Marvel Cinematic Universe


My Casting for MCU

The MCU is a big place. So I made up a cast that I want to see join the MCU as these characters.

Fantastic Four: we need a reboot in Marvel's hands already after the piece of crap movie they just made.

  • Christian Bale as Reed Richards
  • Mark Wahlberg as Ben Grimm
  • January Jones as Sue Storm
  • Ryan Kwanten or Charlie Hunnam as Johnny Storm
  • Terry Crews as Silver Surfer
  • James Earl Jones as the voice of Galactus
  • Ty Simpkins as Franklin Richards (it can be possible since no one knows who Harley's parents are)
  • Gerald Butler as Victor Von Doom

Marvel Knights: meh.

Wesley Snipes as Blade: MARVEL PLZ KEEP SNIPES! if not, Terry Crews for Blade, since for some reason Marvel hasn't casted Crews for someone already.

Jim Caviezel as Ghost Rider

X-Men: idk.


Ron Pearlman as Cable is hilarious

Just patch it Fox, plz


Johnathan Rhys Mayers as Namor

Michael B. Jordan as Cloak ("the Torch effect" can apply here. Chris Evans was once Torch, now Cap. Jordan was once Torch, i say "once" because let's be honest here, i doubt there will be a sequel. the movie was worse than DB: Evolution. he can be Cloak)

Kate Mara as Dagger this page is broken up into movies based on the characters with the custom cast on different blog posts

Fantastic Four

Ghost Rider


Cloak, Dagger, Namor.


more coming soon

do u agree? plz comment

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