Fourth Chapter: The Temple of Oz (I)

The sequence shows the spaceship, is float in space as Rocket screams, "Hell Yes, this just looks great. Look look, we have a lot of drinks, sofas, and stuff! Man, we're lucky that we find this" said as he walked to see these, as Groot happily says "I am groot." Rocket wraps arms around Drax's shoulders, says "Dude, come on, lets drink stuff, see what u got, from an angry dude prisoner to a billionare with a sexy spaceship!" Drax sighed as said "Boy, we're not billoinares. We don't know where we're heading to." Rocket laughed as said "Ahhh, whatever, just enjoy the freaking life." Next scenes shows Peter riding and controlling the spaceship as Gamora  enters the room, starts talking to him, "Hey quill..." Peter hears as he's riding it, Gamora continues "Look, sorry about the fight between us, i just realized that you're not that much bad guy i thought." Peter speaks, "So, what was the deal about fighting me over the orb? " Gamora sighed, sat on the chair, telling peter about her backstory (which is about Gamora was adpoted by Thanos). Peter stops the spaceship, as talks to her "Thanos is your adopted father ? So, he told you to get the orb ? and for what? " Gamora replied "Don't know really, he's awkward when he talks about these stuff." Peter said "It's okay, i meant, its okay about the fighting." Gamora smiled as she stood up to, then exited the room, "Great, night Quill..." Peter waved as he started riding.

Next scene shows nearly-destroyed Nova prison, the guard was still sad about losing that MP3 player and told his friend that song was great, needed to listen to that forever. Then, a sound like earthquake is heard as they thought what happened. Suddenly, the wall was crushed as a tall alien appeared with a giant hammer, and looking around, along with his friends, Nebula, and Korath. They started runnning as they attacked corps one by one. Quickly it shows Commander Rael looks outside from the roof, as Korath captured her from behind, with rael screaming "AHHHH, WHO ARE YOU?" Korath replied "Daddy came here." As the blue alien appears, takes Rael by her neck, saying angrily "Where the hell is Orb?" Rael replied "Orb ? What do you talking about ? Suddenly, Dey appears as start attacking the gang before Nebula kicks Dey in his b*lls, Dey said again "Oucch..." before being beated. The blue alien continues, "So, you revealing us about the place where you put it or you'll be beated like him?" Rael got scared as she finally admitted, "The orb is in ruins of the city's forest, and it seems five guys are finding it." The blue guy concered as continued "And these guys are?" Rael said "Peter, Gamora, Groot, Rocket, and Drax." The blue guy looked shockly as said "Drax ? hmmm..." then he throws her to floor, as Rael said "Who are you really?" The blue guy turned back and responded, "Ronan, Ronan the Accuser." Nebula asked Ronan, "So, leave her here or what?" Ronan puts hands on her back, repling "To the fortress of us." Nebula giggled, and said, "Sure. Your request is acccepted." Then Ronan grinned.

Next scene shows Peter sleeping in his bed, as he heard the fighting sound between Drax and Groot, Drax saying angrily "How the hell you managed to stole those cookies from me ?" Groot responded, " I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot! I am Groot!!!!!" Drax said "What?" Rocket translated "He means that he was sleepy and soo tired, and and wanted to eat those cookies because they were delicious." Peter came in as said "Guys, what's wrong ?" Drax looked at Peter and talked, "Dude, Grootie got my cookies, he better asked me about that." Peter replies, "Dude, not a big of deal, you can buy those again." Drax responded, "Yeah, destroyed by a piece of s**t." Groot angrily pushes Drax into the wall, just only Drax pressed the "turn off button" with his back, Rocket said "ohh, ohh..." All the gang screamed as Peter said, "Gamora, take control of the ship now." Gamora went to the control room, to control the ship, only that the spaceship falls and crushes into trees. A few seconds later, the gang stood up and they found out they're now in Jungle of Oz. Drax said "Thanks Groot, now we're in an unknown location." Rocket said, "Groot, don't get angry, he'll deserve what he did to ya." Groot happily hugs Rocket as said, "I am groot!" Gamora asked Quill to check what they should do now. Peter checked his GPS tracker and said, "Guys, actually Thanks Groot, i think we found the orb." and turned around, continued, "and that's there!" As everyone looked at a large temple. Drax said "And the spaceship?" Peter replied, "It'll be here for now until we find that thing." The guys started walking throughout the temple, then it shows a shot of a red lady, who is hide in a bush, starts saying, "Great, this object seems awesome for our collection." 

End of Fourth Chapter

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