A collection of quotes of the small-time actor Trevor Slattery.



Iron Man 3

Spoken by Trevor Slattery

"Some people call me a terrorist. I consider myself a teacher. America... Ready for another lesson? In 1864 in Sand Creek, Colorado, The U.S. military waited until the friendly Cheyenne Braves had all gone hunting. Waited to attack and slaughter the families left behind and claim their land. The Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait was attacked. I-I-I did that. A quaint military church, filled with wives and children of course. The soldiers were out on maneuvers. The "Braves" were away. President Ellis, you continue to resist my attempts to educate you, sir. And now, you've missed me again. You know who I am. You don't know where I am. And you'll never see me coming."
―The Mandarin[src]
"A true story about Fortune Cookies. They look Chinese. They sound Chinese. But they're actually an American invention. Which is why they're hollow, full of lies, and leave a bad taste in the mouth. My disciples just destroyed another cheap American knock-off The Chinese Theatre. Mr. President, I know this must be getting frustrating, but this season of terror is drawing to a close. And don't worry... the big one is coming: your graduation."
―The Mandarin[src]
"Mr. President. Only two lessons remain. I intend to finish this before Christmas morning. Meet Thomas Richards. Good strong name, good strong job. Thomas here is an accountant for the Roxxon Oil Corporation. And I'm sure he's a really good guy. I'm going to shoot him in the head, live on your television, in 30 seconds. The number for this telephone is in your cell phone. Exciting, isn't it? Imagining how it got there. America, if your president calls me in the next half-minute, Tom lives. Go."
―The Mandarin to President Matthew Ellis[src]
"It's great to see you!"
―Trevor Slattery to the crowd[src]

Spoken about Trevor Slattery

"Tell Rhodes to find this lunatic right now."
Matthew Ellis[src]
"I know it's a little over the top sometimes. It's not entirely my fault; he has a tend... he's... he's a stage actor. They say his Lear was the toast of Croydon, wherever that is."
Aldrich Killian[src]


"Bloody hell, bloody hell"
"Don't move."
"If you want something, take it, although the guns are all fake because those wankers wouldn't trust me with the real ones."
"Hey, do you fancy either of the birds?"
"You're not him, the Mandarin, the real guy, where?! Where's the Mandarin?! Where is he?!"
"He's here. He's here. But he's not here. He's here but he's not here."
"What do you mean?"
"It's complicated, hey, it's complicated, alright?"
"It is?"
"It's complicated."
"Uncomplicate it."
Tony Stark and Trevor Slattery[src]
"My name is Trevor, Trevor Slattery."
"What are you? What're you a decoy? You're a double, right?"
"What? No. An understudy? Absolutely not. Don't hurt the face! I'm an actor."
"You got a minute to live, fill it with words."
"It's just a role. "The Mandarin", see, it's not real."
"Then how did you get here, Trevor?"
"Um, well, uh, I have a little problem with, um, substances, and I ended up doing things... no two ways about it in the street that a man shouldn't do."
"Then, they approached me about the role and they knew about the drugs"
"What'd they say they'd get you off them?"
"Said they'd give me more! They gave me things. They gave me this palace. They gave me plastic surgery. They gave me things."
"Did you just nod off?"
"No, the lovely speedboat! And the thing was, he needed someone to take credit for some "accidental explosions""
""He"? Killian?"
"He created you?"
"He created me."
"Custom-made terror threat."
"Yes! Yes, his think tank thinked it up, the pathology of the serial killer The manipulation of Western iconography. Ready for another lesson? Blah blah blah. Of course, it was my performance that brought the Mandarin to life."
"Your performance? Where people die?"
"No, no, look around you, costumes, green screen. Honestly, I wasn't on location for half this stuff, and when I was, movie magic, love."
"I'm sorry but I got a best friend who's in a coma and he might not wake up, so you're going to have to answer for that. You're still going down, pal."
―Trevor Slattery and Tony Stark[src]
"Okay, Trevor, what'd you tell him?"
"I didn't tell him anything."
"You should have pressed the panic button."
"Well I panicked, but then I handled it."
Eric Savin and Trevor Slattery[src]
"This is the Mandarin?"
"I know, it'''s embarrassing."
"Hi, Trevor. Trevor...Slattery."
James Rhodes, Tony Stark and Trevor Slattery[src]


"I'm gonna offer a choice: do you want an empty life, or a meaningful death?"
―The Mandarin to Tony Stark[src]
"Mr. Stark, today is the first day of what's left of your life."
―The Mandarin to Tony Stark[src]
"Let's go."
―The Mandarin to Tony Stark[src]
"Lesson number one: Heroes. There is no such thing."
―The Mandarin[src]
"My fellow Americans, my soldiers will destroy your country."
―The Mandarin[src]

Marvel One-Shots

Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King

Spoken by Trevor Slattery

"Bloody hell, it's not exactly the Ritz, is it."
―Trevor Slattery[src]
"Kiss my rings, bitch."
―Trevor Slattery to White Power Dave[src]

Spoken about Trevor Slattery

"My name is Jackson Norriss. Today will be the most important of my career: my final interview with the most infamous man in America. A man that the world thought was a terrorist called the Mandarin, but is now alleged to be nothing but an actor. Thus far, the subject has been evasive and apparently oblivious to the point of my work. In fact, he seems oblivious to pretty much everything, except his own growing celebrity status, because now the whole world knows his name..."
Jackson Norriss about Trevor Slattery[src]
"This is my last chance to get beyond his lies and excuses, to confront the subject with elements of his own past, in order to unlock the truth. Because we need to know, once and for all: who is Trevor Slattery?"
Jackson Norriss about Trevor Slattery[src]
"Mr. Slattery, me and the boys were just wondering if you could do... do the voice..."
Fletcher Heggs to Trevor Slattery[src]
"I want to give the world exactly what it's been crying out for. Your dead body laid out on a goddamn slab."
White Power Dave to Trevor Slattery[src]
"You're not the Mandarin Slattery, you're not even a real criminal."
White Power Dave to Trevor Slattery[src]


"You ruined my jumpsuit, bitch."
White Power Dave and Trevor Slattery[src]
"One question that most people ask me when I tell them that I know you is that, uh, how could you have not known what was going on?"
"Three little words: lovely drugs."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]
"Trevor, you told me that when you got this role that you'd researched it thoroughly."
"Yeah, but when an actor tells you he's "done the research" it means he's switched on his computer, googled his own name and had a quick wank."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]
"So, you mean to tell me that you don't know the history of the Mandarin himself. He was a warrior-king. Inspired generations of men through the Middle Ages, perhaps even further back in time."
"Blah, blah, blah. Who bloody cares, mate? It's a show people want and I gave them a good one. It's not the Mandarin they'll remember. It's the name "Trevor Slattery". It's the brand. "Trev"."
"You're right. And for that sin you will soon suffer horribly with a hole in your body for every ring of our faith."
"So... Sorry. What? "
―Trevor Slattery and Jackson Norriss[src]
"There's somebody who wants to meet you."
"Do I know him?"
"No, but you took his name, and now he wants it back."
"Ahh. No, sorry, I still don't get it."
Jackson Norriss and Trevor Slattery[src]