First blog post, I have been wondering for some time how Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) will be reintegrated back into the movies. I know that Agents of SHIELD is in the same universe and is well connected to the movies but I feel that they are growing apart from one another and Marvel Studios needs to put Coulson back in. I believe it is a crucial time to put him back into the films becuase the people who have watched the films and not the TV show will see Coulson as permanently dead. I do not think it requires much, a small cameo can suffice where Director Fury tells the Avengers, I am no longer director of SHIELD, one of them may ask did it not collapse, and he would say no it is under new management, and then Coulson would come in. ("Sorry that corner was really dark and I couldnt help myself."-Pilot Agents of SHIELD) Then they could explain how he was revived by enzymes extracted from an alien (to me almost looks like a frost giant). I hope they do this soon before the people who don't watch the show or believe the show is not connected in the Marvel Cinematic Universe think Coulson is K.I.A.

I would love to hear from everyone on what they think of this.