I was truly thankful when I was invited to work on the MCU Timeline. It showed me that others noticed my work and wanted me to help them with theirs. It also made me notice that there are "families" in this wiki.

The wiki as a whole is a family, but, like any other, there are divisions, whether biological (cousins) or philosophical. Each group seems to specialize in certain topics and skills. I have noticed the "Infinity Stones," who have lengthy discussions on the movies that contain them and the future of the MCU. The "Photographers" are incredible; I don't know how they get their pics, but they help the wiki in unimaginable ways. I enjoy being an "Editor;" we seem to be the Canon police and if you don't have documentation, don't write it. :-)  Among others, of course, is the "Time Variance Authority," who watch over the extensive job of coordinating the timeline and keeping it straight.

I Love It.

When you put all these groups together, the wiki is great. One contributor said he joined because this is one of the most comprehensive wiki he's ever seen. That is a high compliment. Years ago I was on a chat form about comics, back when there was We were so detail oriented that comic book writers would visit as a short cut to brush up on facts for their characters. I hope the writers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. do the same. The whole MCU would benefit from our nitpicking...