, apart from Odin himself. His incredible superhuman strength enables him to easily overpower hoards of normal humans, Frost Giants, Chitauri, Marauders, Dark Elves, Ultron Sentries, and various other species within or beyond the Nine Realms. He can lift or move immensely heavy objects effortlessly, such as when he was able to easily catch a falling car with one arm during Battle of Sokovia, saving the family trapped inside it, and flip a large, wide ceremonial table over on Asgard. He can also easily crush extremely durable objects - such as Iron Man's gauntlets - as if he was crushing a soda can. Thor's strength extends to his ability to leap great distances. With his strength, Thor is able to take on multiple enemies at once, using Mjølnir to send large groups of enemies, like the Frost Giants, the Chitauri, or Ultron Sentries, multiple ones at once, with each strike. Using his weapon Mjølnir, Thor's strength is compounded, as he is able to swing his mighty hammer with great speed and force. Thor's strength is so great, that he can throw his hammer with enough force to break through nearly any barrier, whether it be stone, metal or dark energy. His strength is so great, that strikes with Mjølnir are usually fatal, knocking out opponents with one hit, and only beings of incredible power, like Hulk, Malekith, Ultron, and the Destroyer can take multiple direct hits from Thor. Hence, Thor was able to shatter a massive Kronan, take down a Leviathan, and even break the Bifrost Bridge, all with only several blows of his hammer. Thor's immense strength also enabled him to break out of an extremely durable confinement capsule (specifically designed to hold Hulk), stop a mighty punch from the Hulk with his own hand, and punch the latter in the face hard enough to make him stagger. Thor also went toe-to-toe in a prolonged battle against Malekith, whose strength was greatly compounded by the Aether, and ultimately defeated him. He is strong enough to lift over 100 tons with ease.
    • Superhuman Speed: Thor can move at superhuman speeds. Thor tackled Hulk through the wall of a Helicarrier in a split second, visibly appearing as a blur.
    • Enhanced Agility: Thor's agility, balance, and bodily coordination make him a great warrior for battle. He moves with incredible grace and speed despite his considerable size and body density. He was able to dodge the wing of a jet fighter thrown at him by the Hulk while they battled in the hangar bay of the Helicarrier.
    • Superhuman Durability: Thor's skin, muscle, and bone tissue have many times the density of the same tissue in the body of a human being, making him nigh-invulnerable. Even when he was stripped of his powers, Thor was still amazingly resilient due to his dense body, withstanding being hit by a van with ease, and only being seemingly killed by a punch from the Destroyer. When he is at full power and armed with Mjølnir, Thor possesses nigh-invulnerability, including resistance to powerful energy blasts, immense blunt force trauma, falls from great heights, explosions and various other opposing forces. He withstood the extreme cold of Jotunheim, survived a direct near point blank range blast from Gungnir blasting him out of Odin's chamber, and falling several hundred feet to the ground, showing no visible signs of injury. Thor withstood a 400%-charged repulsor blast from Iron Man, was barely affected by Quicksilver smashing into him at supersonic speeds, took a mighty punch from Hulk with only a minor nosebleed, and even withstood the full force of the Destroyer's energy blasts. During his final battle with Malekith, Thor was even able to survive being hit by quite a few tendrils of the Aether Infinity Stone energy, without any permanent damage. Whenever he is injured, Thor's physique allows him to shrug off minor injuries such as small stab wounds from Asgardian blades, or allows him to withstand a direct blow in the face from a massive Frost Giant and laugh afterwards. He resisted the direct destruction of the city of Novi Grad followed by one kilometer drop in the sea, and was only momentarily unconscious. However, when matched with a rare enemy that is stronger than himself, like the Kursed Kurse, Thor will eventually sustain injuries and increasingly show signs of exertion and fatigue.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite his astounding resistance to injury, it is possible to injure Thor. However, due to his Asgardian physiology, Thor is able to heal at a rate much faster than a normal human being. After seemingly being killed by the Destroyer and proving himself worthy of Mjølnir once again, Thor regained his full power and immediately healed himself in seconds. Despite receiving mild to severe stab wounds from Asgardian blades on several occasions, after working past the initial pain of the injury, Thor was able to quickly recover and continue fighting. After the brutal beating he suffered from Kurse on Svartalfheim, upon arriving to Earth, he had nearly completely recovered.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Thor's advanced musculature is considerably more efficient than that of a human and most other Asgardians. As a result, his muscles produce practically no fatigue toxins during physical activity compared to those of humans and most other members of his race. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all.
    • Longevity: Thor, like all other Asgardians, is not truly immortal as it is possible to kill an Asgardian and other beings in the Nine Realms. More accurately, Asgardians are extremely long-lived beings. Thor ages at a pace far, far slower than a human, as he is at least 1,000 or more years old; more than likely, like Loki, born shortly before the last great war between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants.
  • Empowerment via Mjølnir: Though Thor's Asgardian physiology far exceeds the abilities of a normal athletic human, when he was stripped of his power and found unworthy of Mjølnir, his godlike abilities diminished so much that he was able to be tasered into unconsciousness. It was only when he was found worthy of wielding Mjølnir did Thor recover his godlike physiology and therefore can go toe-to-toe with extremely powerful beings like the Destroyer. Thus the hammer enhances a person's physiology to that of Thor, the god of lightning. Thor is able to cast supernatural abilities when wielding Mjølnir. These abilities include:
    • Weather Manipulation:
      Avengers - Thor's Lightning
      Wielding Mjølnir grants Thor the ability to control the base elements of a storm. It can control the elements and can create giant raging electrical storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, earthquakes, and torrential rains on a moment's notice. He summoned an isolated class 5 tornado while battling the Destroyer, as well as summoning a lightning bolt strong enough to destroy a large piece of landscape in Jotunheim. Thor was able to keep rain from touching Jane Foster as a downpour occurred. The Norse myths and legends regarded him as a Thunder God because of the hammer's influence over the weather.
"You got the lightning. Light the bastards up."
Captain America[src]
  • Lightning Generaton: Thor's main weapon while using Mjølnir is the ability to summon a lightning bolt from the surrounding skyline. As well as being able to channel electricity on its own Mjølnir is able to attract the ambient electricity from the surrounding atmosphere and redirect it towards a given target. While on Jotunheim, Thor summoned a huge lightning bolt, strong enough to destroy a large portion of the landscape. During the Battle of New York Thor used the spire of the Chrysler building to channel a tremendous lightning bolt, which he directed at the portal of the Chitauri to deter a portion of the enemy reinforcements, managing to bring down a massive Leviathan and numerous Chitauri aliens with the blast. During the Battle of Sokovia, Thor was able to generate an incredible amount of lighting, helping Iron Man swiftly smite the hovering Sokovian capital city into oblivion, thwarting Ultron's plans in the process.
"Is this how you normally look?"
"More or less."
Jane Foster and Thor[src]
  • Armor Generation: By summoning lightning from the sky into Mjølnir, Thor's clothes are transformed into his combat armor.
  • Weapon Summoning: Mjølnir obeys Thor's summons as though it were driven by a form of intelligence. Mjølnir went to Thor when it was in a crater miles away, arriving in seconds. Mjølnir will return to Thor whenever he throws it at an opponent. While battling the Hulk in a hanger of the Helicarrier, Thor summoned Mjølnir from another room and it came crashing through the Helicarrier to get to him.
"Of the two of us, which one can actually fly?"
―Thor to Loki[src]
  • Flight: Thor is capable of hurling Mjølnir with great force and, by holding onto the leather thong, is capable of flying through the air at immense speeds. How fast exactly is not specified, but he was able to remain aloft in the middle of a Class 5 tornado, and traverse the distance from his father's chambers to Heimdall's observatory and back again in seconds. Using Mjølnir, Thor can also move across the New Mexico desert in a matter of seconds. While flying, Thor can use his speed to strike enemies with immense force, such as when he tackled the Hulk through a wall, tackled Malekith in and out of portals, and when Thor killed a large creature on Jotunheim by flying through it's skull.
  • Weight Manipulation: Mjølnir's enchantment allows its worthy wielders to swing it nearly effortlessly yet in reality it is extremely heavy to an average person. Its ability to manipulate its weight allows Thor to hurl Mjølnir at great speeds or alternatively by holding onto the leather thong and whirling it like a flail, use the hammer as a thrashing vortex. In Jotunheim, he bashes the Frost Giants around him, then throws Mjølnir, making it hit multiple Frost Giants in it's path in moments. Quicksilver, Loki and Hulk were pinned down by Mjølnir's awesome weight, though also due to them being unworthy to wield it.
  • Omni-Directional Energy Projection: With Mjølnir, Thor can project blasts, waves and bolts of electricity and lightning of various sizes and intensities. While the hammer can generate electrical energy, it can channel more energy from the lightning storms it creates to summon its lightning for powerful energy attacks. With Mjølnir, Odin projects a powerful beam of golden light, using it to take away all of Thor's superhuman powers and destroys what was left of Thor's armor after stripping much of it off of him, ultimately sending him flying into the Bifrost.


