Tobias Ford was a technician at StatiCorp. He was seemingly killed in a laboratory accident; however, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons have confirmed that Ford is somehow caught between two worlds.


While performing his duties at StatiCorp, Ford met and developed a crush on safety inspector Hannah Hutchins. In order to get Hutchins to visit his section, he would loosen the bolts on a coupling and then file a safety complaint.

One time, he was loosening the bolts and caused a Particle Accelerator explosion that killed three other people (Jack Benson, Frank Delacourt, and Arlene Willoughby) which caused a portal to another world to briefly open. Ford was drawn through the portal and became stuck in-between this world and a world Ford described as "Hell".

Ford was able to observe the happenings in this world and was able to partially manifest and manipulate items. The townspeople blamed Hutchins for the explosion and when the operator of a Roxxon gas station confronted her, Ford defended Hutchins the only way he could, by hurling objects at the clerk and manipulating the gas pumps to blow up the station.

A mob soon formed outside of Hutchins' home and Ford started a police car and attempted to run over a member of the mob. Believing Hutchins to be behind the mysterious incidents (however involuntarily), she was taken into protective custody by a S.H.I.E.L.D. team led by Phil Coulson.


Ford reveals his presence to Simmons

Ford followed Coulson's Team to the Bus, where he sought to free Hutchins from their custody. He sneaked up on Jemma Simmons as she was studying the portal created by the explosion and attacked her. Having warned the team, all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were on the look out for him.

After Ford caused the Bus to crash, Hutchins was led from the scene by Melinda May, hoping Ford would follow. Ford did follow, and after a brief altercation with May, Ford asked Hutchins for forgiveness, only for her to tell him that only God could forgive him. May convinced him that he had to let Hutchins go and Ford withdrew to the world in which he was trapped.[1]


  • Teleportation: Tobias Ford developed the ability of teleportation after a laboratory tragedy he accidentally caused. When he teleports, he travels between Earth and another realm he thinks is Hell.



  • Wrench: Ford wields a plumber's wrench that he held at the time of his "death." The wrench is similarly trapped between realms and teleports with him.




Repairs newspaper

Newspaper article with incorrect last name for Tobias Ford

  • Tobias Ford is erroneously listed in a newspaper article as "Tobias Trost."

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