92.6 million. That's how much Captain America: The Winter Soldier made in the United States' weekend premiere, making it the number movie in the world.

Meanwhile, my family and friends sent the weekend watching every recent Marvel movie since X-Men. It is amazing how far the movies have come! The computer graphics are incredible, the stunts are more daring, and the acting is superb. Screaming and shouting in the theatre comes with the excitement, so I couldn't hear every nuisance; I am once again thankful to have this wiki for what I missed ( see last issue). 

I see no reason for Marvel to ever stop the MCU. Comics get reboots after continuity gets too convoluted and expansive. In a world of DVD s and Wikis, if you don't know, you can learn how everything is connected. I think maybe Marvel should pay the other production companies for their characters so they can be added to the MCU.

After watching CA:TWS, Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Future Past have A LOT to live up to …

BONUS: Agents of SHIELD has been renewed! USA Today has confirmed that a second season is expected, especially to follow-up on the implications from the movie and to keep fans piqued while we await Avengers: Age of Ultron. THANKS! [[1]]