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"Tell me something. What do you know about Wakanda?"
"It's a third world country. Textiles, shepherds, cool outfits."
"All a front. Explorers have searched for it. Called it El Dorado. They looked for it in South America, but it was in Africa the whole time. I'm the only who's seen it... and made it out alive."
―Ulysses Klaue and Everett Ross[src]

Ulysses Klaue was a black-market arms dealer and smuggler as well as a gangster who had operated out of South Africa. He was a former acquaintance of Tony Stark from his weapons-dealing days, and was an associate of N'Jobu when he attempted to expose Wakanda to the rest of the world. In 2015, during an encounter with Ultron, Klaue sold his entire stockpile of the Vibranium to the A.I. before losing his arm in an argument with Ultron, and fled when the Avengers arrived.

Sometime after the Battle of Sokovia, Klaue replaced his arm with a Weaponised Prosthetic as he began working with Erik Killmonger to collect even more Vibranium weaponry while being hunted down by Black Panther and the Dora Milaje. Klaue was eventually captured by the CIA after an extensive conflict in Busan, South Korea, but was rescued by Killmonger. However, Klaue was ultimately betrayed and murdered by Killmonger as a means to enter Wakanda and challenge T'Challa for the throne.


Arms Dealer

Mining Vibranium

"Don't tell me your man swindled you; I sent you six short range heat-seekers and got a boat full of rusty parts. Now you will make it right or the next missile I send you will come very much faster... Now Minister, where were we?"
―Ulysses Klaue[src]
Klaue SHIELD File

Ulysses Klaue's personal S.H.I.E.L.D. file.

While in Wakanda, Ulysses Klaue enslaved Wakandans to do the mining work, which resulted on N'Jadaka's family being exiled from the country[6] and earned him a branded scar with the symbol for 'Thief' as a form of punishment for stealing Vibranium.[7] Klaue claimed that he was the only man from the outside world who had seen Wakanda with his own eyes and came out of it alive.[8] Working as an arms dealer in South Africa, Klaue had met Tony Stark and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Klaue was later paid ten million dollars to assassinate Wakandan King T'Chaka. This put Klaue on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar as a new potential threat to world security.[7]

Attack on Wakanda

Encounter with Ultron

Threatened by the Maximoffs


Klaue threatens a buyer for his poor deals

"So if you're going to fiddle with my brain and make me see a giant cuttlefish, then I know you don't do business and I know you're not in charge, and I only deal with the man in charge."
―Ulysses Klaue to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff[src]

In 2015, while board his own ship inside of the Salvage Yard, Klaue was on the phone with one of his buyers, threatening him for a poor deal, noting that he did not care about all the man's excuses that he was swindled as Klaue had sent six short range missiles and was not satisfied with the result. Klaue threatened the man's life before hanging up.


Klaue defends himself from the Maximoffs

Just as Klaue was continuing another conversation with a minister about their work together, the lights in the facility were cut out before Klaue could conclude their deal. Unsure what this could mean, Klaue took a handgun and readied himself for a firefight. However, before he could even react, Pietro Maximoff ran into the room and disarmed him of his bullets, moving too fast for Klaue to defend himself as he stood shocked by Maximoff's demonstration of his abilities.


Klaue mocks both of the Maximoff twins

Klaue found himself face to face with Pietro and Wanda Maximoff. Klaue remained confident, mocking the pair for their youth. Klaue explained he was aware of who the pair were, noting that he was saddened to hear of the death of Wolfgang von Strucker, teasing the pair when he noticed that they were not aware of Strucker's murder. Klaue continued to mock and belittle the pair before stating he only deals with the man-in-charge of their organisation.


Klaue is violently confronted by Ultron

The man-in-charge turned out to be the Artificial Intelligence robot named Ultron, who threw Klaue from his office window and told him that there was no man in charge and that he needed his Vibranium for his new body. Seeing himself to be vastly outmatched by the two enhanced soldiers and the robotic warrior, Klaue relented to Ultron's demands and, with his mercenary by his side, opening his safe containing the Vibranium he had stolen from Wakanda.[7]

Dealing with Ultron


Klaue makes a deal for Vibranium with Ultron

"Upon this rock I will build my church. Vibranium."
"You know, it came at great personal cost. It’s worth billions."
"Now, so are you. It’s all under your dummy holdings?"
Ultron and Ulysses Klaue[src]

Klaue handed Ultron the Vibranium he required, but reminded him of its incredible worth and the personal cost he had been through to get it, having been branded by T'Chaka's soldiers. As Klaue noted that the Vibranium was worth billions, Ultron then responded by filling Klaue's bank account with billions of dollars, which he hacked from financial databases.


