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" I, uh, work... worked in the financial department at Union Allied. They're overseeing the bulk of the government contracts for the West Side reconstruction."
"I've seen their signs all over Hell's Kitchen."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

Union Allied Construction was the company which oversaw the reconstruction of Hell's Kitchen following the damage caused during the Battle of New York. The company also acted as the façade for the illicit activities and money laundering operations of its leader, Wilson Fisk.

The New York Bulletin exposed its corruption in an article, so Union Allied was liquidated and its assets were reacquired through a number of front companies, including Fisk's main front for his activities, Confederated Global Investments‏‎.


"Heroes and their consequences are why we have our current opportunities."
Leland Owlsley[src]

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Name Position Status
Wilson Fisk Leader In Custody
McClintock Head Financial Department Deceased
Karen Page Secretary Alive
Daniel Fisher Employee Legal Department Deceased


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