I just wanted to get this off my chest, so I'm writing this blog post to do it.


I traveled around to other wikis, reading their info and looking at their formats. This wiki is incredible in how comprehensive it is. One example was a newspaper article I saw on a tv show (names won't be mentioned). There was no mention, no article, about the different events in the newspaper article. Meanwhile, our wiki has trivia notes and comments about the StatiCorp newspaper article, even noting how names have changed between production and airing. 

I just had to get that off my chest. Why don't I help them with their wiki? The style is so different, I would need a completely different mindset just to work there. They have a vision of what they want and they are uncompromising in their effort. I respect that, so I live them alone. I'll visit and read, but I won't stay too long.

Here I found myself able to adapt to the administrators' vision and cooperated to the point of becoming an admin. I don't agree with everything done here, but I try to understand the reasons, because they take the time to explain the reasons. I have my own vision as well and hope that it is compatible; I'll see over time.

Sigh. It's off my chest now. Resume your edits and have a nice day...