Klaue compares Ultron with Tony Stark

Their alliance was cut short when Klaue overheard Ultron making a comment about keeping his friends and enemies rich and noted that Ultron was quoting Tony Stark, questioning if he was another one of Stark's robotic designs. This comment caused Ultron to go into a rage as he deemed it an insult to be compared to the Iron Legion, claiming that Stark's designs were hollow men and insisting Stark was nothing as he furiously grabbed Klaue's arm.


Klaue's arm is sliced off by Ultron in anger

Without warning, the enraged Ultron then sliced off Klaue's left arm, only for the limb to also be cauterized from bleeding due to Ultron's heated metal hand. While Klaue stepped back, unable to quite grasp what had just happened, Ultron then apologized immediately while Klaue and his Mercenary could only stare on in horror at the assault. Despite apologsing, Ultron's rage continued as he demanded not to be compared to Stark and kicked Klaue down the stairs.


Klaue orders his men to kill the Avengers

Knowing he stood no chance in a battle with Ultron, Klaue made his escape. When the Avengers then arrived to confront Ultron and the Maximoff twins, Klaue escaped the scene, clutching the remainder of his amputated arm. Klaue ordered his own soldiers to kill both the Avengers, Ultron and the Maximoff twins, leading to a battle in which Ultron had escaped with all the Vibranium and Klaue's soldiers were quickly defeated by the combined efforts of the Avengers.[7]

Work with Killmonger

Stealing Vibranium Weapons

BP Teaser Trailer 38

Klaue executes the museum's security guards

In the wake of losing his arm to Ultron,[7] Klaue used some Vibranium mining technology from Wakanda to build himself a new Prosthetic Arm. Klaue then teamed up with Erik Killmonger to find Vibranium weapons to sell on the black market. Using the cover of a paramedic, Klaue followed Killmonger to the Museum of Great Britain where Killmonger poisoned a guide, allowing Klaue and Limbani to arrive and secure the area.

As he went to aid the poisoned Museum Director, Klaue and Limbani then pulled out their firearms and executed all but one of the security guards. Putting away his weapon, Klaue told the guard he would be allowed to go free, but instead Klaue shot him in the back of the head just as he tried to flee, telling Killmonger that spreading out the crime scene would help them appear to be amateurs rather than professional mercenaries.

Black Panther (film) 67

Klaue and Erik Killmonger find what they want

Killmonger then showed Klaue the axe they were looking for, with Klaue using his Vibranium within his Prosthetic Hand to shatter the glass before they confirmed that the axe was indeed from Wakanda and had been made from Vibranium. Taking the axe, and a mask which Killmonger liked, they escaped with Linda, pulling Killmonger out on a stretcher before they made their escape, with Klaue smiling at the easy and highly successful raid of the museum.[8]

Deal at the Jagalchi Market Casino

BP EW 17

Klaue has a secret meeting with Everett Ross

Klaue later travelled to Busan, South Korea to trade the Wakandan artifact with an unknown buyer for a handful of diamonds. That buyer turns out to be CIA operative Everett K. Ross of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. After realising that it's a setup, Klaue opens fire on Ross, whom decides to use the briefcase of diamonds as a shield to deflect the shots. As he makes his escape, he is cornered by the Black Panther. Klaue responds by activating his prosthetic arm's sonic cannon, firing it at the Wakandan king, only for him to use a table as cover. Having caused money to explode across the casino, he makes a comedic remark about how he 'made it rain.' He then flees the scene via SUV.[8]

Captured by Black Panther

Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 67

Klaue flees from Black Panther and Okoye

T'Challa soon recovers from the sonic blast and chases after Klaue. Klaue's gang splits up to try and confuse the Wakandans. Once Okoye and Nakia catch up to the Dutch thief, he decides to hang from the side of the SUV and fire a sonic blast at their vibranium car, completely shattering it until only metal shards and the driver's seat are left. Eventually, T'Challa catches up and causes Klaue to exit his vehicle. As he prepares to publicly execute Klaue, he is reminded by Nakia and Okoye that people are watching. Reluctantly, he hands Ulysses over to Ross and the CIA.[8]

