Marvel Cinematic Universe


My Journey Continues (part 3)…

AAARRGGHH!! Maybe I'm the last of a dying breed…

When I first discovered this wiki, I didn't edit or touch the articles for at least two weeks. I felt that the work done on it was too hard, almost sacred. I watched as the information was updated and as the editors tried their best to keep the articles "canon" and without speculative posturing. I delighted that I had somewhere to go to learn even the most trivial pieces of information that I may have overlooked as I watched the movies and television show.

Now I see people desecrating the work of others with profanity and speculation! HOW DARE THEY!?!  What is in a person's heart that would cause him to do such a thing. Where is the appreciation, the awe, in having somewhere just to discuss such "nerdy" stuff? I LOVE having somewhere to debate the identity of the Clairvoyant, if the blue alien is a Kree, if Triplett is the obligatory African-American character...

I'm probably preaching to the choir.

What gets me is that the perpetrators don't have an account. Be man enough to let us, the hard working editors of one of the greatest wikis on the 'net, know who you are…


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