  • Master Combatant: Thor is the greatest and most skilled warrior in Asgard since Odin, and is one of the most skilled fighters in the Nine Realms. Thor is thus an extremely skilled warrior and combatant, trained in the arts of war and various Asgardian fighting techniques. He is therefore masterful in numerous areas of combat, including hand-to-hand and various forms of weaponry available in Asgard, though he usually prefers to wield his hammer Mjølnir. He is known to be very cunning and intuitive in battles and in warfare. Even when rendered mortal and stripped of his strength and powers, Thor utilized his sheer vast fighting skills to overpower nearly a dozen highly skilled S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, as the very impressed Phil Coulson stated "[Thor] made [his] men, some of the most highly trained professionals in the world, look like a bunch of minimum wage mall cops." At full power, Thor is has fought and defeated over a hundred warriors in Nornheim and battled hordes of Frost Giants with great ease in Jotunheim, as well as numerous hordes of Chitauri aliens in the Battle of New York. During the Battle of Sokovia, Thor fought and destroyed many Ultron Sentries effortlessly, prompting an irritated Ultron to tackle him away and deal with Thor personally. Thor was also able to overpower the extremely formidable Destroyer, which even the combined might of Lady Sif and the Warriors Three failed to do, maneuver around the larger Hulk and strike the latter with ease. Thor even went toe-to-toe with the equivalently extremely skilled Dark Elf Malekith, and ultimately defeated the latter after a prolonged battle.
"It's all in the swing."
MCU Supercut - The Might of Mjolnir04:25

