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WHiH News Front Twitter

WHiH Newsfront Twitter profile

The Twitter profile of WHiH Newsfront is part of promotional campaign of the movies Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. It started with the Ant-Man promotional campaign in July 2015.[1] It supported the videos of the WHiH Newsfront web series. This is a page which includes all the Twitter posts of WHiH Newsfront.[2]



Date Image Posts
2 July, 2015 Christine Everhart WHiH 1 WHiH Newsfront: July 2, 2015 promotion.
4 July, 2015 Whih twitter post 4 july A firework display at the Avengers Tower.
6 July, 2015 Scott-Lang-Arrested-Photograph Reminder for episode 2.
7 July, 2015 WHIHCover WHiH Newsfront: July 7, 2015.
8 July, 2015 Announcement for the July 9, 2015 news.
10 July, 2015 WHiH Newsfront obtained footage of the Scott Lang break-in.
10 July, 2015 Scott-Lang-CCTV-Footage WHiH Exclusive: Scott Langs break-in.
15 July, 2015 Screenshot 2015-07-15-00-51-22(1) Link to WIRED Insider: Darren Cross.
15 July, 2015 Reminder episode 3.
16 July, 2015 Screenshot 2015-07-16-13-40-56(1) WHiH Newsfront: July 16, 2015.

Captain America: Civil War

Date Image Posts
21 April, 2016 WHiH News Front 2 Announcement for the April 22, 2016 news.
22 April, 2016 WHiH News Front reporters WHiH Newsfront: April 22, 2016.
22 April, 2016 WHiH Special Report 2 A promotional tweet to tune in at WHiH Newsfront.
22 April, 2016 WHiH Special Report 3 Another tweet with a link to their earlier posted video.
22 April, 2016 Intellicrop Pepper Potts celebrates Earth Day with intellicrop technology.
22 April, 2016 Culveruniversity Culver University is celebrating record-breaking year in athletics.
23 April, 2016 Whih thor 2 Thor crater in New Mexico draws crowds.
23 April, 2016 Potomac cleanup Potomac River finishes getting cleaned up from the S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltration.
24 April, 2016 Pym at WHIH Questions are asked about Avengers whereabouts during the incident at Pym Technologies Headquarters.
24 April, 2016 Captain America Exhibit Tour An exhibit of Captain America will begin touring the country.
25 April, 2016 WHiH Special Report 4 Link to their earlier posted video on April 22.
25 April, 2016 WHiH War Machine Discussions rise if War Machine's position as an Avenger and an Officer will pose a conflict of interest.
25 April, 2016 WHiH Sciense conference Annual science conference draws an international crowd in Bern, Switzerland.
25 April, 2016 New WHIH vid Announcing new video debate regarding Avengers.
26 April, 2016 WHiH The Cost of Saving the World WHiH Newsfront: April 26, 2016.
26 April, 2016 WHiH Poll Results Poll: who should pay for the damage done by super heroes; the government or the heroes.
27 April, 2016 WHiH Hearings Project Insight With the progress in the cleanup of the damage done in DC, WHiH revisits Romanoff testimony on Project Insight.
27 April, 2016 WHiH Maglev technology A high speed train with maglev technology makes its first trip from New York City to Los Angeles.
27 April, 2016 WHiH Taxpayers or Heroes Link to their earlier posted video on April 26.
27 April, 2016 Whih Sakovia College Students spend spring break to help clean up Sokovia.
27 April, 2016 Damage Whih Choose a side, who should cover the damage?
28 April, 2016 Whih dc cleanup Cleanup from the Washington incident is complete.
28 April, 2016 Ellis Whih Ellis calls cleanup a day for celebration.
28 April, 2016 Ross Whih Ross gives thanks to citizens for rebuilding Washington, D.C..
28 April, 2016 WHiH Position White House WHiH Newsfront: April 28, 2016.
28 April, 2016 WHiH Ross meets with president Thaddeus Ross meets with President Ellis.
