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"Number six boat is topped and locked... or stocked... topped... It's full of people."
Cameron Klein[src]

The Transporters, also called Lifeboats, are flying vehicles that were designed and used by Nick Fury to evacuate the population of Novi Grad during the final battle between the Avengers and Ultron.


During the Battle of Sokovia, Nick Fury and former S.H.I.E.L.D. used the Helicarrier to assist the Avengers in the fight against Ultron and his sentries. To save the Sokovian citizens, Cameron Klein launched the Transporters from the Helicarrier to get on them the civilians. With the help of Iron Man and War Machine in the sky and Captain America, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye leading the people to them on the ground, the Transporters successfully brought the civilians to the Helicarrier, although the sentries tried to destroyed them.[1]


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