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Iron Man 3 Review by Blathereen

Iron Man 3 is the first movie set after The Avengers/Avengers Assemble and the first movie in Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic
Universe. It of course would be Iron Man as he started the franchise and is the most popular of The Avengers; so, how does his third movie do? Well, I first went to see  
Iron Man 3 late last month in 3D and the again tonight in 2D, so it has marinated in my mind a bit and also had a refresh and in the end Iron Man 3 is just..... AWESOME! Yes I love it! The third installment if a brilliant piece of cinema and is just an enjoyable experience to watch. This movie has a different directer from 1 and 2 and you can defiantly see that; its differs so much from what we've seen of Iron Man movies, the story, the settings, the characters; Iron Man 3 has some scenes where your just like "WOW" especially one scene - it was in the trailer - where Iron Man has to save people who have fallen out the plane, that bit there was so thrilling to watch, I like how instead of green screen they used a stunt team with parachutes; you can defiantly see the money was used wisely. The film's story arc, although its nothing quit like you are expecting, did remind me of a few films such as The Incredibles andMission: Impossible - yes I know, but you'll see where I'm coming from if you watch. And as some of you may know there is a twist in the middle of the movie that will split fans straight down the middle, I myself enjoyed the twist and rolled with it but I know that others will hate it. Talking about hating I couldn't really find anything wrong with this movie but a little surprise to me was the setting: Christmas, yes a summer movie is at Christmas time; it's not a major thing to the plot but it makes you aware of it which I thought was weird  and also I mentioned watching it in 3D - don't bother, I've seen much better 3D at LegoLand, it didn't really do anything for the movie but in 2D its a great watch with great references to The Avengers and of course the post-credit scene, so do go see Iron Man 3 and enjoy every minute!

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