Ross' Interrogation

BP Teaser Trailer 2

Klaue is interrogated by Everett Ross

"Tell me something. How much do you know about Wakanda?"
―Ulysses Klaue to Everett Ross[src]

Now in the CIA's South Korean facility in Busan, Ulysses is placed in an interragation room on his own. He begins to taunt T'Challa on the other side of the one way mirror. A few minutes later, Everett Ross enters and starts to interrogate Klaue, now singing 'What Is Love' by Haddaway. Klaue asks Ross how much he really knows about Wakanda.

BP Teaser Trailer 29

Klaue is rescued by Erik Killmonger

Upon hearing Ross' answer, he explains that it is actually a technological marvel and not the third world country everyone believes it to be. Once Ross leaves the room, N'Jadaka, also known as Killmonger, breaks into the facility and extracts Klaue by breaching the wall next to him with charges, severely injuring Ross while he made his escape.[8]

Betrayed and Murdered

Klaue is taken to an old junkyard where their getaway plane is waiting. After loading the artifact onto the plane Ulysses' henchman, Limbani, is shot and killed by Killmonger. Klaue is quick to retaliate by taking N'Jadaka's girlfriend, Linda, hostage and threatening to kill her. Reassuring his girlfriend that everything will be alright, N'Jadaka shoots through her to get to Klaue. However, the bullet doesn't successfully go through her and Klaue flees. Whilst hiding behind the wreck of a car, Klaue opens fire on N'Jadaka but ends up being shot himself instead. N'Jadaka approaches and reveals his true identity to Klaue, whom reacts by laughing before being finished off with a headshot.

His body is then placed in a body bag and taken to Wakanda by N'Jadaka to be presented to the Wakandan Royal Family, using it as a token to prove himself worthy of the throne.[8]


Klaue is a very greedy and cunning businessman and arms dealer, who would go to great lengths to get himself satisfied with results. He only cares about the profit he makes from selling weapons and shows no regard for life. He also has a tendency to mock people even if they possess much greater power than him. Such is the case with Ultron where Klaue's persistent mocking and comparing the robot with Stark caused the A.I to go into a rage and slice his arm off.

Powers and Abilities


After losing his arm due to Ultron and replacing it with a prosthetic, Klaue acquired a number of powers.

  • Strength Enhancement: The cybernetic arm gives Klaue some degree of enhanced strength.
  • Energy Projection: The arm is capable of projecting an energy beam onto a target from a port in the wrist.
  • Sonic Wave Projection: The prosthetic is armed with a concussive sonic pulse wave capable of crushing vehicles and repelling targets with a single shot.


  • Expert Assassin: Klaue worked as an assassin for hire, being hired to kill T'Chaka at the Bilderberg Conference. He accepted not only for the money, but due to his personal feud against the Black Panther for killing his great-grandfather in the 19th century.[7]
"I'm the only one who has seen it and made it out alive."
―Ulysses Klaue to Everett Ross[src]
  • Expert Thief: Klaue managed to steal Vibranium from Wakanda; although he got branded as a thief, he was not arrested.
  • Expert Businessman: Due to being acquainted with Tony Stark in the latter's Weapon-dealing days, Klaue seems to be an expert businessman.



Black Panther OCT17 Trailer 68

Klaue prepares to fire his sonic cannon

  • Ulysses Klaue's Prosthetic Arm: After losing his left arm because of Ultron, Klaue replaced it with a new prosthetic, which also incorporates an advanced sonic cannon, used by the Wakandans for mining purposes.[9]
  • Beretta 90two: Klaue used this gun as his personal sidearm, but it was taken and dismantled by Pietro Maximoff to prevent him from using it.



  • Great-grandfather †




  • In the comics, Ulysses Klaw, or simply Klaw, was the killer of King T'Chaka, and lost his right arm after a fight with Black Panther. He replaced his missing limb with a prosthetic sonic emitter, and was transformed in a living construct of sonic vibrations eventually.
  • Klaue claims to be terrified of cuttlefish. He even stated that a documentary on cuttlefish terrified him.
  • Klaue's S.H.I.E.L.D. file explains that he was born in the Netherlands and was a former member of the Intelligencia.

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