An anonymous user had me realize how much the MCU changed due to alien influence. Iron Man one and two and The Incredible Hulk were about human vendetta and power mongering. Things changed once aliens were involved as of Thor from a writing basis as well as in-universe focus.

1. HYDRA became a power due to the Tesseract.

2.Loki fought his brother on Earth, causing the World Security Council to start Phase Two.

3. The Chitauri came to Earth.

4. Centipede Project had Chitauri metal.

5. Malekith fought on Earth.

6. The Berserker Staff was hidden on Earth

7. Lorelei was sneaking around.

8. Peter Quill was abducted (I know that is out of order, but I did not know that until after Lorelei).

9. The Kree was experimenting on humans.

10. Reinhardt told Peggy Carter about "blue angels".

11. Ultron is a Chitauri program (IDK, haven't seen movie)

Maybe the xenophobia that seems to be hinted in AoS has a place...