• Agentlucky

    Agents of SHIELD cameos

    December 15, 2013 by Agentlucky

    Though I think it's important for SHIELD to establish themselves as an independant show, I think they also should take advantage of the fact that they exist in a universe with a wealth of pre established characters. Up through the mid season finale of the first season, there have technically been five cameos from the movies. So I can't be too disapointed with the number of cameos, that's one every other episode. The quality could be better though. This is how I would rank the current cameos to this point:

    Episode 1-Pilot: Maria Hill. This cameo was in my opinion the best the far. It was a more extended cameo, and it involved a character who is central to the MCU. Hill was a fairly important character in the Avengers and she has mulitple pic…

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