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  • Alientraveller

    For my first blog post, I'll ask, what do you think we can expect from Thor: Ragnarok?

    For a start, we can forget the notion of the cyborg-clone Thor from Civil War popping up: Feige and Christopher Yost (on Twitter) confirmed we're talking about Ragnarok, an event that involves everyone potentially dying.

    Furthermore, Yost and ?

    Furthermore, Feige wants Ragnarok to do for Thor what Winter Soldier did for Cap. This means a couple of things: firstly, the film has to be a tremendous stylistic shift from its predecessors. Obviously TWS was set 69 years after The First Avenger, which was why it had a modern aesthetic and almost entirely different cast, so how can Ragnarok better distinguish itself from The Dark World, which featured an attack on Asgard from…

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