I love writing. After a day at work, I love sitting with my computer and working on this wiki. I read the latest MCU news, read what others have edited, read arguments and comments, but, in the end, I get into writing. Hours later, I have settled down from work, I am sleepy, and I can get ready to start over.

While working on the wiki, I have an order in which I work after watching an episode. I love working on the minor characters. While everyone wants to be the first to write about the latest development of the major characters, I can sit back and research the minor characters who only get a first name.

Eventually, after minor characters, items, major characters, summary, mentions and locations, I get to the hardest characters of all: the exposition characters. Fitz and Simmons, and sometimes Coulson, are hard. They don't run around shooting and fighting like the others who can be summarized in a few sentences; I have to watch and listen to the whole episode to understand and learn what they are doing and why. Their characters explain emotional responses and object functions. One sentence from them can retcon months of work ("That was the longest nine days of my life." -Simmons) or explain things filling in the gaps. I definitely wait until the dust settles on the latest episode before I think about working on their article.

Let me get back to work. Just something I wanted to get off my chest...