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"Scanning for three-dimensional restoration, tell me when."
Jemma Simmons[src]

The Three Dimensional Scanner is a device used to retrieve and transmit readings to the Holotable.


The Three Dimensional Scanner was used while investigating an incident in the Trillemarka National Park, in Norway involving a Norse Paganist Hate Group.

After determining that an impression in a fallen tree was of Asgardian origin using an Spectrographic Analyzer, Agent Jemma Simmons scanned this impression and sent the data using the Three Dimensional Scanner to Agent Leo Fitz, creating a holographic model of the Berserker Staff using the Holotable in the laboratory of The Bus.[1]

Almost two years later, Leo Fitz used it to analyze the remains of a wall that Lash had disintegrated in order to escape from an apartment building in Los Angeles, where he had killed Lori and Shane Henson, as well as one of Alisha Whitley's dopplegangers.[2]

Three Dimensional Scanner was used to analyse the a wall full with Agent Phil Coulson pictures on it.[3]


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