Hello, everyone. Here I'll talk about the last MCU movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron. You can call it a review since I'll list the good and bad things of the movie. However, you should be aware that this review uses as a basis my tastes and preferences. Either way I'll try to be as objective as possible. Let's begin.

The Good

- General plot

Age of Ultron's general plot wasn't exceptional but not bad either. Let's say it was acceptable. Still it could have been much better.

- Avengers relationships

Through all the movie I never felt that the relationships between the Avengers was forced at all... well, except Bruce's with Natasha.

- Dynamic fights

The fights weren't bad, they lacked moments of impact but I guess they were acceptable.

- Iron Man's not weak anymore

In Iron Man 2 and 3 Tony's armor felt heavily nerfed. It went from being able to take a tank shot to easily being broken in half by a lava guy. This was satisfactorily fixed in AoU.

- Captain America wasn't nerfed

In CA:TWS Cap was perfectly potrayed by the Russo brothers. It was good to know that Cap wasn't being nerfed in AoU to give more screen or credit to other Avengers.

- Ultron's design

Believe it or not, I really liked Ultron's new design (except for the teeth, of course). It was perfect in my opinion. He was able to express coldness and you could see it in his face. Too bad he only said jokes.

- Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

At first I wasn't sure about Elizabeth Olsen portraying Scarlet Witch but she ended being one of my favorite characters of the movie. Aaron-Taylor Johnson was really good too.

- Vision

Perfectly represented in the movie. And I must add that I didn't expect him lifting Thor's hammer.

- Ulysses Klaue

Ulysses Klaue's appearance was fine in my opinion. It leaves a good basis for the Black Panther film.

The Bad

I wasn't expecting so many bad things in this movie. I was wrong, sadly.

- Ultron

If you compare Ultron from the movie and Ultron from the trailers you will notice they're completely different. I was expecting him to be dark, cold and merciless. He ended being a combination between Tony Stark and Loki, a bad one if you ask me.

To make things worse, he was extremely weak. He didn't represent a physical threat to the Avengers, he wasn't a good strategist either. This was the most dissapointing thing of the movie, Ultron was always described as an incredible AI in the comics, but here he isn't intelligent nor behaves like an AI at all, something that really doesn't make sense considering he is a robot. In fact, I don't see a clear reason behind his behavior, just a cheap excuse to make the movie more family friendly and to ruin one of the greatest villain of the Marvel Universe. Ultron should have been able to handle all the Avengers together at the same time with no problem, he even killed Thor in the comics. Intead of that we got a "villain of the week". You ruined Ultron, Joss Whedon.

- Too many jokes

Is not that I hate them, it's just that there were too many. Even in serious moments there were jokes. In the first fight at Sokovia in the beginning, Hawkeye was seriously injured, there were jokes. In the first fight against Ultron, there was a conversation with jokes before the fight because of reasons?... In the fight of Iron Man vs Hulk, where lots of lives were in game, there were jokes. In the final fight, where even more lives were in game, guess what? Yes, there were jokes. I simply couldn't think of something that would break more the immersion than this. The trailers represented the film as the most dark of the MCU. It didn't feel that way at all. I don't say that it was a scam, but why would you put something in a trailer that isn't in the final product? Ridiculous.

- Baron von Strucker was killed

At first, his apparent surrender made us believe he had a card under the sleeve. He could have been a very important villain in the film, being on par with Ultron. Was there even a reason to kill him besides bad writing? Because I don't see any.

- Iron Man vs Hulk was bad driven

The choreography wasn't anything special, the progression was acceptable at best, it lacked impact moments and ended too suddenly.

- Captain America vs Ultron shouldn't have happened

Yeah, he wasn't nerfed but Ultron should have crushed him, even when he is the weakest version of Ultron.

- Vision shouldn't have been able to hit Ultron with the Mjølnir like that

It just doesn't make sense. Ultron was made of Vibranium. The hit should have created a shockwave like always happens when the Mjølnir hits Cap's shield. You may be saying: "The angles were different." Then Cap should have been crushed in the first movie with Thor's hit. You may be saying: "Ultron wasn't entirely made of Vibranium." That simply doesn't matter. The Vibranium was still there and it should still have absorbed the hit. This, my friends, is what's called Induced Plot Hole.

- Final fight against Ultron was too short and bad driven

Here's how it goes. Ultron enters the fight and is defeated just twenty seconds later. And, you know, he the main antagonist of the film.

My final veredict is: 7.5/10 - Good (Biggest dissappointment of 2015.)