"Seems he's going soft."
"If he's so soft, why you're whispering for?"
"You know I'm right Kraglin."
"You best be very careful what you say about our captain."
Taserface, Kraglin Obfonteri and Tulk.[src]

Tullk was a veteran member of the Yondu Ravager Clan stictly loyal to his captain, who was killed during Taserface's mutiny.


Meeting in the Iron Lotus

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After Yondu Udonta was shot in the head by Nebula and taken prisoner, all Ravagers loyal to Yondu were beaten and killed. Tullk was beaten severely, and dragged to an airlock on the Eclector in front of a tied up Yondu. Struggling to stand, Tullk pounds on the windows in an attempt to break free, but is unable to do so.[1]


The remaining Ravagers under Taserface's rule let the hatch open and Tullk is sent floating into space, suffocating, freezing, and slowly dying, while the other remaining Ravagers loyal to Taserface mock and laugh at him in his final moments.[1]


  • Thief: Tullk is a member of the Ravagers, so he is supposedly a highly skilled thief.





  • In the comics, Tullk Ul-Zyn was a galactic bounty hunter and mercenary that accepted jobs from anyone in the galaxy, including Ronan the Accuser.


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