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"You know what happens to people during a blackout? They think they can get away with whatever they want."
"That nothing can stop them."
Robbie Reyes and Daisy Johnson[src]

Uprising is the third episode of the fourth season of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the sixty-ninth episode overall.


As Coulson, Mack and Fitz attempt to track down and neutralize a rogue group looking to end Inhuman Registration worldwide, Simmons and Dr. Radcliffe only have hours to save May before she succumbs forever to her mysterious illness.


Elena Rodriquez is attending a party in Miami, Florida when a city-wide blackout suddenly occurs.

Mistery Figure

Watchdogs threatening message

Following the blackout, the Watchdogs anonymously send a threatening online message, claiming they are Inhumans, and that they will shut off more cities hour by hour if the Sokovia Accords are not shut down. Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons are overlooking Melinda May's vitals, fearing for her life, when Chen's heart rate spikes dramatically before he passes away from Lucy Bauer's infection. Simmons realizes the same will happen to May in just hours if they do nothing. Mace assigns Simmons to go try and save May and assigns Phil Coulson to Miami.

Elsewhere, the same blackout happens to Los Angeles, so Robbie Reyes and Daisy Johnson quickly go to check on Gabe Reyes, who happens to be attacked by a gang when they arrive. The two vigilantes take down the gang members and bring Gabe home.

Meanwhile, Holden Radcliffe prepared to help Jemma Simmons save Melinda May, who is hallucinating almost everything around her to be graphically demonic at this point. After they calm her down, they realize the only way to save her is to kill her and then quickly bring her back to life before she completely shuts down, which would "reset" her brain. They kill her as planned, and although the power goes out before they can perform CPR, Radcliffe eventually uses AIDA's battery to allow proper CPR, which luckily brings May back to life and cures her.

Uprising 8

Coulson, Fitz and Mackenzie enter Miami

Meanwhile, as Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz enter Miami, Florida, there car suddenly shuts down, along with Coulson's Prosthetic Hand and the rest of their gear. Watchdogs invade the party that Yo-Yo Rodriguez was attending, looking for an Inhuman there. At that moment, Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Leo Fitz arrive and, with, Yo-Yo, subdues the Watchdogs.

Elsewhere, Robbie Reyes and Daisy Johnson arrive at their home. Reyes then heads out to make sure people are safe as the Ghost Rider, using work as an excuse, not wanting Gabe to know what he truly does. Gabe and Johnson have a conversation after he leaves, but Gabe tells her he knows of her abilities, and he wants him to stay away from Reyes, threatening to expose her to the public if she does not.


S.H.I.E.L.D. is public again

Meanwhile, Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie, Leo Fitz, and Yo-Yo Rodriguez find the source of the outages, an EMP device, and reset it to bring the power back on. The next day, Jeffrey Mace announces S.H.I.E.L.D. as an official agency again, finally ending 2 and a half years of hiding in the shadows. Robbie Reyes returns to their home to discover Daisy Johnson left in the night, leaving Gabe alone.

Rota Nadeer, a senator secretly working for the Watchdogs speaks with her boss about S.H.I.E.L.D.. As she leaves her house, she says goodbye to her brother, a possible Inhuman captive.


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