Before you ask why do I even bother writing this post, I'll respond "cuz it's fun and cuz I love lists" - I'm a bit of a stickler for all kinds of lists ;)


Let me define what I mean by "positive" character: we all know that there is no black and white in terms of morality in the MCU, but still, we can agree that there are some characters we can generically call "ours", as in "on our side". And I felt pointing out deaths of such characters would make an interesting list, especially since a few of these might not be universally considered strictly speaking "ours", even though I consider them so. (Note that I'm using the term "ours" due to lack of a better one, at least I haven't been able to express what I mean any differently). If you guys don't agree with the "roster" of this list, please say that in the comments, and I'll explain why I've put some of them here. Oh, and this is organized in accordance with the chronological order of the media, not release order.

1. Steve's Dad.

2. Steve's Mom.

3. Church Keeper.

4. Abraham Erskine.

5. Coleen.

6. Leet Brannis.

7. Ray Krzeminski.

8. Yauch.

9. Roger Dooley.

10. Howard Stark.

11. Maria Stark.

12. Ho Yinsen.

13. Maya Hansen.

14. Herman.

15. Kwan Chen.

16. Adam Cross.

17. Frank Whalen.

18. Tony Diaz.

19. Frigga.

20. Thomas Nash.

21. Victoria Hand.

22. Eric Koenig.

23. Meredith Quill.

24. Noelle Walters.

25. "Lewis Seaver".

26. Rebecca Stevens.

27. Christian Ward.

28. Antoine Triplett.

And I think that's it as of right now. Let me know if I missed someone or if you don't agree with who was put on the list.