Sixth Chapter: Nebula's Fort

The squences fades to night, where everyone sat on pieces of wood as they have cosmic marshmallows near the fire, and they look strangely at each other. Drax looks to the sky as Rocket quietly eats his marshmallow, then Drax glares evily at Rocket with Rocket grins at him. Groot then comes near both as hugs them from behind. Gamora looks at fire then to peter, and says, "So, peter, tell me about your past." Peter first smiles as tells his origins (when he was on earth, family, and stuff), Gamora continues, "Cute, i mean, from any friends i had, no one's origins were as much cute as you." Peter smiles again, then says, "Thanks, and by the way, where you think me, you, and others going tomorrow morning?" She responds, "Don't worry. Trust me, i know what i can do." Peter says, "Alright, i guess we should sleep now, so night..." She says, "Night too." And as everyone sleep.

30 minutes later, Gamora looks at everyone (who are sleeping) then wakes up quietly, to catch the orb and escape, only she accidentally puts her foot on Groot's hands and he screams, she got concered as jumps into bushes, Gamora says to herself, "Phew, that was close." then encounters Peter himself, and he says, "Excuse me?" and Gamora kicked Peter in balls, as he says, "OUCH, Guys capture her, she's escaping with the orb." Rocket, Drax, and Groot wake up and they start running. As they were running toward Gamora, (Rocket thought he can be billionare with seliing and share money with Groot, while Drax thought he can buy energies to get much stronger and gets revenge on someone, and Peter to make his mega-airship to get back to Earth). So, Gamora got slapped by Groot, and Groot run away with Rocket on his shoulders, then got trapped in a hole by Peter, who run as well, as gets strongly punched by Drax. Then, everyone wanted to take it from Drax, as they were trying to get it. Suddenly, the orb itself fall into waterfall, in a river. Drax angrily responded, "GUYS, What's wrong with you ? I mean, aren't we a team?" Peter replied, "Team? We were..."

Suddenly Gamora's phone ringed, as she answers the phone, only that's revealed to be Nebula. Nebula says, "Hey princess, i know you cheated on us, and grand father threw your stuffs away and you have nothing here." Gamora shocked, "What?" She continued, "Thanos will not forgive you. Listen Gami, you found the orb, so give it to me or one of the people will be killed." Nebula puts the phone on Rael's mouth, as she says, "Please help me, i'm in trouble! please, help..." Nebula then continued talking, "So, the orb or victim get killed?" Gamora replied, "Fine, where are you now?" Nebula said, "My fort." Gamora said, "Ok, coming..." as she turns off. She continued, "I guess we're in trouble dudes. Nebula needs the orb, and now we lost it..." Rocket said, "Who is Neb?" She continued, "Ally of Ronan and Thanos." Drax's mind gets hurt cause him to scream, as Groot conforts him. Then, peter said, "I have an idea guys. Me and Drax will find the orb throughout the river while you, Rocket, and Groot go there and save Rael." Gamora accepted, as they go to their seperate ways.

Next scene shows the red lady, sits on a chair and talks to Collector, "You think your plan gonna be success?" Collector responded, "Don't worry, it'll. First, the aether, and later, we'll have the orb." The lady got interested as she continued, "So, what's the deal about collecting these stones ? The tesseract is on Asgrard while you have two." Collector refuses about his plan, as he says, "Nothing. Just having these stones, so one day people check out our mesuem and see our great objects." The lady says, "And the spaceship?" Collector responded, "We'll create it much more powerful for Quill in a right time, so we can help him to get the orb for us." and he smiles.

The sequence fades to Starlord and Drax running quickly as the orb crosses throughout the river until a waterfall. Starlord says, "We should get it before it falls to bigger one." He shoots a tree, to make it fall into water, and they jump on it. Drax moves it faster by making bubbles, as Starlord tries to get the orb, and finally catches it once again, Starlord responded happily, "YES, We did it!" Then he hugs Drax, only they don't notice and they fall.

Next scene shows Gamora walking in her fort, turning the light on as she is walking throughout the last room. She finally sees Nebula (with few Sakaarans) after years, as Nebula claps and approachs her. Nebula says, "Long time no see, Aunt. For once, you accepted to do a job for me." Gamora still looks at her. Nebula continued, "And to complete your job, give me the orb and i save Rael." Before Gamora gives it to her, the wall of fort crushed by a giant Groot (who grew up much taller) with Rocket on his shoulders. Then Gamora beated the Sakaarans and wanted to beat Nebula, before Nebula dodges. Nebula shouts, "HELICAARANS (1), attack the tree!!!" and starts fighting Gamora. Groot also attacks Helicaarans as well as crushing the fortress. Gamora stopped fighting and talked to Nebula, "Man, here you go, alright?" Nebula catched the orb, as she slapped Gamora badly and said, "Bye Princess..." Gamora got angry as she responded, "Becareful what you did, i promise you'll deserve my slap back." Nebula drives her spaceship and goes away, then throws Rael out from her spaceship. Groot returned to his normal form as high-five Rocket.

Then they get back to Nova citadel, as Rael thanked Gamora, Groot, and Rocket for saving her life, but asks what happened to the orb. Gamora laughed as she replied that the orb Nebula took was fake one, and it was actually a soccer ball and they laughed together. Then...

End of Sixth Chapter

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  1. Helicaarans name is referenced as "Helicopter with Sakaraan themed."