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Tiago is a Portuguese teenager that spent a night in the beaches of Faro.


Tiago was spending a night with his friends on the beaches of Faro. While sitting next to his girlfriend, he explained that crackers is the American word for cookies to Bruno, who did not understand why you would want to put a hot marshmallow into a cracker.

Bruno noticed a mysterious woman walking from the sea. She approached them and asked for "Kava", but Tiago told her he did not know who "Kava" was and she walked away. His girlfriend stopped Tiago from following Bruno, who went after her.

Sif turned around and punched Bruno in the chest, after he had placed his hand on her shoulder, causing him to fly through the air. Tiago then ran to Bruno to check if he was okay as the woman walked away; when he asked who she was, she told them that she did not know.[1]


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