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Pym Technologies Twitter Logo

Pym Technologies Twitter profile

The Twitter profile of Pym Technologies was part of the 2015 Ant-Man promotional campaign. [1] It supported the WIRED Insider: Darren Cross interview.


San Francisco based technology and scientific research company which specializes in nanotechnology, human enhancements, as well as molecular and atomic studies


Date Image Tweet
6 July, 2015 Wikipedia Nanobiotechnology Pym Tech is looking to use advanced nanotechnology to find ways to improve the human body.
7 July, 2015 Progress is very much on the horizon. Pym Tech continues to make scientific breakthroughs despite recent setbacks internally. #NewFrontier
7 July, 2015 WIRED Mapping San Francisco's surprising abundance of springs and streams Interesting article about San Francisco and its geographical makeup:
14 July, 2015 WIRED Our very own CEO Darren Cross speaks to @WIREDInsider about the future of Pym Tech.



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