MCU Supercut - The Might of Mjolnir


  • Hammer Mastery: Thor is a master of fighting with his battle hammer Mjølnir, due to centuries of practice wielding it, and he is also extremely proficient in hammer throwing. He even had been able to use Mjølnir as a defense tool, blocking energy shots from the Destroyer, Loki's Scepter and Chitauri weaponry.
  • Master Tactician: For centuries Thor has led Asgard, including highly skilled warriors such as Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, into battle against forces with great leadership and employing strategies and tactics adapted from various civilizations across the Nine Realms, including forgotten ones.


Thor Book

The Vikings' depiction of Thor in one of Johann Schmidt's books about the Tesseract.


"You want me to put the hammer down!?"
―Thor to Captain America[src]

Thor has been entrusted with the mighty hammer Mjølnir, that was forged from the heart of a dying star. Thor's mystical hammer Mjølnir, which resembles a mallet rather than a traditional war hammer, has a number of elemental based powers. It has been stated by Odin himself that Mjølnir's power has no equal. Mjølnir itself is extremely durable,and combined with the various enchantments placed upon it by Odin, it is, for all intents and purposes, indestructible. It has deflected three blast from the Destroyer (which was able to disintegrate anything that it hit) and return the blast back into the Destroyer. Thor often uses the hammer as a physical weapon, with almost nothing being capable of withstanding a hammer blow or throw (with the exception of Captain America's Shield).

  • Worthiness Enchantment: After Thor disobeyed Odin and nearly caused a war between Asgard and Jotunheim, Odin banished Thor to Earth without his powers and placed an enchantment on the hammer Mjølnir. "Who so ever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." This enchantment surrounding Mjølnir prevents it from being wielded by anyone save those who have been found worthy. When Thor sacrificed himself to protect Earth from The Destroyer he proved himself worthy to wield Mjølnir once again and gained full use of his powers. Only Thor, Odin, and Vision are known able to wield Mjølnir. Other than that, only Steve Rogers was able to nudge it slightly in his attempt to lift the hammer. Not even the Hulk's incredible strength could lift Mjølnir.

Other Equipment

  • Armor
    • First Set: His first set of armor had a collared blue tunic with red piping, and black pants. Over the blue shirt he wore a black vest emblazoned with silver overlay. He wore a bright red cape that connected at the shoulders of his vest. His arms were covered in a form of chain-mail and he wore detailed, black, knee-high boots.
    • Second Set: Thor’s second set of armor worn while fighting in the forest with Captain America and Iron Man. It was sleeveless with a black top covered in silver plates. It has blue pants and black boots. It had red wrist bands covered with silver arm bracers. It also had a bright red cape. During Thor's stay on the Helicarrier he removed portions of his armor such as his cape, larger arm bracers and part of his chest plate, while in the more relaxed setting. While heading into the Battle of New York he re-donned his cape and heavier portions of his armor, adding to it a set of chain-mail sleeves as seen in the first set.
    • Third Set: The Third set was a layered, collared, black vest with gold plates and blue accents worn over a chain-mail shirt. The vest continued into a loincloth which hung over chain-mail and leather pants. The sleeves ended at arm-bracers similar-looking to the vest with a red underside. He wore knee-high brown boots with gold piping. The fifth set also featured a bright red cape that was attached to the vest by two gold disks.



  • Buri † - Paternal Great-Grandfather
  • Bor † - Paternal Grandfather
  • Odin - Father
  • Frigga † - Mother
  • Loki - Adopted Brother and Enemy




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