Marvel Cinematic Universe


Thor Film Review by Blathereen

Heimdall is an awesome character! No questions asked.

Thor. Initially I didn't want to see this movie because I thought it was all about magic and stuff which I hate but
when I learnt it was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe I thought I'd see what it was like and to my surprise it is mostly Sci-Fi with elements of fantasy. I liked the outer space setting and different planets and that was really good; I liked the humour in this film as it is very good in most MCU films. The other characters where great and Phil Coulson was awesome giving us an Iron Man mention, and then Dr. Selvig references Hulk so that was interesting that they could tie it all together. There were a lot more special effects in this movie as there are aliens and wormholes and all that kinda thing which I like. So in the end It was a good film with brilliant special effects and an okay story.

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