Fifth Chapter: The Temple of Oz (II)

As they enter the temple, they all see there are 3 ways, then they looked at each other. Peter starts, "So...Gonna be seperate, huh?" Rocket said, "I guess Quill is right, 2 of them could be trap while the other could be the golden way." Groot agreed happily. Peter continued, "Here's the deal, to the up way, Rocket and Groot go there. And i come with ga..." suddenly Gamora stopped his talking to reply as she smiled, "I come with Drax instead to the right." Peter said, "Alright then, and i to the left, but wait..." then cries romanticly with saying, "Oh my god, i miss you guys, you're the best pals i've ever had." While others glared at him, he continues, "Fine fine, lets pick up our asses up to the way." And they go to their own ways.

Next scene shows Rocket and Groot still walking, then Rocket talking to Groot, "Man, the most awkward adventure i've ever had, first meeting these bunch of weirdos, then living in an epic spaceship until now, in a creepy temple." Groot thumbed up, as they see a message that is written "Wait about 5 minutes. Thank you." Groot and Rocket look at each other, Rocket said "We should...?" Groot says "I am groot..." (meaning i don't know).

Then it goes to Drax and Gamora as they walking to their way, Drax asked her, "Ummm, can i ask you something?" Gamora said, "Go ahead." Drax continued, "You like...Quill?" Gamora stopped as she is blushed, and turned around, and said, "No. He's just a silly guy." Drax continued, "But you seem like him, even thought you guys had fights before." Gamora replied angrily, "Can you stop this dicussion?" Drax said, "Fine fine...but it's a little possible..." Gamora angrily attacked Drax, before Drax stopped her, "Girl, stop fighting with me, remember i killed that giant dude with a punch. So, don't hope to taste that." Gamora stopped as she said, "Whatever. Lets continue..." Drax followed her.

Next scene shows Peter himself, he thought there'd be some enemies to attack him, so he wear his mask and takes off his guns. He looked around, until he heard a sound of 80s video game. He enters the room, and says, "Anybody here ? Hello? anyone?" This scene fades to a man with white hair and cape playing Donkey Kong video game, as he says, "Dang, this looks awesome!" He heard sounds of a man walking, then he paused the game and wore his sunglasses, to greet the man. Starlord enters the main hall, as he shockly looks at every outfits, objects there. Starlod continues, "Man, i'm a lucky dude to see this museum." The white-haired guy looked at him, takes off his sunglasses, as apporach Starlord, with saying, "Welcome to my collection, masked guy. Name's the Collector, how can i help you?" Starlord replies, "I'm a bit of lost. I mean, i'm searching for an object here, so i thought it'd be here." Collector continued, "Come to my office, sir." They walk as there are a lot of objects can be seen (1).

Starlord sits on the chair, drinks a milkshake. Starlord said, "So, i'm in search for an orb which has a blue energy and its soo soft. Any clues?" Collector replied, "Oh, the mind stone." he continued, "The Orb has a stone inside it, its mind one. There are about 6: Space, Power, Mind, and three others. If you put all of these in same location, you'd get the ultimate and infinity power." and he laughs evily, before ruined by Starlord's talk, "So...where can i find these?" Collector goes near to him, as says "Only you can find Mind in this space, the others are in other parts of universe." he continued, "The room you came here is not around the temple, and it was a teleport to my home. So, continue your own way to find that object. Then, you give it to me and i'll keep it in best way i can, so...bye bye." Starlord came back to Temple, from teleport created by Collector. Starlord said, "What the hell?" 

Rocket got bored as they playing leaders and snakes board game with Groot, only that they fall into a hole that leads to a trap. Same to Gamora and Drax falling to as well. Then they see Peter has a milkshake in his hand as he came safely, after that Gamora asks, "Uhhhhh, how could you get this?" Peter said, "Oh, there was a bar inside the temple and..." It ruined by a lot of Sakaraans appeared, about to attack them. Drax said, "So...i see that we have bunch of stuffs to fix, ready guys?" They all agreed as they kept fighting, Drax kicked and attacked them with his killer knifes, as Gamora punched attacked them with her swords, as Rocket shooting them on back of Groot's shoulders, who keeps slapping Sakaraans. Starlord also shooting them with his guns, and after a few minutes, they beated them all. As the orb appeared, Starlord run fast towards it, and catches it with happily screaming, "Yeeeess, we got it finally. The powers is on us!" Rocket responded, "Powers? What do you mean ? It's just a soccer ball with only magics and stuff." Gamora giggled as Starlord grinned at him, "Maybe."

Next scene shows all of them exit from the temple, and they see the spaceship was stolen by someone else. Drax got rage and punched a tree, "Damn, we lost it. Now, you guys think we should walk in this stupid place for years?" Gamora replied, "I don't know. But..."

End of Fifth Chapter

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  1. The items that were shown as easter eggs in Collector's meseum were, "Infinity Guantlet (a better look) - Black Panther's mask - A giant robot body similar to Destroyer - Mandarin's magic rings - huge cocoon (reference to Warlock) - Arc Reactor (a new form) - Eye of Agamatto - Bloodaxe (reference to Executioner)