29 April, 2016 WHiH Hulk M.I.A International governments want to know where Hulk is currently located.
29 April, 2016 WHiH Lottery no winner Still no winner in National lottery.
29 April, 2016 WHiH Poll Results 2 Poll: What would you do if you won the national lottery?
29 April, 2016 WHiH Vision WHiH is investigating the very nature of Vision.
29 April, 2016 WHiH Pym Tech Pym Technologies has to downsize to get back into business.
30 April, 2016 WHiH Pepper Potts Avengers Tower The CEO of Stark Industries Pepper Potts leaves no comment about consuming application of the Arc Reactor Technology.
30 April, 2016 WHiH Costa Rica A protected area for rare birds is opened to the public in Costa Rica.
30 April, 2016 WHiH Comic Captain America A comic of Captain America #1 signed by Steve Rogers is sold for $1.5 million at charity auction.
30 April, 2016 Ross Debate Rumors of Thaddeus Ross' shift into politics.
30 April, 2016 International concern International demand for supervision of the Avengers increases.
1 May, 2016 WHiH Rumlow WHiH investigates on wanted mercenary Brock Rumlow.
1 May, 2016 WHiH Roxxon Roxxon Oil Corporation is illegally drilling in the Arctic.
1 May, 2016 WHiH Iron Man Suit It is once again discussed if Iron Man's armor should be in control of the government.
1 May, 2016 Hockey whih Hockey Championship gears up for an ultimate showdown.
1 May, 2016 Polls Whih Polls demand regulations for super-heroes.
2 May, 2016 WHiH Arc reactor in cars Stark Industries plans to build Arc Reactor into cars.
2 May, 2016 Grafitti Hydra Graffiti of HYDRA symbols found.
2 May, 2016 WHiH Strange Interview with New York City's Top Surgeon Stephen Strange.
2 May, 2016 WHiH Raft Details about a government funded prison for superpowered individuals emerges.
2 May, 2016 WHiH Reporters Announcement for the May 3, 2016 news.
3 May, 2016 WHiH President and Ross President Ellis about to nominate Lt. Gen. Thaddeus Ross as Secretary of State.
3 May, 2016 WHiH Poll Results 3 Poll: Is Thaddeus Ross the best choice for Secretary of State?
3 May, 2016 President Ellis states Thaddeus Ross a skilled leader.
3 May, 2016 Thaddeus Ross becomes the new Secretary of State.
3 May, 2016 Announcement that President Ellis will join on Newsfront for the May 3, 2016 news.
3 May, 2016 Ellis and Everhart WHiH Newsfront: May 3, 2016.
3 May, 2016 President Ellis nominated Ross as Secretary of State based on his experience with superpowered individuals.
3 May, 2016 Another link to the news of May 3, 2016.
3 May, 2016 WHiH Scott Lang vindicated Scott Lang no longer accused of overcharging customers while working at Vistacorp.
3 May, 2016 WHiH 03-05-2016 LIVE WHiH Newsfront: May 3, 2016 LIVE.
3 May, 2016 WHiH SoKovia Accords Sokovia Accords released.
3 May, 2016 WHiH SoKovia Accords 2 The Sokovia Accords propose a regulation for Super Heroes.
3 May, 2016 Link to their earlier released video of Live events on May 3, 2016.
5 May, 2016 WHiH Vote Poll: Who do you stand with?
5 May, 2016 Another link to the earlier released poll: Who do you stand with?
5 May, 2016 WHiH Rumlow 2 Speculation about the involvement of Brock Rumlow.
5 May, 2016 Link to their earlier released video of Live events on May 3, 2016.
5 May, 2016 WHiH SoKovia Accords 3 Tony Stark signs the Sokovia Accords.
5 May, 2016 WHiH Newsfront asks the public once again, as to where they stand regarding the Sokovia Accords.
5 May, 2016 Another link to the earlier released poll: Who do you stand with?
5 May, 2016 Link to all the Special Reports on WHiH Newsfront Youtube channel.
12 May, 2016 WHiH Poll Results 4 Poll: Where do you stand, regarding the Sokovia Accords?



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