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Iron Fist Villains

Okay guys, I've looked through the guide to characters in the mainstream Marvel Universe. I'm trying to determine the possible villains of the future Netflix/Marvel series Iron Fist. The most influential, but not main, villains of the story would be Harold Meachum and the Dragon of K'un-L'un, or whatever it's called. Harold Meachum was a business partner of the Rands, and ended up killing them. I'm pretty sure Danny Rand defeated the Dragon of K'un-L'un to receive K'un-L'un power. I'm not entirely sure, considering I haven't read much Iron Fist comics. But anyway, I think the main villain of the story would either be Master Khan or Scorpion. Master Khan is an evil sorcerer who is a master of K'un-L'un. Scorpion would be Iron Fist's brother, who is secretly an evil martial artist, similar to Ultimate Spider-Man. A lot of these villains would probably require Iron Fist to be Marvel's most CGI-heavy Netflix show. But anyway, these are my theories. Leave your own in the comments below.