"Blah, blah, blah... We are all very fascinated, Whitey, but we like to get paid."
"How would you like to get paid?"
"What do you think, fancy pants? Units!"
Rocket Raccoon and the Collector[src]

The Units, or Credits, are the main form of currency used across many planets.


"I'll take ten million."
"Tell her she's dreaming."
"Oh for heavens sake, transfer the Units."
Valkyrie, Topaz and Grandmaster[src]

When Rocket Raccoon and Groot had just arrived at the Hub, they sold Rocket's Ion Cannon for 30 credits.

The crime-lord named Zade Scraggot hired Rocket Raccoon and Groot to retrieve a package with a family of Scalluscs being held in the highly secure "Uptown" section of the Hub for 1000 credits. But upon learning that the Scalluscs had money and could double Scraggot's pay, Rocket and Groot rescued the Scalluscs from their cruel fate after a brief scuffle with Scraggot and his men.[1]

Peter Quill Bounty

Peter Quill had a bounty placed on him by Yondu Udonta for 40,000 units if he was captured alive. Rocket spotted Quill on Xandar and desired to collect.

When Rocket told Peter Quill that he would need the prosthetic leg of an inmate in order for them to escape the Kyln, Quill paid the inmate 30,000 units for it. Rocket later revealed that he was joking and did not need it.

The Collector offered four billion units to Gamora for retrieval of the Orb. However, she offered to split this payment with Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Star-Lord before their escape attempt from the Kyln.[2]

Valkyrie was paid ten million units by the Grandmaster for the acquisition of Thor.[3]

74 years later, the Kree Watch, led by Kasius, sold Inhuman slaves on the underground bunker turned space station, the Lighthouse, to various interplanetary auctioneers for vast amounts of units.[4]