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Bratpack March 26, 2014 User blog:Bratpack

I stayed up late last night. I half-joked that I wanted all of the possible awards in the MCU Wiki; my biggest obstacle is myself. I am relatively old (42), not a college student like I suspect other users to be; therefore, my knowledge of computer code, emoticons, and the like is antiquated. How can I compete with those who have Facebook and Twitter, so they can watch a commercial or movie and edit the Wiki before I get home from work? Let me think...

As I edited, I looked at others' work. How did he have a picture before I finished writing the article? Where did he learn that tidbit? Hold up, I need a source for that, It cannot be true...

Code. That's the key. I might be old, but I will learn the "code." And when I do, watch out...


Bonus: Check out Black Widow' s Corvette from CA2 in

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