Avengers Assembled-AOU

So after a very successful first film in what is a very popular franchise Avengers: Age of Ultron brings the team back together for another world-saving event. This time, instead of Tom Hiddleston 's power-hungry Loki , it's the menacing A.I. robot played brilliantly by James Spader

The Positives

Straight out the gate, you have to mention Spader as Ultron; he does a fantastic job doing the voice and motion-capture, bringing all his manerisms to the character which in an 8-foot robot, is pretty cool. Definitly one of the stonger villians in the MCU and has some great lines.

The Avengers themselves are always a plus, seeing them all together is entertaining no matter what, when they're socializing it's fun to see them interact, when they're battleing it's fun to see how they use their abilities as a group; and of course the cast is brilliant as ever so this point is hardley worth mentioning.

Talking of cast, Jeremy Renner really does a good job with Hawkeye in this film, in fact quite a few characters get some sweet back story, but Hawkeye's I enjoyed the most.

The story actually I thought was really good too; it had giant action pieces and then quite a bit of down time, much like the first film but the tone and feel of Age of Ultron is very different. Ultron's intentions were valid somewhat and the way he tried to attain his overall goal was an interesting point I'm glad the trailers didn't spoil. Also the Avenging team get hit pretty hard around the second act, more than they have done before, so that was interesting to watch.

Some more things I liked were the fact War Machine and Falcon were in it, showing the Avengers arnt the only people who can take on this level of crisis. (Although I may retract this comment in the Negatives). And one huge positive, might be my favorite thing in the film: The Vision , played beutifully by Paul Bettany, his character is certainly unique.

I also loved seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch 's powers too; they look amazing on screen.

Mid credit scene was pretty darn exciting.


OK, so some things I didn't quite like, the biggest of which is the fact that the film had to be cut down to fit in a certain time frame. So a lot of scenes were cut which were obvious when you watch it as it sometimes makes things feel rushed or out of place, some examples being Ultron's origin and Thor 's little trip to the swimming pool.

Another negative I personally found was that the opening scene went on for ages; it's not really spoilers to say it opens with a battle, but there were quite a few times where I was expecting it to end and the plot to get going but it dragged on a litte. Also the climactic battle, although good and entertaining as it is; didn't quite feel as awesome and effective as the Chitari invasion from the first film, not sure if it's because they're fighting cloned cannon fodder again or something esle, just seemed to missing something.

Although War Machine helped in the final battle...Falcon didn't? So yeah :/

Oh yeah, completley ignores the events of Iron Man 3, no mention, no reference, it was if it never happened; even Thor: The Dark Underwhelming World got a mention!

I know it may seem a petty thing, it didn't lessen my enjoyment but I didn't think the score was as good; bring back Silvestri please.

Mid credit scene was pretty darn short.

Some extra thoughts.

A pretty fun action blockbuster with one or two deep moments to get you thinking. Not as good as the first film but had some huge highlights. Definitly plants seeds for both Civil and Infinity Wars which I guess is to be expected but I hope these films don't eventually turn into trailers for the next in line. I give it about 9/10.