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A collection of quotes of the former child star and radio talk show host Trish Walker.


Jessica Jones

Episode 1.01: AKA Ladies Night


"Can we at least try to get Madeleine Albright?"
"It's a lifestyle show, Trish. Our audiences tune out for politics."
"They do not."
"Okay, I do."
"I want to meet Madeleine Albright."
"I want to meet Channing Tatum, but I've never tried to book him on the show."
"Yes, you have. He said no."
―Trish Walker and Zack[src]
"You became a private eye."
"You've been keeping tabs on me?"
"Making sure you weren't dead, since you never called."
―Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]
"He's back."
"It's been a year, Jess. You saw him die. You saw his death certificate. This is just your PTSD--"
"It's not my goddamn PTSD."
"Are you still having nightmares? Flashbacks? You need to go back to that therapist."
"That quack that had me reciting street names from back home?"
"A proven method for managing PTSD."
"Two hundred bucks for "Birch Street, Cobalt Lane, Bullshit Drive.""
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
"You're still the person who tried to do something."
"Tried and failed. That's what started this. I was never the hero that you wanted me to be."
―Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Episode 1.02: AKA Crush Syndrome


"I'm life-threatening, Trish. Steer clear of me."
"I don't do that."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.03: AKA It's Called Whiskey

Spoken by Trish Walker

"No one touches me anymore unless I want them to."
―Trish Walker[src]

Spoken about Trish Walker

"Just tell me what the hell happened. Okay, why did I try to kill myself? Or why did I try and kill-- Oh my God. I killed..."
"No. no, you didn't."
"I killed her."
"You're confused. No one died, nothing happened. Okay? Just go home."
Will Simpson and Jessica Jones[src]


"I hate feeling this way, I don't know how you handle it."
"It's called Whiskey."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]
"You don't want to do this."
"Yes, I do."
―Trish Walker and Will Simpson[src]

Episode 1.04: AKA 99 Friends


"I just need you to know that, the guy who tried to kill you, he wasn't me."
"I don't blame you."
"Well you're doing better than me. I tried to fight it, I couldn't."
Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.05: AKA The Sandwich Saved Me

Spoken about Trish Walker

"Highest paid child star in television history? That's a pretty charmed life."
Will Simpson[src]


"This job was sucking my brains out through the air vent."
"You're bored because you're overqualified for all these crappy jobs."
"Yet I'm uniquely unqualified for anything else."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
"Look, whatever abilities you have I'm guessing they don't include rendition, infiltration and isolation of enemy combatants."
"He's a war hero."
Will Simpson and Trish Walker to Jessica Jones[src]
"I don't get you. You have money, looks, a radio show, creepy if not adoring fans, and you're a freaking household name. What more do you want?"
"To save the world, of course."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.07: AKA Top Shelf Perverts


"Some people need to be removed from this Earth and Kilgrave is one of them."
"We don't get to decide that, killers decide that, that's what makes them killers."
"That is naive."
Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.08: AKA WWJD?

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Episode 1.09: AKA Sin Bin

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Episode 1.10: AKA 1,000 Cuts

Spoken about Trish Walker

"Where are they?! I'm sorry... It's ever since Kilgrave, I don't know who to trust. I don't need a weapon to make a vaccine. Trish Walker, she trusts me, she's the one who called me, so please just tell me where she is."
Will Simpson to Oscar Clemons[src]

Episode 1.11: AKA I've Got the Blues

Spoken aobut Trish Walker

"If you tell anybody, I'm gonna tell everybody that you're a pathetic victim of child abuse. They'll make a Lifetime movie about it. "Stolen Childhood: The Patsy Walker Story". I'd be saving you."
Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]


"My boys are dead because of her."
"Because of Kilgrave!"
"Yeah and I'm gonna... gonna kill him but she just keeps getting in the way."
Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]
"You stole my pills?! No don't, it'll kill you!"
"Hasn't killed you."
"Because you have no tolerance, you see these, without a blue to calm down, your brain will forget to tell your lungs to breathe!"
Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]
"Just had to be a hero, didn't you?"
"I learned it from you."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Episode 1.12: AKA Take a Bloody Number

Spoken by Trish Walker

"I didn't relapse. I'm fine."
―Trish Walker to Dorothy Walker[src]

Episode 1.13: AKA Smile

This section requires expansion

Luke Cage

Episode 1.06: Suckas Need Bodyguards


"If you're just joining us, this is Trish Talk and we are discussing the recent events that have the residents of Harlem confused, and some even frightened. Line one. Sophia, you're on the air."
"Luke Cage is turning the neighborhood upside down and giving it a good shake. Trust me, no one wants to see what falls out."
"Are you suggesting we turn a blind eye to the problems in our city?"
"No, but I seen the news. The man is so strong, he doesn't have to answer to anybody. Can you trust a person like that? Let the police do their jobs. That's what I say."
"Some would argue the boys in blue don't exactly have a sterling reputation these days."
"Oh, yeah, missy? Well, the next time trouble comes banging at your door, maybe you should call Luke Cage instead of 911."
"You know what, Sophia? I just might. Uh, let's take another caller. Line two. Hi, Amir."
"Hey, Trish, I want to respond to that lady 'cause she's got it all wrong. I know Luke. He comes into the fish fry. Always treats my wife and me with respect. Last week, two kids started a fight, Luke took care of it and nobody got hurt."
"I think it's noteworthy that the only people I've spoken to that criticize are the ones who don't know him personally. So many others have merely read about him or saw him on the news and jumped to conclusions."
"Trish, Luke is good people and he belongs right here in Harlem."
"And I think it's important for all of us to realize something. We are witnessing a massive shift in the boundaries of possibility. But what is scary to some inspires hope in others. I, for one, would like to thank Luke Cage for all the work he's doing in Harlem. Those of us below 110th see the good work he's doing and we hope he's doing well."
Trish Walker, Sophia, and Amir[src]

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