Second Chapter: Nova Prison (I)

Nova ship lands nearly its prison, the guards with Starlord and Gamora going there and they put them in a room. A few seconds later, three unknown guys join in, a small raccoon, a human-like tree, and a green giant bald guy. The boss of Nova corps steps, who is known as "Rhomann Dey." He opened all the infos about every five of these guys, inclduing their name, their personal info, list of crimes, etc. Then he shout-outed his corps to get them into prison. A scene opens with a huge prison over 35,000 floor made of metals and all alien prisoners looking at their new guests, and some of them welcome them as a mock. the rocket and peter put in a room while others in another. Rocket asks what Peter did, he replies "they took me as i got the orb." He then got a little intrested until Peter asks back "And you?" Rocket replied "I just drank too much that caused me to bang some of those strippers in Sakaar club." Peter got a shocking face as Rocket says "Seems u didnt do that once." Peter replied "Did, did, about 20." Then they high-fived. Drax was looking around as he talked to himself "Hmmmm, what do we do ? Just sitting here for years?" Then Gamora pointed she knows what to do, only Groot points that they need to make two people join: a raccoon and a person. Gamora didn't know the guy was quill, so she accepted both.

Rhomman walked throughout the route as he saw Commander Rael. He revealed the orb as Rael got raged "How did this little thing got away from its home?" Dey replied "A dude named Peter Quill, who had crimes in past." Rael got interested as she said "Hmmm, he reminds me of Yondu. He was also a criminal and was looking for this as well. I don't know why this orb is so special." Dey said as smriked "Inside this orb is a stone that holds the ultimate power." Rael continued "I think we better hold this here, it's safer." Dey accepted.

After that, the criminals go outside for a few minutes. Groot (tree guy) was looking around to find Quill, then he stopped by a few bullies. The first bully catched his friend's (Rocket's) necklace as the others mocking him, Groot yells angrily "I AM GROOT!!" and smashed these guys into wall. Finally, Groot found Quill and pointed him to come with him to somewhere quietly. Peter and Groot arrive as they see Gamora, Drax, and Raccoon looking at them. Gamora was shocked, glared, and yelled "You star boy, what u doing here?" Before Peter gets fight with Gamora, Drax stopped him and relaxed him. Drax then told the whole plan to other four listening, and see if they agree, Peter first glared at Gamora, then Raccoon looked at Peter, showed him a puppy face and says "Pleaseeeee...." Peter changed his opinion and said "Fine, lets do this."

End of Second Chapter

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