So. We all know that Jemma is going through a rough time at the moment in the much loved and anticipated Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And we know that we don't know exactly what happened when she was inside the Monolith, only that she was being 'hunted' as Fitz put it in the latest episode of the show. But, maybe there is something that we didn't even know we didn't know. What if Simmons is an Inhuman? 

I have two main theories why Simmons is an inhuman and they are very valid indeed. 

1. When Jemma was eaten alive, for want for another word, by the Monolith, it 'melted' of course. We all know this. But who remembers Professor Elliott Raldolph asking what triggered the stone to melt as it does? Let's think. We have seen the Monolith 'melt' four times throughout the entirety of the tv show. The first time, Gordon, the teleportation inhuman, was in the room along with a lot of guards. The second time it was Simmons. The third time it was Daisy, Bobbi, Hunter and Mack after stopping Fitz from attacking the stone and the last time we saw the Monolith 'melt' was when the professor himself was in the room along with director Coulson and  Fitz. Now, let's put the second time (this being the time Simmons was eaten by it) aside for now. What do all the other three have in common? Each time, someone with alien DNA (in other words someone who is not 100% human) was in the room. Now put Simmons back into the equation. See what I mean? She was the only person in the room at the time she was eaten. The answer to Elliots question could be that alien DNA triggers the Monolith to melt into it's liquid form, making my theory go one of two ways. Either an inhuman was in the room and hiding away somewhere the time that it melted and ate Simmons, or Simmons is an inhuman herself.

2. Online, there is talk of another S.H.I.E.L.D agent discovering that they have inhuman powers later on in season three. Some websites have found an interest in Mack discovering he has powers due to his newfound friendship and parter work with Daisy Johnson aka 'Quake'. However, going on point number one, I feel the obvious candidate for a new inhuman would have to be agent Jemma Simmons.