A collection of quotes from the criminal, Turk Barrett.



Episode 1.01: Into the Ring

Spoken by Turk Barrett

"Hey, hey, bitch shut up, we're getting a thousand dollars a head for y'all, so you keep quiet, I'll let ya have a bucket."
―Turk Barrett threatens a group of women[src]

Episode 1.03: Rabbit in a Snowstorm


"Love that smell. Metal and oil, fresh, never been fired."
"I like a good revolver better, no chance of jamming up."
"Man look at this, this is top of the line. I guarantee you, this baby will not jam, or my name ain't Turk Barrett."
―Turk Barrett and John Healy[src]

Episode 1.05: World on Fire


"Never liked those borscht eatin' bastards. Paid shit for shit work. Although, Vlady did offer a cool mil to give up your boy."
"You're alive which means you made the right decision. Your conversation with Vladimir caused him to react predictably."
―Turk Barrett and James Wesley[src]

Episode 1.11: The Path of the Righteous


"What're you beating on me for? I ain't done nothing!"
"It's not about you, I want information."
"What do I look like? Public damn library?"
―Turk Barrett and the Masked man[src]

Episode 2.01: Bang


"I gave you what you wanted, my hands busted, got all this glass I gotta replace now, maybe just let a brother go? Come on D, I'm out on parole man, I can't go back to jail, please. I missed Hell's Kitchen."
"Yeah, it didn't miss you."
―Turk Barrett and Daredevil[src]

Episode 2.13: A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen


"I wasn't doing nothing, just taking a goddamn stroll. Supposed to be under house arrest."
"House arrest? You're being monitored?"
"What are you my PR?"
―Turk Barrett and Karen Page[src]

Luke Cage

Episode 1.02: Code of the Streets


"I'm mostly midtown nowadays you know? Puffy ain't got shit on me baby, I'm the real bad boy world wide."
"Yeah, your rap sheet's got so many hits your record could put out a record."
―Turk Barrett and Misty Knight[src]
"Yo, where's my money?"
"How the hell did you get up here?"
"I'm Turk Barrett baby, the door ain't been built yet that can hold me back, now where's my money?"
―Turk Barrett and Cottonmouth[src]

Episode 1.12: Soliloquy of Chaos

Spoken by Turk Barrett

"I'm down. As long as the business is business I'm good with it. Until then, I'm out of here man. "
―Turk Barrett to Diamondback[src]


"So are you down?"
"I'm down, as long as the business is business I'm good with it, til then I'm outta here man."
"Show Turk out Zip."
Diamondback and Turk Barrett[src]
"Somebody would have seen him, might as well be me, how was I supposed to know Tone was going to shoot up the shop, whole damn world knew that Pop's was Switzerland, forever."
"I should crush you."
"You won't though, you need me."
―Turk Barrett and Luke Cage[src]


Jessica Jones


"What happened to you Turk?"
"D-Devil, the Devil in Hell's Kitchen, he's everywhere."
Jessica Jones and Turk Barrett[src]