"What are you doing?"
"Nothing! Yeah... you good?"
―Tiny McKeever and Ned Leeds[src]

Brian McKeever, often called Tiny, is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology.


Tiny McKeever was playing chess with a classmate when he noticed Peter Parker and Ned Leeds hiding outside their classroom window from Herman Schultz and Randy Vale. When noticing Leeds, McKeever asked him what he was doing, to which Leeds dismissed his hiding as nothing.

Following the homecoming dance, McKeever, along with other students, noticed Schultz trapped to the side of a school bus by Spider-Man's webs. McKeever then proceeded to retrieve Shocker's Gauntlet, which he took for himself.[1] A short time later, McKeever walked out of a bathroom stall and in on Parker and Happy Hogan's conversation, creating an awkward silence until he left the restroom.[2]

During a bus trip to MOMA, Ned Leeds suddenly warned his classmates about an alien warship, which caught McKeever and everyone's attention.[3]






  • In the comics, Brian McKeever was a friend of Flash Thompson and a classmate of Peter Parker at Midtown High, whom he would often bully and tease, although Tiny eventually gained a measure of respect for Peter after the latter helped him with his homework. Tiny had an unhappy home life and an abusive father.



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