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Reviews of Thor: The Dark World.

  • Thor: The Dark World is a good model of how superheroes can save the world without forced gravitas, and have fun doing it.
    - Dave McGinn
  • A wildly uneven but entertaining sequel to one of Marvel Comics' most enduring franchises.
    - Bruce Diones
  • Though hardly a must-see, Thor: The Dark World is better than the original: a looser, loopier hybrid of science fiction and fantasy powered by a pair of magnetic performances and leavened with a number of truly witty moments.
    - Christopher Orr
  • There's more action this time around, and less deliberate alignment of the Marvel universe. The result is a film that flows better and gives the characters a little more room to be themselves.
    - James Plath
  • Thor is essentially Marvel's answer to Superman and, as with The Man of Steel, it can be difficult to craft a tale around a hero who is essentially invincible.
    - James Berardinelli

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