Seventh Chapter : Guardians Disambelled 

Rael continued saying, "So you three along with those two, as i guess i trust you guys, you can have under-control of the orb for now. Unlike here, cause a guy named Ronan came here and got infos from me." Gamora shocked as responding, "What infos?" Rael replied, "About you guys, and where the orb is. Sorry, but if i didn't, he'd have killed me." Gamora continued, "It's okay, and we accept your command." Then Gamora, with Rocket and Groot quit the citedal as Drax and Peter arrived wet, Rocket asked, "Where the hell you guys have been ? Fondue ? " Peter first spitted water at Rocket then showed the orb to them, as Groot hugged them both for getting it back. Drax said, "Guys, i've a name for our kinda supposed team..." Gamora said, "And that is ?" Drax responded, "The Guardians...of the galaxy!"  Peter first laughed and said that it was too stupid name for a team like this. Gamora said, "Not as much as, Star-lord..." Peter first glared at her, changed the subject as he said, "Hey, i guess we need a big rest time." All agreed as they went to a city near them. Then the scene fades below to an underground as Dey said and smiled, "They call themselves Guardians of the Galaxy!" as a nova corp said, "What a bunch of A-holes!"

The next sequence shows the Gang walking throughout the city, people looking at them as some chicks there blushing at Drax and Peter, while thinking that raccoon is so cute. Rocket whispred in Groot's ear, "Yes, im a ladies man!" Groot agreed happily with saying, "I am groot!" Peter looked at pets' shop while walking, saying to Drax about if they wanted to buy a dog (1), Drax replied they don't need right now, as Peter sighed and thoughout that dog there was great. Gamora said, "Boys, i've a place that's so cool and i know it for years, wanna check out?"

The scene fades to a Coffeeshop club at night, as everyone cheered and drinking, "To groot!" with Groot blushing and drinks happily. A lady (with blonde hair) walks near Rocket as he said, "Damn, she's hot, check her out!" Drax agreed, only that she sits on Peter's legs as she flirting with him. Gamora gets mad at her, and after a few minutes, she pulls the lady's hair and gets fight with her, and says "Get off from him, he's..." Peter stopped Gamora as he apologized from the lady. Drax whispered in Gamora's ears, "I've told ya." Gamora looks madly at Drax, as looking away. Peter takes off the orb to check it out, as a dude sees that and asks him, "Is this yours ? One of the most interesting objects i've ever seen." Peter agreed as said, "Yeah, only i didnt buy it, i just got it from somewhere." he sighed as drank a glass, and continued talking about it. Then the guy asked his name and Peter told his family name. The guy seemed happy and gave an adress of a hospital and said that someone is waiting for him for a long time. Peter, without telling his friends, leaves the club. Drax also leaves club for getting some airs, he sees a shadow of Korath walking away, then Drax follows him quietly.

The sequence shows a room in Hospital as Peter opening the door, and sees a blue man sitting on chair. Peter gets closer as the blue man standing up, turns away and it's revealed to be Yondu (who's alive with older face), he got happy as says, "Peter, is it you?" Quill replies, "Yes, umm who are you really?" Yondu first hugged Peter tightly and continued talking, "Son, the man who saved your life during childhood, that's me!" Peter looks at him, and shouts, "Man, Really ? How did you survived? " Peter got happy as well and hugged him once again. Both of them sat on chair as Yondu told him about the story of how he survived the event (with flashbacks) and one of his good friends (1) saved his life before getting shooted again by Nova corps. Yondu continued that he had the orb back in 80s and was chased by Nova corps, as they thought he's going to use it for himself, while the role is mistaken for Thanos, who actually wanted the orb. Peter continued, "What was his purpose for this little thing?" Yondu replied that this is one of the things he wants, and if he going to have the others, the world will be in serious danger. Peter asked that if these are actually Infinity stones that Collector mentioned. Before Yondu reveals them, their meeting time ended, then Peter says good bye to him and leaves the hospital, and heading to the club.

The scene fades to Drax still following Korath in streets, then his shadow dissappeared. Drax stopped and before Korath knocks him out, Drax throws Korath into wall from behind and he's punching to his face, and still beating him. Korath asks to stop this fight or worse things will happen, Drax avoided him, and as he wanted to finish  Korath, Ronan from behind knocked him out with his large hammer. Ronan tells his ally to bring him somewhere that no one can see them. A few seconds later, Ronan picks Drax up by getting his neck and talks to him about himself and the way he killed his family, Drax's mind get crushed as he remembers his dark past. Ronan slapped him once and finished him, and crouched to get the orb. Ronan says, "Finally, Thanos' order has finally been completed." Before Ronan and Korath leave, a sad Gamora appears and asks them what they did to him. Ronan first smiled evily and replied, "He could be dead by now." He turned his face away to get to his spaceship, only that Rocket and Groot appear as well, and Rocket threw one of his boomerangs at Ronan's face. Ronan stopped moving, as Korath said to his master to get relaxed. Ronan got soo mad and accidentally hits Korath to wall with his hammer. He turns into his psycho persona and starts running fast toward Gamora, she first dodges her attack, only that Ronan runs still with his large body and crushes her throughout the wall, making her a bit weak. Ronan the smashed his hammer into floor, to get earthquake. First Groot with Rocket jump, then Ronan throws his hammer at both of them, knocking them out as well. His psycho persona dissappears, then sends Groot and Rocket to earth (causing Gamora scream, "Noo!"), as leaves with Korath on his shoulders and the orb on his hand, with his large hammer on other hand.

Then the sequences to Peter arrive at club, asks one of the guys that where the others are. The guy replies they left the club a few minutes ago. Peter leaves as well, and runs throughout the city to find his friends, he stops as he sees a sad Gamora sat near a knocked out Drax, then she sees and gets up, only she slaps him so bad. Peter asked him what happened, then Gamora slapped him bad once again. Peter asks, "What the hell is wrong with you?" She responds, "What the hell is wrong with me, you idiot?" She continues emotionally, "The orb got stolen, the entire world is in danger. Ronan and his friend Korath nearly killed all of us, he sent Groot and Rocket to earth, and they might never come back. Drax could be dead according to him, as he was beated so bad. Thus, only two of us are here currently and..." Peter wanted to hug her to get calm, only Gamora pushes him away, "Stop, Quill, you're a real idiot. You just leave us here, you're not deserve to be in our place. Have fun with that chick." Gamora walks away as she picks up Drax in her arms, and going away to get to hospital. Peter sighs sadly and leaves there as well. He was walking throughout the city with drinking Beers as he saw the same girl in the club, she asks him what they have to do. Peter picks her up and continues make-out her as he's drunken. Until tomorrow morning...

End of Seventh Chapter

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  1. The dog in the pet shop is actually a cameo from Cosmo, a marvel character.