Marvel Cinematic Universe


Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One Hurt/Heal game

Days passed: 3

Last Updated: September 7th

How to play hurt/heal

So, every day you can hurt a character, and heal one, but you can only comment once every 24 hours. For example, if you say "Heal Nick Fury, hurt Hawkeye" Nick Fury would would gain 1 HP, and Hawkeye would lose 1 HP. You can also do a double hurt/heal, but if you do this you can not perform the other action that day. Each character starts with 10 HP, last character alive wins. Once a character reaches 0 HP they "die". The blog will be updated daily.

Characters Alive

Iron Man - 10 HP

Captain America - 10 HP

Nick Fury - 10 HP

Thor - 10 HP

Hulk - 10 HP

Hawkeye - 11 HP

Loki - 9 HP

Black Widow - 10 HP

Iron Monger - 5 HP

Abomination - 10 HP

Whiplash - 10 HP

Red Skull - 10 HP

Phil Coulson - 13 HP

War Machine - 10 HP

Maria Hill - 10 HP

Characters Dead

None yet.

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