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Tina Minoru is a Master of the Mystic Arts of Kamar-Taj and Master of the Hong Kong Sanctum.


Retrieving the Dark Scepter

Doctor Strange Prelude 3

Daniel Drumm and Tina Minoru arriving to assist Wong and Kaecilius.

"It's not the Mystic, it's the Dark Scepter itself. It not only feeds off the physical light, it pulls all light from within while also amplifying doubt and fear."
―Tina Minoru to the Masters of the Mystic Arts[src]

Tina Minoru and Daniel Drumm, two Masters of the Mystic Arts arrived at the Kamar-Taj to assist Wong and Kaecilius track down the Witch who had stolen a powerful relic. Minoru, Drumm and Wong later arrived to find an unconscious Kaecilius who had been beaten by the thief and had underestimated the Staffs power.[1]

Masters of the Mystic Arts Prelude

Tina Minoru and her allies finally defeating the Witch.

Later at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the group confronted the thief and after a grueling battle with their combined efforts they were able to overpower her and claim the Scepter.[1]

Attack on the Sanctums

Reunion with the Ancient One

DS Spot 28 - 1

Tina Minoru with Sol Rama, the Ancient One and Daniel Drumm.

As the Master of the Hong Kong Sanctum, Tina Minoru had a meeting with the Ancient One, Daniel Drumm and Sol Rama in Kamar-Taj. The Ancient One stopped the meeting as Karl Mordo wised to talk with her.[2]

Battle at the Hong Kong Sanctum

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Powers and Abilities


  • Master Sorcerer: As the Master of the Hong Kong Sanctum, Tina is a powerful Master of the Mystic Arts, possessing a high level of mastery of the mystic arts, which she uses to defend her native reality. With the help of numerous mystical artifacts and relics, in addition to her astral powers, Tina is able to gain access to a multitude of mystical powers.
    • Eldritch Magic Manipulation: She is able to create, shape and manipulate Eldritch Magic.
    • Teleportation: Using a Sling Ring, she is able to open portals that lead to different locations, gaining the ability to move across both the physical world and other parts of the Multiverse.
      • Inter-Dimensional Travel: Using the same Sling Ring, Tina can travel between different dimensions and universes, crossing over different planes of existence or traveling across various forms of reality.


  • Quarterstaff:
  • Sling Ring: A mystical object which enables the wearer to open a fiery portal to another location.
  • Staff of One: A mystical weapon that can be used to cast spells.





  • In the comics, Tina Minoru is an evil sorceress and a member of the Pride along her husband Robert. Her daughter Nico is a member of the superhero team Runaways.


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