Note: This part is longer than previous parts, due to ending the main scene.

Third Chapter: Nova Prison (II)

Later, night of that, the corps sent the prisoners to shower for a few minutes. Rocket was chewing gum as the prisoners got their one by one, then he threw the gum at wall, causing the nova guard angry. As Rocket apologizes, Groot secretly gets the keys from the guard's pocket. The guard looked directly at Groot while Groot sang as looking around and winked at Rocket. Next scene shows a blue color like shower, where Peter takes off his, showing his muscles and abs. As Gamora took shower, she secretly sees Peter as she thought he looks "hottie," while Peter looks curious and was showered by some Machines. A few seconds, another guard sees his walkman, he got interested and stole it without Peter knows it. Later, the corps sends the prisoners to their room, before Peter sees the guard checking out his Sony walkman, Peter shouted at him to get it back while the guard shocks him with electricity, makes him pass out for a few minutes, thus everyone shocked to see if he's alive or not. In the rooms, Drax looked sad as Groot sat next to him, with saying sadly "I am groot.." Drax looked at him, repling madly "It's ok, dude, just...When we escape, i've to complete a deal someone else (1), after that guy ruined my life before." 

Next scene shows Korath sitting in chair, drinking coffee as he was waiting for somebody. Then, a blue chick slapped his head, asking "Where the hell is Orb?" Korath sighed as said "Unfortunatly, i lost the orb cause of a stupid name, Starlord." Nebula got his neck and picks him up, "And where the hell is that annoying princess?" Korath coughed as responded, "Arrested." Nebula laughed as puts him down and replied again, "Look, our dear Korath has failed his mission for 64th time, what an idiot you are." Nebula called his ally, "Captain, whats your in mind?" It showed his blue month and chin, replying evily, "Just do it now." then Nebula grinned.

Tomorrow morning, Peter wakes up and sees its all yellow, then really finds out he's in a custody jail. But instead of getting shocked, he smiles as knows what he got. Next scene shows Hall room of jail as prisoners getting their breakfast, one of prisoners asked Rocket to check the time, Rocket yelled "Hey you, just quit it!" as he was going around. As gamora walking, she stole some foods from Drax's plate, makes him angry "Girl, put it here or you'll be mixed as a sandwich." Then she gets more, makes him angrier, as he then throws the food to Gamora, she dodges, and causes that the plate hits a head of  Giant-alien. The alien gets up as asking angrily who did this, making everyone frightened. Before Drax reveals himself, Rocket comes up and says he did. The alien laughed out hard as says "How a little dude like you can do this, do you know how can i rip off your body so hard!?" Rocket grinned then replied "Not so fast chubby...," gets wild, jumps on his arms and bites it, causing him screams like a girl, then throws Rocket to a wall. This made Groot angry, just before he save his friend, Drax killed him with only strong punch, with every prisoners saw the moment. And drax replied "And that's why i'mthe Destroyer..." 

Next scene shows some passed-out nova polices as the door of outfit rooms was left open. The scene shows a behind look of Starlord, wearing his mask and jacket. The door opens as Starlord arrives and walks, he encounters some nova corps, just before they shoot, Starlord takes off his two guns quickly (in slow-motion) and shoots at them, that guard (who stole his sony walkman), attacks Starlord, just that Starlord dodges and beats him with a knock, saying "And that's for my Mp3 player."

Back to hall, before Corps catching Drax for his actions to the custody jail, Stalord presses the "alarm" button , causing an alarm sound start around the whole prison, and changes his voice to warn. "Every Prisoners of this freakinin Jail, Escape now because of..." A bomb exploded badly, as those corps looks behind themselves, then Drax beats them as well, as smirking happily. One of the prisoners shouted "FIGHT THOSE FREAKING NOVAS!!!" And they all started fighting Nova corps head-to-head. Rael was playing "Space Birds" on her galaxy phone, and suddenly saw the screen of corps fighting the prisoners before Rocket smiled and scared her "BOO" and crashed the screen. Rael got angry and yells at Dey to stop these guys once for all, Dey says "Challenge Accepted" as smiles.

Gamora kicks a** some of the corps as talking to Drax, "When Peter arrives and saves us?" Drax replies "He will" as he attacked a corp with knife. Groot gets Rocket and sits him on His shoulders, screaming "I AM GROOT!" and starts attacking those corps within seconds as Rocket takes off his mega shotgun and shooting all around the wall, Those corps looked shocked at each other until Rocket hit them with his boomerang, saying "You don't know even a s**t about me." 

The main door explodes, as Starlord enters, and shouts "Everyone, exit!" They all ran away from prison as one by one exploding most of the prison with TNTs. Then, Starlord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax, Groot walking together and they were trying to exit before a giant tank appears as Rhomann Dey was in it, "you guys thinking you can cross me?! Take this!" He shoots some balls to those, as they all dodge. Groot throw Rocket quickly under the tank, as Starlord shoot some bullets to Tank, and admits "Damn, this not working, maybe..." screams stupidly and ran around, as Drax and Gamora facepalms, and Dey laughs, only that Rocket with red eyes appear behind Dey in black shadows, bites Dey's cheek as the tank stopped working. They all look to see what happened, as Rocket comes on top of Tank and thumbs up, and looks around, only he sees an Spaceship and screams "LOOK, SPACESHIP, LETS GO!" Before Rhomann trying to catch them with bazooka, the spaceship floats and goes up. Dey gets angrily as kicks into tank, and gets hurt with saying "Ouch!"

End of Third Chapter

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  1. The person whom Drax mentioned as "someone else" is actually Ronan the accuser, who is the person that Drax seeks revenge.